Awaken Ritual Magic the Key to Change

Bask In the Sun Rays of Norse Sorcery.

A comic book art style image of a viking ship in a bay with the words : Awaken Ritual Magic The Key To Change - Bask in the Rays of Norse Sorcery
Norse Sorcery Arrives on a Viking Ship

Awaken Ritual Magic the Key to Change – Bask In the Sun Rays of Norse Sorcery. 


Calling all wannabe sorcerers and witches!

We are excited to announce our latest book in the Sun Magic Series, our third course on direct magic. In this book, we’ll teach you how to construct your own magic rituals, so you can finally start casting spells like a pro.

You’ll learn how to evoke spirits to create powerful change in both your inner and outer worlds. And we’ll explore Norse mythology, magic, and runes along the way.

Norse magic, like many pagan systems, is deeply connected to the land. So, we’ll also explore sun magic in the progression of the four seasons, and how it relates to the four directions.

In short, this book is everything you need to know to become a master of sun magic. And it’s going to be a lot of fun along the way.

Warning: Side effects of reading this book may include increased magical abilities, a deeper connection to nature, and a newfound appreciation for Norse mythology.

Magic ritual is not some strange, exotic beast difficult to approach and apt to scamper away when touched. It is a common occurrence in everyday life. The reason most everyday rituals do not bring about desired effects is that they are not understood for what they truly are; therefore they remain unfocused.

Awaken your inner sorcerer with the power of Norse sun magic! This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about constructing your own magic rituals, connecting with nature, and exploring Norse mythology.
Awaken your inner sorcerer with the power of Norse sun magic! This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about constructing your own magic rituals, connecting with nature, and exploring Norse mythology.
Fo Fe Dum
A person stands in a circle of candles, holding a wand and chanting a spell.
A Norse Magician stands in a forest, surrounded by trees and animals.
A Norse Magician stands on a mountaintop, looking out at the sunrise.

The Lazy Witch's Guide to Ritual Magic

Welcome to the Spiritual CrossFit Gym, where we’ll help you transmute your way to magical greatness!

We’ve created a body of work called Transmutational Meditation, which is a foundational skill for building your spiritual and magical practice. Our classes are designed to help you unlock your own abilities, and our transmutational meditations will lead you on a journey of discovery as you relax and let go.

Transmutational Meditation is a form of guided meditation that we developed to include symbolism, ritual, ancient spirit beings and gods, magic, sorcery, and storytelling. We find it to be an incredibly useful tool for teaching and initiation, and in this course, we’ll use it to explore the nine worlds of Norse mythology and magic.

Through this technique, we’ve strongly leaned into different magical approaches to empower your spiritual and magical path. But we haven’t had the opportunity to focus as such on the nature of ritual magic itself. So, what is this magic we speak of?

In short, ritual magic is the art and science of using your will to manipulate the forces of the universe. It’s a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as healing, protection, divination, and manifestation.

But ritual magic is more than just casting spells and performing rituals. It’s also a way of developing your inner power and connecting with the divine. It’s a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

So, if you’re ready to awaken your inner wizard and embark on a magical journey, then join us at the Spiritual CrossFit Gym! We’ll teach you everything you need to know to transmute your life and become the best magical version of yourself.

A woman/nordic warrior lifts weights inscribed with the words "Spiritual CrossFit.
A Nordic Warrior meditates surrounded by symbols, ancient spirit beings, and gods.

Ritual Magic: The Ultimate Guide for the Curious and the Clueless

Magic is the most potent and profound force of life. It’s both artistic and scientific (in the sense that it has rules, not to be confused with science by the Herd Mind). We believe that everyone has the potential to awaken their inner magician. Magic is the power of creation, and it’s not denied to anyone, except those who blindly follow the rules of others.

Magic is unbelievable to those who are lost in the Herd Mind. But for those who are brave enough to step outside the box, magic is a powerful tool for creating change.

The power of ritual magic lies in the psychodrama we play out with symbols and tools. This psychodrama stimulates our unconscious mind and opens us up to the infinite possibilities of the universe. When we culminate in a statement of intention, we are forging a conscious imprint on the creative vibrations of the universe. This imprint is then realized in our reality.

