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Modern Chaos Magic: Where the Magic Meets the Mayhem

UWelcome to the wild and wacky world of Modern Chaos Magic! Where the magic is fast, the mayhem is furious, and the only rule is that there are no rules.

Modern Chaos Magic is the punk rock of the magic world. It’s for the misfits, the rebels, and the weirdos. It’s for the people who don’t fit in anywhere else.

So if you’re looking for a magic tradition that’s fun, exciting, and a little bit dangerous, then Modern Chaos Magic is for you. Just be prepared for anything, because in the world of Modern Chaos Magic, the unexpected is always the expected.

The pagan blog: Hekate’s Garden, Botanical Magic and Pharmakea by Cyndi Brannen, discusses, at one level, the ancient practice of plant medicine/magic that was utilized by the Greek Chthonic Goddess Hekate’s ancient witches.

The article is beautifully crafted and, for me, suggested deeper layers of knowledge and magic which indeed ‘break down the illusion of separation - that there’s a divide between the spiritual and corporeal.”

“Know us, behold our mysteries.

Seek our Mistress,

The Queen of this Garden,

For her spirit lives in each of us,

And you.”


The blog reaches into intuitive and creative poetry, triggering the symbolic nestled in the depths of our unconscious minds by alluding to the mythology of Jason and his Golden Fleece.

Here is the archetypal paradise, the garden of splendor (belonging to Hekate) and the writer refers to Medea, the Sorceress who charms the serpent.

I was struck by the parallels to the Biblical meta-story and asked myself: Did the serpent really tempt Eve or did she charm him to find a way to access the knowledge of good and evil beating fruit on the ‘Tree of Life?’

...if so, then as initiates who walk their unique and powerful path of magic and spirit, exploring who we really are, we owe her a debt of gratitude.

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