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Self-Empowerment Through Modern Digital Chaos Magic

In the summer of 2019, two visionary chaos magicians and spirit workers, Steve Wilkes and April Morgalis, founded Magic Self and Spirit in the tropical haven of Costa Rica.

They imagined a community where members could hone their magical abilities, discover natural remedies for common ailments, and deepen their connection to the spiritual realm.

Our website is here to help you along your esoteric path with advice, useful resources, and encouragement.

Presently, Magic Self and Spirit is helmed by Steve Wilkes, offering a range of services such as Clairvoyant Readings, Magical Life Coaching, and Magical Rituals.


Together, Steve and April have written nine books, and each one comes with a video course that is meant to help with spiritual and magical growth, gnosis, and personal realization.

As a seasoned blogger and videographer, Steve is dedicated to opening up the spiritual and magical journey to all who seek to forge their own unique path. He firmly holds the belief that every individual’s spiritual expression is equally valid and a vibrant thread in the tapestry of the Mysteries.

Why Work with Magic Self and Spirit?

Working with Magic Self and Spirit is your chance to go deeper into the spiritual path you’re on. Gain new skills and perspectives as you develop in your own way at your own speed. Our mission is to empower you.

We Take A Three Dimensional Approach To Building Your Spiritual Practice

Magic – to put the energy of creation behind the reality you choose to experience.

Self – development course to give you the tools to build your own practice.

Spirit – connection to empower you to see your path clearly.

We are all attracted to the Magic of manifestation and creating real change in our lives.

Without a connection to Spirit to gain guidance and confirmation of magic, many give up in frustration.

As you commit to walking the spiritual path, building the Self into a place of personal power becomes a vital discipline necessary to hold and direct magic.

Claim Deep Healing and Rapid Spiritual Growth

As you grow in your magical practice, your search for structure and understanding will become increasingly important. We have a range of books and courses designed to rapidly expand your spiritual abilities. They will give you weekly practices and meditations, guiding your journey of personal development. You can access them through our Mastermind or buy them individually if you prefer.

As you heal your inner self, the world will change to reflect a new and improved version. Reality itself will transform the more you come to see its versatility.


Are you ready to step into your power?

You’ve begun to realize that you’re ready for something more. Spirit has guided your path here to take the next steps in reaching your full potential.

It’s time to activate your latent abilities and transmute the limiting beliefs that have held you back. Our work combines cutting-edge brain science and psychology with the power of story and magical ritual. This has a huge influence on your unconscious mind and throws open the doors to your sorcery and manifestation.

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Why Chaos Magic?

Steve and April have both fallen in love with Modern Digital Chaos Magic and use it as the primary modality to do our own magical workings.  Here are some reasons we choose it.

  • Chaos Magic frees you from the tyranny of other people’s beliefs and morals.

  • Chaos Magic shows you that your opinions and beliefs are no more, and definitely no less, true than anyone else’s. 

  • The idea that we can be objective is an illusion. It does not exist in the real world, and anything you believe or choose for yourself will ultimately become your reality.

  • In this system you decide what is real and true. That’s your ticket to freedom!  We’re all subjective beings, nothing in existence has an objective truth, that’s the nature of reality. 

  • You’re the Master or Mistress of the Universe. Because it’s impossible to experience a reality external to you, it’s all you. You’re making it all up, everything you experience. You live whatever life you choose.

  • You can take from any belief system you choose to experience because they’re all extensions of you. This is magical, personal and spiritual power. You decide everything in your life. You are the three-in-one, Magic, Self and Spirit. This is the nature of Chaos Magic

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Who are Steve and April?

Steve and April started Magic Self and Spirit in 2019. From the moment they met they knew they had soul contracts to resolve together. Through that work they have become the best of friends and business partners sharing their knowledge with hundreds of students.


Steve Wilkes is a Chaos Magician, Professional Psychic, Clairvoyant and Healer. Steve has studied many branches of spirituality and magic as ways to hone his natural ability to connect to spirit. Now with 65k professional readings completed and thousands of successful students he is a confident and experienced teacher. Steve is also known as “English Stephen” on some of his reading platforms.


April Morgalis is Steve’s partner in crime (or well not crime but spiritual growth). Steve and April have lived many lifetimes together over the centuries as members of our soul family. It is our job to spur on each other’s growth and spiritual development. April, a magician and psychic in her own right/write, loves her role in development of the courses and the support of our students.