In other words, magic is the art and science of using our will to manipulate the forces of the universe. It’s a powerful tool for creating the life we want.

So, if you’re ready to awaken your inner magician and start creating your dream life, then join us on the journey! We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started.

A Nordic Priest chants a fire spell at dawn

The Power of Declaration: How to Speak the Universe into Submission

“In the swirling realms of magic, speaking your intention out loud is akin to boldly announcing to the cosmos, ‘Behold! It’s happening because I’ve declared it so!’ Remember those fantastical moments in tales where the protagonist would cry out, ‘By the power of [insert powerful being or relic here], I summon thee!’ ? That’s evocation in its glittering splendor. It’s like whispering to the shadows, beckoning ancient spirits, and sharing a secret handshake with the universe itself.

Why, you ask? Because it’s all about theatre, drama, and a sprinkle of celestial flair. Picture it: you’re crafting a story – not for the world, but for the unseen corners of your mind. A tale so gripping that the dormant recesses of your psyche leap to their feet, cheering and applauding.

A norse magician sitting on a rock watching her friend staring at a blank piece of parchment

Ritual Magic? Ah, think of it as the masterclass in conjuring destinies. It’s the cocktail of reality and what waits just beyond the veil. An ever-enticing dance at the intersection of the ‘now’ and the boundless ‘beyond’. With a wave of your hand, you pluck the strings of chaos, and from the vast void, you orchestrate galaxies of your very own.

By syncing up with olden beings of might (no, not your grandparents, but close), you borrow their ancient prowess. You see, they lend you a bit of their stardust, and with it, your dreams get that extra shimmer.

Ah, but be prepared! As you dive deeper, you’ll inevitably hit the quagmire of questions every budding mage faces. ‘Is this the good kind of magic or the naughty kind?’ ‘Am I dabbling in the light or dining with shadows?’ ‘Why do lab-coated folks squint at it skeptically?’ ‘Magic – profound cosmic force or just snazzy parlor tricks?’

The seeds of doubt? Oh, they’ll be planted. But fret not, for every spell has its riddle, and every mage their journey.”

The Magician realizes that her declaration is powerful
Surrounded by magical creatures and symbols.

Awaken Ritual Magic: The Age-Old Riddle of its Reality

In the ever-shifting realm of Chaos Magic, where reality is but a grand illusionist’s finest performance, those labels and categories? Mere trifles, really. I tread a path of solitary wanderings, not seeking nods or winks from gods or mortals. Who’s to say where one begins and the other ends? It’s a dance of my own choreography, a tune of my own humming, as I tap into the deep wells of gnosis and summon forth my inherent power.

Now, through the looking-glass of a Chaos Magician, magic becomes:

A fine art of tailoring reality with a touch of personal flair, and a pinch of spiritual zing.

The electrifying jolt that propels one’s soul to scale the giddy heights of its utmost potential, fusing your spirit with fervent will, voracious desire, and raw power.

A heartfelt ode to your unbridled journey, painting your existence with strokes of genius.

Wish to tread the beaten path or blaze your own trail? To each their own. My offering? A mosaic of structures for you to contemplate, to mold, and to animate. Yet, always feel free to give it your own twist, a dash of spice, when the moment strikes. The enigmatic essence of truth, if it ever were tangible, will unfurl itself through the dance of ritual magic. You see, magic isn’t just a subject to muse upon; it demands participation. To truly fathom it, one must become the spell. For in the awakening of ritual magic, one sips from the elixir of creation, basking in its resplendent glow

Spotlighted magician's top hat on a stage in an old norse forest
Illusions of Reality
Levitating magician's hat releasing flying cards labeled with words like 'norms' and 'rules'."
A nordic shaos magician striding away from a portal
Figure amidst a cosmic backdrop of stars, galaxies, and nebulae, molding reality
Multiple paths emerging, with figures contemplating their journey; some paths are well-trodden, others just forming
Norse wizard offering a glowing mosaic to another wizard; mosaic contains magical symbols.
I'll give it my own twist
Norse Magician sipping from a chalice filled with a galaxy-like elixir against a radiant backdrop."
It depends what you drink

