Grimoires of Chaos Magic Mastermind

For many of us, magical work is an individual pursuit. Creating rituals from books, as many solo aspiring magicians do, can feel lonely and isolating. Results can seem random at the beginning of your quest and working with powerful spirit beings (whether the exist or not) can feel like a threat

We all know that magic is an invaluable tool for personal growth and transformation, but there are few resources (apart from books) available to help us deal with the challenges we encounter along the way.

The Grimoires of Chaos Magic Mastermind was created to fill this void in the magical community by offering a place where students could seek guidance from experienced practitioners free of fear, judgement or reprisal. 

Your membership also includes access to all of our books, courses and trainings to deepen your spiritual practice.

Why the Mastermind Community Started

When we took on students and shared our personal experiences of Chaos Magic, Clairvoyance & Personal Development they began to experience the profound changes magically brought about in different ways than expected. Taking on a new practice can be destabilizing or anxiety provoking at times. It soon became clear that what was missing from this process were other like minded individuals who could offer guidance through these challenges without judgement.

We thought long and hard about how to create a community environment, while respecting everyone’s unique magical practice. Finally, we settled on a Mastermind where everyone chooses which course they take and grow at their own pace. This solution  empowered everyone to get the most out of each course with the community support that really makes all things possible. 

We hold weekly meetings of the online mastermind group to share ideas and receive coaching to get over the next hurdle, or set an intention to create the next amazing outcome. In addition, each month we hold a live interactive video Masterclass. Each class will be on a different topic relating to elements of your independent spiritual and magical desire and experience. As we work this way together magic begins to happen, and your spiritual abilities take off. 

What is a Masterclass?

The masterclass is an opportunity for us to give back to you with specialist lectures on the aspects of magic, self and spirit that you’re interested in beyond the course material you already have. They are a way to supercharge your magic and your spiritual growth. 

The Masterclasses include a Q&A discussion where you can get your questions answered, making them a very active and engaged part of our community experience. 


What does the Masterclass Cost?

This is a free bonus for everyone who subscribes to the Mastermind!

Become a member now and get instant access to 60 + hours of magical and clairvoyant training. By working with and listening to Spirit, by working with different approaches to meditation and by working with the magic of your own mind, you’ll begin to master your life and dominate your world.

What is the Magic Self and Spirit Mastermind Group?

The Grimoires of Chaos Magic Mastermind provides a forum for discussion with other students and our instructors. Ask questions, share experiences, and expand your skills, as you connect with chaos magic and spiritual transformation.  Essentially our students begin to experience the world, life and the future magically. Out of the chaos of hive mind thinking students begin to free themselves from perceived limitation, forget limiting beliefs and break out of mediocrity.

Inside the member portal, you have free access to all of our training materials to give you the guidance, toolsets & knowledge as your magical abilities progress. You’ll learn how to tap in with powerful techniques so that each day becomes your next incredible step on your path

We meet weekly to share ideas and receive coaching to get over the next hurdle, or set an intention to create the next amazing outcome. 

If you are ready to dig into your own darkness, find your inner magician, and resolve your past, We invite you to join us.

It’s work, but it’s so worth it.

What our courses teach  

The 9 Books and Courses are designed to trigger the expansion of your independent path.

We approach the skills of Magic, Connection to Spirit, and Self Empowerment through the ancient magical traditions of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Each book will teach you specific skills, spells or rituals, and introduce you to different ancient magical systems. 

As Chaos Magicians we borrow from these older traditions that have deep resonance in the collective unconscious. We combine them with trance states to access the doors where magic is unlocked, your word becomes law and the rest of your reality organizes itself around it. 

Harnessing the power of belief, Chaos magic teaches your empowered self to stand at the crossroads at the center of your reality.  To take responsibility for your life and claim the ability to create any outcome you choose.

Why would you want them at all?

  • They unlock your potential and tap into your creativity. 
  • You’ll have the tools to create and know empowerment. (And we are going to give you a great deal on them.)
  • You get 60 + hours of video training and books over 8 different courses
  • If that’s not enough we’re creating more books, more courses and more value as we speak. (community members get first access to the new content)

Why develop Magic, Self and Spirit?

To truly claim the power of the cosmos you must create a strong sense of Self. Removing limiting beliefs, healing past traumas, getting your inner children onboard, and truly believing that you can, are ,central to building your practice. These life-affirming courses and books are found in our Self Series. These are books of tremendous power, they give you the tools to alter your perception in the present, in the moment in relation to whatever you’re dealing with.

The ability to connect to Spirit, to receive guidance from our spirit guides and our higher selves, gives us confidence in our magic and direction for our lives. This spiritual connection allows us to feel into the energy of our magic, to see how our futures are changing based on our work and see the path ahead of us more clearly.  The skills of Connecting to your Spirit guides, Prophetic dreaming, and Clairvoyance are taught in our Spirit Series of books and courses.

Learning the skills of direct Magic is the final and most powerful step in the process.  This is where you learn to become an unstoppable manifestor of your reality!  We will look at Ritual Magic, Chaos Magic, and Candle Magic. Each has specific applications and different ways of working to create the change you choose in your life. Join us today and grow with each of these powerful courses. 

Cross the bridge with us

It’s time for your breakthrough, start now! 

For only $35 per month you can:

Access all of our courses, 

Attend our weekly Mastermind meetings for group coaching, 

Participate in our supportive community of students, 

Go in-depth in our monthly Master Classes

Be the first to get all of our latest books and videos.

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