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Grey Magick, walking the balanced path of Witchcraft, pagan types of magick which can open the internal doors to deeper identification with, more profound investigation of, our unique, personal and powerful roads of our spirituality and magick, the very mission of this website...or is it?

While meditating on our series of opinion pieces here on Magic, Self and Spirit, I was drawn to a poster from the Facebook page: Heart of a Witch, Soul of an Empath which we had shared a week or so ago:

“A grey Witch I am and forever will be,

a balance of both dwells deep inside of me.

For I am not black, nor am I white.

I will walk in the darkness, I will walk in the light.

I seek no harm and my intentions are just.

But make no mistake, I’ll do what I must.

So take heed of my word, I give you insight.

For I am grey, I will defend, and I will fight.”

After my initial reactions of spiritual pleasure, I began to think on the words of the poster more. I have a deep affinity to pagan paths and a love for the craft, yet I asked myself “‘what would I mean if I described my magic as grey?”

Magic Definition: Grey Magick

Seeing grey Magick as an expression of balance of light and dark, as the poster above suggests, would certainly be a path that I could identify with. To me the light is a symbol of my higher divine mind and the dark the deeper, unconscious part of self, the primal, the animal, the profound power of physicality. A balance between the two unlocks the magic of my spiritual potential on my path of sorcery.

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But Grey Magick doesn’t always imply balance, magical practitioners who primarily walk the right hand path, particularly those witches who seek to serve divinity of the pre-Christian pantheons, often use the idea of grey Magick to recognize that their magick may not be purely ‘harm none’ white Magick because they can’t see the outcome of their spells, but their intentions are still to do good (whatever that maybe) and not stray into territory that may ultimately deny them some form of union with their gods.

Grey Magick, in this sense, uncomfortably sits within the morals and ethics of Wiccan-like fears of ‘harm none’ or the ‘the three-fold Law of return’ (the idea that the magic you do will return to you three times stronger.) This way of thinking denies the potential of your own divinity, the journey of Apotheosis, and seeks to tame the sorcerer within cosmic law related to a god, Mother Nature as a goddess, or any other variation of magical limitation and suppression of who you are. It may well be subtle, yet still it makes you wrong or undeserving and leads you to the denial of your highest potential as the creator of worlds.

Grey Magick is often seen as an opponent to Black Magick (rebellious, adversarial magic, seen as immoral, wrong and even evil.) Black Magick can be seen this way as one of its paths relate to the undermining of the dominant monotheistic religions which limit, undermine and enslave humanity.

But what is Black Magic[k]?

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Black Magick understood as occult (hidden) knowledge, is a tool and a path of spiritual experience that empowers the individual sorcerer to break the shackles of magical and spiritual limitations of religion and/or the right hand path and create the conditions and experience of self realization and her personal goddess self.

Grey Magick, therefore can be understood as just another form of self denial and submission to a higher authority.

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