Dancing with the Sun: The Choreography of Seasons in Awakened Ritual Magic

During our latest literary escapade, ‘Powerful Clairvoyance,’ we courted the Sun—not just your average celestial ball of fiery brilliance, but a dramatic deity donning a mask of nature. Its golden rays uncover secrets, tickle our senses to awaken to novel delights, and charge our magical prowess. One might even dare say, the Sun is the unsung maestro catalyzing the grand awakening of our minds. It’s the paintbrush of creation, hinting at the splendid beings we truly are. With a dash of Sun Magic, we journeyed through its day-long dance, using its brisk tempo to supercharge and let loose our clairvoyant talents.

Now, gather round as we dive deeper into Sun Magic, tracing the Sun’s grand waltz through nature’s four acts—the seasons—and the four cardinal points. Norse Magic, much like the rhythmic Sabbat system of old, danced cheek-to-cheek with nature, waltzing through each seasonal shift. Did you know? These seasons and their ancient ties to the four directions is a tale as old as time. It’s a method so grounded in power that it builds, bit by bit, into a crescendo of energy. We’ll twirl Sun Magic and Norse Magic in a dance, amplifying the theatrical spectacle we conjure in our awaken ritual magic ceremonies.”

Stage with 'Powerful Clairvoyance' book on a pedestal and a descending radiant Sun wearing a mask
A little morning sun magic
Sun dancing across a rotating floor representing Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter."
Sun Magic
Norse magician and the Sun conjuring a vortex of magical energy with symbols of four cardinal points
The Magical Dance of Life

Into the Wild Norse Yonder: A Chaotic Exploration of Myths and Mountains

When diving into the grand tales of Norse Magic, a Chaos Mage finds themselves in a treasure trove of deep, enchanting myths ripe for exploration. But, ah! The true power of Norse Magic? It whispers in the winds of the wilderness. It beckons from the forest depths, winks from gleaming lake surfaces, and roars atop rugged mountains. Whether you’re basking in the sun’s warmth, spelunking in mysterious caves, or traipsing the icy tundras, the gateways to Norse realms are just a magical step away.

Odin's Enchanted Etchings: A Romp into Rune Revelations

In the annals of Norse tales, the mighty Odin, god extraordinaire, had quite the peculiar hobby: dangling upside-down from the World Tree, Yggdrasil. But it wasn’t just for the view! For a mere price of an eye—a real bargain in the magical realm—he pondered, for 9 days and 9 nights, the mystique of the 24 runes. Those enigmatic symbols weren’t just doodles; they were conduits of magic! We’ve dabbled a tad on rune riddles in ‘Magick For Beginners – A Look at the Different Kinds of Magic’. Here, in ‘Awaken Ritual Magic the Key to Change – Bask In the Sun Rays of Norse Sorcery,’ we’re merely tip-toeing on the rune-covered shorelines. But, oh, what a tantalizing toe-dip into the magical waters it is!”

Odin hanging upside-down from the World Tree, Yggdrasil, with a rune-covered scroll; a missing eye socket on the ground below and a distant bookshop titled 'Magick for Beginners
Alternative Styles of Revelation

Yggdrasil Diaries: Where Odin's Epic Self-Discovery Awaits

In the grand tapestry of Norse tales, the mighty Yggdrasil stands tall and proud—a gigantic tree with roots and branches spanning the mythical nine realms. Think of it as the ultimate travel hub, with direct routes to knowledge and power. A word of warning: this isn’t a jaunt for the timid! You see, Yggdrasil isn’t just a fixture in fables; it’s rooted deep within us all. A journey up its trunk and through its branches is akin to a deep dive into our very souls.

Old tales spin a yarn of Odin, the Norse bigwig, gallivanting through the tree’s many worlds, seeking wisdom and wizardry. Why, he even played the world’s most intense game of ‘hang in there’, suspending himself upside-down on Yggdrasil for a whopping nine days and nights. All this derring-do? Just to get chummy with runes and explore otherworldly dimensions. Now, each realm of Yggdrasil boasts its own divine beings and runic riddles. With Steve as our guide in transformative meditations, we’ll embark on this epic trek ourselves. And as the old saying goes, “Walk a mile in Odin’s shoes, and you might just end up with his epic backstory—and a sprinkle of his magic!

