Awaken Ritual Magic, the Key to Change – Bask In the Sun Rays of Norse Sorcery.

We are excited to announce our latest book in the Sun Magic Series.

Our third course on direct magic will teach you how to construct your own magic rituals. You will learn to evoke spirit to create powerful change in both your inner and outer worlds. This book will lead us to explore Norse mythology, magic, and runes. Norse magic, like many pagan systems, is deeply connected to the land. So, we will explore Sun magic in the progression of the four seasons, and how it relates to the four directions.

An ancinet Norse magician preparing for ritual
Meditation and magical preparation

Magic ritual is not some strange, exotic beast difficult to approach and apt to scamper away when touched. It is a common occurrence in everyday life. The reason most everyday rituals do not bring about desired effects is that they are not understood for what they truly are; therefore they remain unfocused.

Donald Tyson – Truth About Ritual Magic

How to Awaken Ritual Magic

In the Spiritual CrossFit Gym we have created a body of work relating to what we call Transmutational Meditation. We find meditation to be a foundational skill when building your spiritual and magical practise.

Our classes are designed to help you unlock your own abilities. The transmutational meditations allow us to lead you on a journey of discovery as you relax into the process. It is a form of guided meditation that we developed to include symbolism, ritual, ancient spirit beings and gods, magic, sorcery, and storytelling. We find it an incredibly useful tool for teaching and initiation.

In this course, we’ll use it to explore the nine worlds of Norse mythology and magic. Through this technique, we’ve strongly leaned into different magical approaches to empower your spiritual and magical path. But we have not had the opportunity to focus as such on the nature of ritual magic itself. So what is this magic we speak of?

Ritual Magic is the practice of trading energy for time or luck
Ritual Magic is the practise of trading energy for time or luck

What is Ritual Magic?

Magic is the most potent and profound force of life. It’s both artistic and scientific (in the sense that it has defining rules of practise) simultaneously. We believe it is possible to awaken ritual magic within all who walk their own spiritual path.

Magic is the power of creation

. It is not denied to any, save those who blindly follow the rules of others. Magic is unbelievable to those who are lost in, what the philosopher Freidrich Nietzche, called the

Herd Mind.

The power of Ritual Magic to create change is in the psychodrama I play out with symbols and tools. A psychodrama stimulates my unconscious mind to open and excite the unmanifest chaos of potentiality. It culminates in my statement of intent. This is the conscious imprint I forge on the creative vibrations of the Universe to be realized in my reality.

The Power of Declaration in Awakening Ritual Magic

When you speak aloud your statement of intention, you are claiming your power of declaration. Your ability to say to the universe, “It is because I say it is.” The process of evocation, calling in spirits or deities to your magic ritual supports our power to declare. In most ceremonies, we hear “by the power invested in me by… I declare…” Evocation gives our unconscious mind that investment, the power from which you draw the ability to say so. This is one of the key elements in creating the psychodrama, which is a magical ritual. We are crafting a story that our unconscious minds can take hold of, believe, and then act upon. Getting your unconscious mind fully on board is a key element in causing your magical intention to manifest in your material reality. Ritual Magic is the art and science of changing and empowering you to create the life you choose.

A Norse ritual magician practising her craft

It’s the crossroads between the material world and the worlds of spirit and potentiality, and a major gateway to spiritual growth. From out of chaos, the abyss of nothingness, we have the ability to create new worlds. By connecting with ancient or archetypal beings of power we can harness their abilities. We can merge their energy with our intention to project new structures of reality and experience for the magician.

Steve Wilkes –

How to do Ritual Magic – Gain the Power to Create the Life you Choose

Ritual Magic Create your own reality
Ritual Magic Create your own reality

Working with magic opens many questions for the novice mage. Is this magic black or white? Is it evil and sinful or in line only with the light? Why do scientists reject it? Is magic real or just an entertaining illusion? And so the doubts are sown! We discuss these questions and others in our blog: Is Magic Real.

A Norse Mage performing his ritual magic
Is Magic Real? – Find the answers here

Is Ritual Magic Real?

