As part of our opinion piece series, I was drawn to blog review: Candle Spells: Everything You Need To Know About Candle Magic.

I had an ambiguous relationship with this blog from get go, the ‘Witchy Mommy’ narrative just manages to lean away from being twee, but I have to say at times only just.

Like much that is Wiccan (or very similar to Wiccan) there’s a great deal of useful information here which is colored by almost moralistic and limited thinking.

It’s totally true that candle magick can at once be simple and very powerful but to present a mask of practice as the way the spellcaster should do candle magick as opposed to ‘this is one practical system of magical practice’ stretches the dualism of ‘right and wrong’, ‘good and bad’ ways to its limits.

Much of neo - pagan, right hand path approaches to magick, whether from within covens or practiced solo, sees symbolism and spirit as always external and real and therefore treats them as if they were other sentient beings with emotional and human feelings.

Therefore the colors of candles, whether you extinguish the flame after you finished your candle magic with your breath or allow the flame to burn until the candle has burnt out completely, how you thank the deities the spirits etc. take on a huge importance when perhaps focusing on your own power would be more beneficial.

The system that Witchy Mommy suggests is most certainly congruent and when the spellcaster understands that to use this system one must wear this mask of magick, only to discard it after the magick is complete, then the Witch or Magician becomes empowered.

How a Magician approaches magick is indeed very important, but that’s not the same thing as saying this is the only way, or the most important way, or the correct way to approach candle magick. For example, the Magician via pathworking, or deep meditation, can imagine a candle already with a flame, and complete with his intention, her will, and his words, all of the necessary magick within meditation just as successfully.

The blog approaches a tried, tested and basic system of candle magick as if it were essential information with power independent from the Magician. About halfway through the blog Witchy Mommy states:

“Now that you know the essentials of candle magick …”


But the essentials of candle magick, indeed of all magick,  are that you are the magick, you are The Magician, you are the creator of worlds. Candle magick, is merely a technique for you to express your magical ability, or your will.

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With all the above stated, this system of candle magick is practical, congruent, complete, and powerful. Seen as one system, one mask of reality, one way to approach your magick, it’s both useful and informative.

In this sense I highly recommend this article, but warn against falling into the trap of seeing techniques of magick, belief systems, moralistic proclamations and external forces as being more powerful than you.

Indeed as a poster on Facebook put it:

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