Odin, dressed as a tour guide, stands at a kiosk labeled 'Yggdrasil Tours' at the base of the grand World Tree, offering a map of the nine realms to a line of eager tourists. A sign overhead advertises upside-down tours for the daring.
Yggdrasil's top guide shares the secrets to soulful tree-trekking

Diving into the Norse Divine: More than Just Odin & Thor's Show

In the bustling cosmos of Norse mythology, Odin and Thor might hog the limelight, but they’re hardly the only stars in the divine firmament. Imagine a grand Norse gala, brimming with celestial celebrities. From this star-studded cast, we’ve cherry-picked a handful, aligning them with the magical musings of our weekly lessons. They’re here to amplify, inspire, and sprinkle a little otherworldly stardust onto each session. So, get ready to meet some divine VIPs, handpicked for their spellbinding prowess!

Odin: The One-Eyed Wiseman & His Celestial Entourage

Picture this: A divine king perched on a throne, gazing across the vast cosmos from the towering heights of Asgard. That’s Odin for you, the head honcho of the Aesir, those brainy deities of intellect. Throughout this book and course, we’ll be rubbing magical elbows with this deity extraordinaire. Revered as the ‘All-Father,’ his wisdom surpasses even the brightest of the celestial bunch.

But wait, there’s a quirk: our man Odin sports a single eye! He traded the other for a heavy dose of sagacity. Constantly shadowed by a pair of chatty ravens and two loyal wolves, he’s armed with a trusty spear and a penchant for war. And oh, the afterparties he throws for the brave souls! His Valkyries cherry-pick valiant warriors from battlefields, whisking them away to Valhalla’s grand feasts. There, amidst clinking goblets and roaring laughter, they revel until Ragnarok, that inevitable celestial curtain call.

Illustration of Odin on his throne in Asgard, holding a drink and his spear, surrounded by his two ravens and wolves. A Valkyrie holds a 'Valhalla Bash' invite in the background
Keeping the mead gluten-free

Frigg: Guardian of Hearth and Heart

Frigg, the radiant counterpart to Odin, stands as the divine beacon of home, unions, and expectant mothers. Gracefully weaving her influence, she acts as the cosmic diplomat, ironing out celestial spats. Renowned as the mistress of runes, especially when they dance in divination’s realm, her prowess faced a heart-wrenching trial when fate challenged her, leading to her child’s untimely demise.

Illustration of Frigg in a celestial living room, surrounded by glowing runes, with a framed picture of her child on a cloud-table.
Not everything is possible, even for the Goddess

Thor: Thunderous Guardian with a Goaty Ride

Thor, progeny of Odin and the stormy maestro of thunder, wields Mjollnir, his mountain-crushing, giant-banishing hammer. As the stalwart sentinel of Asgard—home to the illustrious Aesir pantheon—he’s hailed as the foremost warrior, almost unbeatable in battle. Revered deeply by the Vikings, this celestial defender stands guard for both the realms of deities and humankind. And if you ever hear a rumble in the sky, it might just be Thor cruising around in his unique chariot, drawn by an enthusiastic pair of goats.

Comic panel of Thor with his hammer Mjollnir, surrounded by stormy clouds, with his chariot pulled by two goats wearing aviator goggles in the background

Guarding Rainbows & Announcing Finales: The Multitasking Heimdall

Meet Heimdall, the ever-alert guardian with not one, not two, but nine doting mothers. While most of us can’t function without our eight hours of beauty sleep, Heimdall’s eyes never close. His job? Guarding the kaleidoscopic bridge Bifrost, ensuring the realms of Midgard and Asgard remain connected yet secure. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also the maestro of doomsday announcements. With a single toot from his gleaming yellow horn, he signals Ragnarok, sending an all-encompassing soundwave that heralds the grand curtain call for all the Worlds

Heimdall stands on the vibrant rainbow bridge, Bifrost, between the realms of Midgard and Asgard, holding a bright yellow horn. He humorously remarks about his lack of sleep.
A day and night in the life of...

