Magical Life Coaching

No one can give you all the answers.
Our work will be to find the questions that have yet to be asked.

You’re tired of being stuck in a rut and you want to find your way out.

You’ve tried using self-help books, but they never work for you!

Imagine having someone who can help guide you through life’s challenges. Someone who is there with the tools and support that will allow you to develop into the person that is most like yourself.

Magical Life coaching - get the direction you need.

Magical Life Coaching offers you guidance and support in order to get you where you choose to be in your personal, spiritual or professional life. Our coaching gives you the tools that will allow you to develop into a person that fulfills your highest potential.

In a life of infinite possibilities, it’s hard to know which direction to take. Our sessions will focus on finding clarity and get on track for success in your life.

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Why would you use a Magical Life Coach?

  • You’ll be able to find your true self and apply this spiritual knowledge to all parts of your life.

  • Feeling more confident, happy and fulfilled focuses your mind on achieving your goals.

  • Find clarity around how to apply spiritual lessons to your specific journey. Get feedback on how your efforts are shifting your reality and where your energy can be spent to create the most change. 

  • Combining the skills of clairvoyance and experience as Magicians we can design the rituals, meditations, and practices that will get you flying in your spiritual growth. 

  • Feel secure knowing you have expert magical guides to help you find your way. We know what it takes to get to where you’re choosing in your personal, spiritual and professional life.

So what’s the difference between a Life Coach
and a Magical Life Coach?

Psychological Life Coaching 

Is based on the assumption that we are driven by early wounds and our attachment to them. It is a way of understanding what drives us, why we make the choices we do, and how they affect our lives. Many life coaches work almost exclusively with a psychological approach to goal setting and manifestation. 

In this system, you are seen as a victim. It’s considered that the past equals the future. Psychological life coaching works with the accepted wisdom of the ‘Hive Mind’ and nothing beyond.


Philosophical Life Coaching

Is underpinned by the philosophical undercurrents in our lives. By this I mean, what we believe to be true about ourselves and others.
How much value do we place on different things?
What are our core values?
These all influence everything in life from who chooses us as friends, partners or business associates, to why certain behaviors seem like an attractive option. Some Life Coaches work with the Philosophical approach.

This deep dive into the world of “feels” allows us to realign our values and aim our work toward what is really important to us. Translating these feelings into the practical work of achieving life goals is where the disconnect can happen in this system. 

Magical Life Coaching

Our work goes beyond simple goal setting towards deeper questions about your spiritual journey through this lifetime. The magical path encourages you to think outside the box, delving into metaphysics as well as psychology and philosophy in order to fully understand your path and how to manifest your goals into your reality.

Our goals are not to nudge you toward slow incremental change.  The magical path is one of self-mastery, of power, of giant leaps in ability and a life-changing alteration in your belief of what is possible. 

By becoming personally responsible for all of the circumstances in your life you assume the power to change them. You are at cause for all that has happened, and all that will happen in your life. 

The work is to hone your skills and discover what it is you choose to create now!

Ready to take control of your life?

The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy,
the Reason Therapy Fails

The key difference is Therapy usually starts from the viewpoint that you can’t manage your own life. Coaches help you build skills to make better decisions for yourself in order to live a more fulfilling life. 

Often therapists argue that their profession is better or more appropriate because they’re licensed,supervised and have a code of ethics. Yet isn’t this the real problem, isn’t this just an adjunct of the medical model and the hive mind? 

Einstein observed that ‘We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’.

The root of our perceived limitations is the hive mind itself. It binds us through religion, society, schools, political theory, and medicine. The therapeutic system believes our minds are so limited that our problems are almost inescapable. They hold that our only hope is hive mind intervention. This offers little to no opportunity for empowerment and growth, merely management and supervision. This model helps you claw your way to fine, rather than allow you to reach your full potential. 

You have the ability to change your life and alter your circumstances. Coaching helps create the mindset shifts that focus your attention and build skills to achieve your goals. Every professional athlete works with a coach to gain outside perspective and hone their innate abilities. Spiritual abilities are much the same, focus, practice. and honing your skills are the road to mastery. Magical Coaches are here to support and speed you on your journey. 

Unlock Your True Potential With A Magical Life Coach

Every individual is unique and has their own spiritual journey to take. Whether your life path is a religious one, or you are on a more solitary quest for self-discovery, it can be helpful to have guidance in this process from someone who understands what you’re going through. Magical Life Coaching isn’t to hold your hand and cry with you, it’s to empower you.

But where do you find someone with the right qualities to help guide your spiritual journey?

Magic Self and Spirit’s mission is to give you the tools to empower yourself in every part of your life. The answer to every question is Magic. Psychological and philosophical concerns may help you and we wouldn’t rule them out… but Magic can change your life in the direction of your own will.

How do we do this?

  1. We show you how to work with your consciousness as a vibrant energy which when focused changes both matter and reality.

  2. You begin to understand that there’s no difference between your consciousness and universal consciousness, your mind and the universal mind.

  3. As you relax both your mind and body your brainwaves slow down into alpha vibrations creating the ideal environment to imprint your will on the Universe.

  4. As you align your intentions (goals) with your beliefs, words, thoughts, emotions and actions the Universe will respond to your desires.

  5. Transmuting negative emotions and thoughts into powerful energy you can use to bring your intentions into material reality.

  6. As you work with Spirits, gods, goddesses and other beings you hold in your hands the keys to mastery.

Super Charge your Spiritual Growth

One-on-one Magical Life coaching can stand alone as the driver of your spiritual development journey or as a boost to the information in any of our books or courses. 

Book a one-off session to get advice on a piece of magic you are about to work, or book a series to supercharge your growth. 

The possibilities are endless, and so is your potential. 

So act now to get into the driver’s seat and powerfully create the life you choose. 

We can’t wait to work with you.

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Book a Single Coaching Session with Steve

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Buy 5 coaching sessions and get the 6th one free.