Have you ever thought that your authentic self, your own spiritual experiences, (you know the ones others would deny, ridicule or condemn) are just as right as any religion, political belief or philosophy?

Delicious thought isn’t it?

Steve has been able to see Spirit since birth. He is a pagan priest, he trained in a Magical Mystery School and has been a clairvoyant Spiritual teacher for many years. When he found Chaos Magic he was delighted to finally discover a way to break from the yoke of everyone else’s rules, beliefs, and dogmas about good/bad, right/wrong, real/unreal.

 Discovering Chaos Magic

A number of years ago he came across an experiment in Alan Chapman’s Advanced Magick for Beginners (exercise 11). The instructions were simple, choose to believe something and act on it (live it) as if it were 100% true and the only possible interpretation.

So he created a personal system with just 3 rules:

  1. He would believe many contradictory things but only one at a time.
  2. He had to live it like a zealot.
  3. But he could only live it for 3 weeks and then change belief.

He went through Catholicism, politics, philosophy and Zen etc for six months changing to a new belief every 3 weeks. He called each of these experiences a mask.

Guess what?

Reality is completely different depending which mask you wear. Everything’s illusory and you can do what you like.

Then Magic Self And Spirit Was Born

Now Steve travels the world indefinitely, works with whatever kind of magic he wants to daily, does clairvoyant readings online, writes and produces spiritual courses for those who wish to experience their power. 

He works with the dark and light for balance and expands the spiritual and magical experiences of others.

Steve calls himself a Chaos Magician – someone who experiences nothing as real and everything as permissible. He works with traditional spiritual and magical systems and creates his own as he moves through life.

Steve loves working with our clients and the students in the mastermind groups.  He understands that teaching others to work with Spirit can be a key to their freedom and a gateway to magical growth. He feels that realizing your spiritual self is a birthright of all people and a pathway to their empowerment.

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Have you ever struggled with Anxiety? Have you experienced racing thoughts that won’t let you sleep? The feeling that you are adrift on the sea of life, or the music you cannot stop from playing in your head. Me too. 

How It All Started

When the anxiety depression cycle began I went first to the church. I was raised very Christian, I had read Psalm 23, I can recite the lord’s prayer, they said this was the place to turn. In the church I found community, and there was some comfort in belonging. Everyone sang the same song and prayed the same prayer, and the collective experience of storytelling washed over me. 

But there I also found conformity. We were all singing the same song and praying the same prayer….. What was the fiercely independent thinker to do? 

I doubled down. 

I joined the choir and sang the song harder. I joined every committee, was a 17 year old girl in the old men’s club that was the board of deacons. I had done everything that was asked of me. Read all the books 3 times. Could speak all the scripture… and still no real comfort. 

Failed Western Medicine

Next, I threw myself into self-discovery. I went to acting school to strip away all the programming that had come with my upbringing. My professors were determined to teach me what a white canvas was. It was exhilarating, until the lack of community caused my poor little world to collapse, and that’s when I met the Western Medical model. 

I dropped out of school, was diagnosed bi-polar and spent the next year trying one drug after the next. My head was spinning. I was still in withdrawal from the last drug while I was being slammed with side effects from the new one. (Pro tip: never let a little country doctor prescribe psych drugs). Bad reactions landed me in talk therapy, and more medication. 

Again I found my independence stripped. I was at the mercy of a parade of doctors who adjusted my chemistry so violently that my personality was forever changed. 

Eastern Medicine And The New Age

Recoiling from the West I flew East. I threw myself into energy healing and became a massage therapist, learned reiki and shiatsu, polarity therapy, and emotional release techniques. It helped. The crippling pain of my tortured emotions finally began to ease their grip on my body. I could turn my head again… I could breathe. 

I dug deep into esoterics, and became one with the new age. It began with crystals, chakra healing and meditation. As I took classes and read my magical abilities began to emerge. I discovered that I was gifted with barrier spells that finally began to bring some quiet to my mind. I realized I could actually talk to my stones, and feel my connection to the earth. 

As I got more inspired with new age ideas, the seminar phase began. I went to talk after talk after talk. I learned some amazing things. But here again I discovered the true believers. The ones who drank the kool aid. (A friend remembering with me, said it was like you joined 3 cults that year). Right before I became committed to the organization, I felt myself singing the same old song from my teens, but with different words. The idea that “this is the one true way” to do anything wrinkles my nose.