I work from the point of view of Chaos Magic, where everything is seen as illusion, so the above categories are kind of irrelevant. My path is solo, I don’t seek permission from others, whether they be gods or people, if indeed such a distinction is relevant. I take the steps of my own journey, realize my gnosis, and gather my own power. From my point of view as a

Chaos Magician

Magic is:

Magic definition: Magic is the art of orginizing reality your way
Magic definition: Magic is the art of organizing reality your way

Whether you choose to follow a traditional path or design your own is not important to me. My only intention is to give you structures to understand, think and act through. I invite you to change them whenever it feels right to do so. The truth is, if such a thing exists, you’ll learn by performing ritual magic. For magic, you must be in the doing, an academic study is thinking about something from an objective external point of view. Awakening Ritual magic is a practice of partaking in the universal lifeblood, the juice of creation. For to know magic you have to be the magic.

more you do the magic, the more you will encounter revelation and the more you will be transformed
more you do the magic, the more you will encounter revelation and the more you will be transformed

What are the benefits of ritual magic?

For me, they are the opportunity to reach beyond societal and familial programming. Magic creates an opportunity to beat my own spiritual path and define my own reality. It frees me from being answerable to a God /god or the ethical pronouncements of others. It’s the journey towards my own highest potential and the acceleration of my evolution.

Is Magic Real

– Steve Wilkes.

Sun Magic

In our last book and course

Powerful Clairvoyance,

we worked with the Sun as a powerful deific mask of nature. It illuminates the hidden, stimulates the body to open to new sensations, and empowers our magic. Magically, the Sun can be understood as that being that catalyzes the awakening of human consciousness. It is a conduit of creativity and the realization of the amazing beings that we are. Exploring the power and speed of Sun Magic, we looked at the phases the sun travels through each day. This rapid cycle allowed us to build energy quickly to explode our clairvoyant abilities. In this book let’s concentrate on Sun Magic as the path of the sun through the seasons of the year and the four directions. Norse Magic, like the Sabbat system of pagan magic, was deeply rooted in nature and the changing of the seasons. The seasons have ancient correspondences to the four directions. This is an ancient, and powerfully rooted method of working that builds up huge energy over time. In this way we weave Sun magic and Norse magic together to add power to the drama we create for our magic rituals.

Norse Magic and Mythology

The mythology around Norse Magic provides a fertile and profound experience for the Chaos Mage to explore, work with and grow with. Norse Magic is at its most powerful, however, when out in the wilds, it is the magic of the land itself. Access to the other worlds of Norse mythology is found in the forests, by the lakes, and in the mountains. It is found in the heat of the sun, in caves, or in the ice lands.


The Magical Runes of Odin, central to Norse Ritual Magic thinking

Some myths speak of Odin, the most powerful of the gods. He grasped the most sacred magic of the 24 runes, whilst hanging upside down from a branch of the Yggdrasil. In the ancient tale, Odin spent 9 days and 9 nights pondering the magic of the runes, after trading his eye for knowledge. Rune magic is a fascinating topic that we touch on in our blog.

Magick For Beginners – A Look at the Different Kinds of Magic

We will go into more depth over this course but rune magic is a deep and complex form of magical practice and divination tool. We will just scratch the surface in

Awaken Ritual Magic the Key to Change – Bask In the Sun Rays of Norse Sorcery.

But what an exciting introduction to this work!


Yggdrasil, the ancient tree at the center of the magical worlds in ritual magic

At the center of the nine worlds in Norse mythology lies the great world tree Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is the gateway to each world and ideal to gain gnosis and power. This is not a path for the faint of heart! Yggdrasil is within each of us as are all the worlds. The journey on the tree is a journey to the core of our own souls.

In Norse Myth, the powerful god Odin traveled on the tree of life visiting each world to gain knowledge, wisdom, and magic. The mythology tells of Odin hanging upside down on the Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights. He hung there to gain knowledge of the other worlds and understand the runes. Each of the nine worlds has its own deities and runic symbols. In the transmutational meditations, Steve will lead us through the journey of the worlds to gain knowledge for ourselves. It’s said when we walk with Odin, we become Odin, his stories are our stories, and his power is ours to realize.

The Norse Gods

Odin and Thor while the most popular are not the only gods in the Norse Pantheon. There are hundreds of Norse gods. We have selected a few to work with in this course that we feel will best support the magical intentions of each week’s lesson.