Balder: The Invincible (Well, Almost!) Luminary

Balder, the radiant beacon of light and innocence, strolls through Midgard with an aura so pristine that even the gravest dangers dodge him—well, all but that sneaky mistletoe. Brother to the thunderous Thor and a beacon of justice, intellect, and benevolence, Balder’s name is synonymous with harmony in Asgard. As the illustrious offspring of Odin and Frigg, he gracefully spreads wisdom and peace wherever he treads. But for all his foresight and endeavors to become unbeatable, his Achilles’ heel? A dream of his demise and, yes, that ever-infamous mistletoe.

Comic of Balder standing confidently in a meadow while arrows, lightning, and wild beasts avoid touching him. Behind him, a mischievous child has already give him a sprig of mistletoe

Loki: The Divine Troublemaker

Meet Loki, the most unpredictable god on the Norse block. Considered a trickster and a bit of a rogue, he’s the muse for magicians who like to dance to the beat of their own drum. Rather than sugarcoating, Loki boldly exposes the blunders of fellow deities (oh, the audacity!). But it’s not all shenanigans and games; he’s also the deity of passion, pleasure, and all things indulgent.

Comic depiction of Loki toasting at a lively Norse feast with gods and goddesses celebrating in the background.

Freyja: Nature's Enchantress & Guardian of Souls

Step into the verdant realms of Vanaheimr and you’ll meet Freyja, the radiant goddess of nature’s pulse and fertility’s bloom. Crowned as the enchantress of sensuality, her magic dances in the whispers of the woods and the allure of beauty. Her magnetic charm? Well, let’s just say it can set hearts racing. But there’s more than meets the eye. As the commanding leader of the Valkyries, she’s entrusted with guiding souls in the afterlife. Freyja: a blend of allure, magic, and spiritual reverence.

Illustration of Freyja in a vibrant forest, with a speech bubble stating, 'Nature's allure and guardian of souls – just a day in the life.
The Double Goddess

Frey: The Luminous Guardian of Nature and Prosperity

Master of the verdant realm, Frey is nature’s vibrant champion and Freyja’s male counterpart. Embodying robust masculinity, he’s a beacon of fertility, opulence, and the nourishing rains. Not only does he preside over the ethereal light elves and bestow prosperity, but he also boasts a storied past. After the celestial clash between the Aesir and Vanir deities, Frey found himself as an esteemed guest (or more aptly, a ‘hostage’) in the majestic halls of Asgard. But worry not, for Frey is no ordinary god. Among his treasures, he wields a self-battling sword, rides an unstoppable steed, and commands a dazzling golden boar, whose brilliance alone can thwart foes on the battlefield

A comic panel of the Norse god Frey in a vibrant forest, proudly displaying a self-fighting sword while accompanied by a radiant golden boar, with a caption remarking on his sassy nature.
Frey Sassiness Godified

Course Outline

Week One

Reincarnation, the Eastern Sun, the Ritual of the Six Selves. Journey through Midgard and Vanaheimr, meeting with Freyja and Frey.

Week Two

Power. The Summer Sun, magic of the Yggdrasil, the runes and the nine worlds. Ritual of Yggdrasil, Odin, Thor and the journey to Asgard 

Week Three

Knowledge, The Autumn Sun – The Journey in Jotunheimr land of the giants, Ritual of omnipresence and power of the wicked mind within you.

Week Four

Wisdom – The Winter Sun, light and darkness – Knowledge, creativity and magic, pagan magic and Norse mythology, journey through Swartalfheimr and Lusalfheimer with the dwarves and light elves.

Now that you have a taste of the secrets of Awaken Ritual Magic, I hope you are eager to learn more. If so, I invite you to join me on a journey to the heart of this mysterious and powerful art. In my book, Awaken Ritual Magic: The Key To Change, I will guide you through the basics of ritual magic, from creating a sacred space to casting your first spells. And if you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, I also offer an online course,of the same name, where I will teach you everything you need to know to master this ancient art.

Together, we can explore the hidden world of ritual magic and discover the power that lies within us all