The Cult Of Science Calls

So my analytical self popped back up. I am smart. No, no, aced my SAT, got a scholarship to a school that was almost ivy league, read 10 books a year smart. My smart friends looked at me like, you cannot believe these things they say…. What are you into? What are you doing? None of this is proven!

But I could not deny that the ideas had merit… the fan clubs maybe not, but the ideas had the seeds of thinking differently. Accepting that I am the cause of the things that happen to me. That through my energy I draw experiences to me that create my life. I couldn’t shake this idea as true. It resonated with me, deeply. 

So, I went smart. I studied psychology, brain physiology, watched documentaries on quantum physics, and took a course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I learned how the brain holds memory and the power of story. They introduced me to the concept of hypnotherapy and the relaxed trance state. I embarked on stories that were designed to lead a lost part of self through doors that she could not find on her own.

Trance Work And Rapid Change

I found my own NLP practitioner and went to work. I was getting better. The work we did around healing my inner child was life changing! But as often happens, when the wind of change blows, it blows everywhere and all at once. 

My corporate job collapsed. I got sick, a bad interaction between two antibiotics for a kidney infection, melted my brain. My short term memory was as bad as an Alzheimer’s patient and I stammered so hard I could barely speak. It took me 2 years to rebuild, but I made it. But once again, my personality was forever changed. We sold the house to cover the credit card bills and the strain finally ended my marriage. 

What would I do now with this new person I had created? Strong in the belief that I had manifested this situation, how would I use it? I chose what my heart had always wanted, to see the world. I started traveling, embraced the gypsy part of my soul, and never looked back.

A New Magical Journey – Committing to the path

I traveled to Europe to feel the ancient pagan stones under the cathedrals of the middle ages. For the first time I experienced the comfort that was always promised, I could hear the messages. I received the statement “go to Brazil.” 

I returned to the states, sold everything that did not fit in a small storage locker and moved to South America. For a month I meditated in the highlands of Brazil and experienced the spiritualist movement in ways I could not explain. I communed with the Apus (spirits of the mountains) in Peru. Inspired, I climbed the mountains of Bolivia and witnessed the breathtakingly beautiful harshness of their landscape. 

I was running. And for the first time in my life I was not running from something or to anything. I was running for the love of running. I was taking in as much local culture and spirituality as I could, studying different belief systems and traditions. All of them fascinated me, but none of them were “home”.

Chaos Magic

Traveling through Costa Rica I met Steve. He introduced me to Chaos Magic. Chaos Magic is based on the idea that all beliefs are tools. A belief system is just a way of looking at the world to make sense of things from a specific perspective. 

This was the “independent path”. It was free of the dogma of “you should” or “the one true way.” It holds that all beliefs, systems, stories, mythologies are equally valid, if they work for you in the moment.

(Read the full blog What Chaos Magic Means to Us here)

Finally, I was free of the nose wrinkling “one way.” Chaos magic takes my belief in personal responsibility to a whole new level. It is firmly rooted in the idea that I create my life, consciously or unconsciously. 

The path of the mage is to accept greater and greater responsibility for what you create and learn the skills to create more intentionally. At last all of my favorite ideas from each philosophy or culture could play nice together. Even my brainy side was satisfied, as in Chaos Magic, it is only necessary to hold the belief while you do the magic.

We call these belief systems “masks of belief”. This system offers me the freedom to wear the mask of belief that fits my needs, at the time I need them. I can attend my brainy business consulting meeting in my “smart science” world in the morning, and commune with the goddess of the moon in all the rich neo-pagan tradition in the evening.


The Birth Of Magic Self And Spirit

Steve and I decided to use our combined life experience to create Magic Self and Spirit. We began writing the Grimoires of Chaos Magic Series together. We drew on the combined experiences from our Spiritual paths.

Our books take on deep issues that challenge you to get into the driver’s seat of your life. They will teach you to consciously create your reality. We focus on mediation, and use our hypnotherapy training to create powerful guided meditations that lead you through tough transitions. These topics create profound change. 

We have developed our Mastermind community to support our students and give them a home for their practice. We are pleased with the work we are able to share and the community we have been able to build. Experience more peace, more joy, more challenge, and more support than ever before.  

We would love you to join us.


– April Morgalis

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