Odin, the AllFather of Norse ritual and magic sitting upon Yggdrasil with his raven

King of the Aesir, gods of intellect. This is the god with whom we’ll work the most within this book and on this course. He is the Father of All, the wiser among the gods. Odin reigns supreme on his throne in the Norse world of Asgard where he can observe all that is so in the Nine Worlds. Odin only has one eye, he sacrificed the other in his quest for wisdom. He’s often accompanied by two ravens and two wolves, and he carries a spear. Odin is also the god of war and death. His Valkyries carry away the souls of those who fought and died with bravery in battle. They are taken to the splendid halls of Valhalla where they feast and celebrate mightily until Ragnarok (the end of time).


Frigg, goddess of magical protection

Odin’s wife, goddess protectress of the home, marriage, and women who are pregnant. She is the peacemaker and mediator of conflict. Frigg is the goddess of the runes when used as a tool of divination. Tragically her ability was seriously tested when she was unable to prevent the death of her child.


Thor, whose ritual magic guards the gates of Asgard

Odin’s son, god of thunder, bearer of the hammer, leveler of mountains, and slayer of giants. He is the guardian of Asgard, the Asgard, the stronghold of the Aesir gods and goddesses. With his hammer Mjollnir, he’s considered the best warrior of the Aesir, almost invincible, and a favorite among the Vikings. Thor is the defender of Midgard and humanity, he sails through the heavens in his goat-pulled chariot.


Heimdall whose ritual magic guards Bifrost the rainbow bridge

A guardian god, son of nine mothers. He never sleeps as his role is to defend the rainbow bridge Bifrost between Midgard and Asgard. Notably, Heimdall also has the responsibility of announcing the Ragnarok by blowing his yellow horn. Its blast can be heard right across the Universe, thus announcing the end of the Worlds.


Balder whose ritual magic brings justice, wisdom and kindness

God of light and purity. Brother of Thor, he is impervious to everything in Midgard except mistletoe. He is a wanderer. Balder is the god of justice, wisdom, and kindness and is well loved in Asgard. Son of Odin and Frigg he sows wisdom and peace. Balder dreamed of his own death and organized everything so that he was invincible, oh that dreaded mistletoe.


Loki, the ritual magician and trickster god, inspiration for magicians of the lefthand path.

The Trickster and adversarial god. He is powerful and clever, an inspiration for magicians who work outside of the religious diktat on the path of Norse Magic. God of deceit and mischief, the god who tells the truth of the misdeeds of other gods (an unacceptable sin). He’s the god of lust, sex, orgy, and debauchery.


Freyja, goddess and ritual magician, lady of sexuality, magic, and the spirit of nature

Goddess of nature and fertility. She is the ruler and guardian of the Vanir in Vanaheimr. She is the Lady of sexuality, magic, and the spirit of nature. Goddess of love and beauty, Freyja is capable of arousing lust in anyone. Leader of the Valkyries, lesser deities responsible for the souls of the dead.


Frey, god of the ritual magic of nature

Lord of nature. Brother and male version of Freyja, Frey represents masculinity, sexuality, fertility, wealth, and rain. He is the god of the light elves and prosperity. After the war between the gods of the Aesir and Vanir, Frey was held hostage in Asgard. He is the owner of many artifacts and unusual animals. He has a sword capable of fighting by itself and a horse that can get past any obstacles. Finally, he possesses a boar made of gold so bright that it can blind its enemies in war.

Norse Ritual Magician performing her magic
Awaken Ritual Magic the key to change, Norse Magic, Sun Magic

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Awaken Ritual Magic

will take us through Sun Magic and the nine worlds of Norse Mythology. We will experience the invocation of the Norse Gods in each of the 4 seasons of the Sun. Enjoy our supportive community to help you commit to your own daily practice of deepening your connection to ritual magic. Many of us begin in the place of dabbling, getting our toes wet, and trying things out. Our courses provide the next step. Once you have been called to the path of magic, empowerment, and ability, we have created a map to take you on that journey. As with all magic, the more energy you put in the more result you get out. Steve and April are committed to getting you to reach your highest potential.

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