We invite you to jump into our second book on direct magic, Unlock Sigils and Servitors – Chaos Magic for Beginners. As the third book in the Star Magic series, we are again headed into the magic of Ancient Egypt and the language of hieroglyphics. The Ancient Egyptians were masters of sigil work.

Chaos magic holds that all versions of reality are illusions held within the self. That there is no way for me to understand the universe other than through my perception of it. Therefore, all of the universe on some level is me, or my projection of me onto it. This allows an amazing amount of freedom to work and practice. We are happy to share 2 of the core skills of chaos magic with you as we Unlock Sigils and Servitors.

Unlock Sigils and Servitors – Part 1

We will share with you excerpts from the book and get you into the action of creating your own chaos magic sigils.

Chaos Magic Sigils and Their Meanings

“The More Chaotic I Am, The More Complete I Am”

-Austin Osman Spare

Sigil Magic and Sigil Magic Symbols are older than the hills quite literally. It is thought some of the squiggles on cave walls were forms of magic. That our cave dwelling ancestors employed magic to find food, to control the weather, and ensure the survival of the tribes.

Since the time of the medieval grimoires, magicians have recorded sigils that represented the souls of angels and demons. They used them to evoke and invoke these beings for magical purposes. There are many examples of languages that lend themselves to sigil work. The Druids with their Ogham tree language, Hebrew and Sanskrit, the witches Theban alphabet, the Egyptians with hieroglyphics, all functioned (function) as sigil magic.

What is sigil magic?

“Modern Sigil Magic, derived from the work of Austin Osman Spare a core sorcery technique associated with Chaos Magic. In a way, the technique represents the basics of the Chaos approach, in that it is simple, results orientated, and is effective regardless of one’s beliefs or metaphysical speculations in general.

Condensed Chaos – an introduction to chaos magic – Phil Hine.

Chaos magic basics – Creating Your Sigil:

Picking up on the work and writings of Austin Osman Spare, his version, as the quote above alludes to, is simple to work with.

Let’s start with a statement of intention. Intention statements are best made in the first person, present tense, and stating what you choose in positive language, something like:

It is my will to attract a new romantic relationship into my life.

For more info on crafting your statement of intention using the Language of Manifesting look here.

Write your intention statement out on a piece of paper. Austin Osman Spare advises the next step is to remove all of the letters that have been used more than once. Hence, you end up with:

It s my wl o arc ne hp f

– the magician then organizes the letters into a unique shape to create a sigil.

As you can see, though, there are still probably too many letters in this statement to keep the sigil simple. Depending on which sigil magic technique you end up using, you may wish to visualize the sigil with your eyes closed. Therefore, simplicity will help greatly.

Grant Morrison, a Chaos Magician and comic creator, suggests taking out all of the vowels from the statement of intention as well. This simplifies it further, therefore the intention becomes:


Still rather a lot of letters, but better obviously. There are a number of options here of course, we’re making an artistic representation of your intention into a sigil.

The ‘l’ can become the trunk of the letter ‘T’. The ‘w’ and the ‘m’ can double up into one letter, one of them being represented upside down. Perhaps the ‘f’ can grow out of the ‘l’ or the trunk of the ‘T’. The truth is this is your sigil, it can look any way you like.

When I draw my sigil shape, I don’t worry too much about how artistic it is. I may do it three or four times until I get the sigil that feels right. I put a single or a double circle around the sigil. The circle symbolizes self or even god-self, the universe, the all. Then I place the sigil face down on the desk/altar I’m sitting at.

Charging your Chaos Magic Sigil

The sigil you have created is a symbolic representation of your intention. These symbols have little meaning to our conscious minds but have the ability to access our unconscious minds. They can speak to that part of us that is the seat of emotion, and where the magic lives. A key step in unlocking sigils and servitors, as all forms of magic is this focused charging of your intention.

To begin charging my sigil, I meditate on my intention whilst releasing any stress or anxiety with my breath at the same time. Finding a relaxed, calm, confident state of being is vital for all forms of magic. It is possible to transmute the energy of anxiety and fear into the energy you use for your magic. Learn how in our book Master your Mind nad Emotions with Moon Magic

Once I have centered and prepared myself I turn the sigil face up. I gaze into or through it pulling my power through my body and sending it through my eyes into the sigil. As I continue to hold the gaze, I allow my eyes to soften. I am relaxed, not willing anything, as if I’m waiting for something to happen, expecting something to happen.

I know the sigil is charged when I experience it visually and kinaesthetically vibrating. Sometimes noticing parts of the drawn sigil vanishing and returning into view again. Sometimes I experience the whole sigil as if it’s floating above the paper it’s drawn on.

Variations of Sigil Magic

Other people work with various other techniques to charge their sigils. Meditation, elemental mudras facing each cardinal direction, masturbation or even sex when working in twos (or more). Chant, mantra or even physical exhaustion can be used.

As a magician that walks my unique spiritual and magical path, I seek to avoid dogma. Sure I research the writings and ideas of others. I boil them down to what’s the root of the magic and how I can work with it. But I discard the moral pronouncements and the theoretical limitations placed on so much magical research and practice by so many other practitioners. With such limitations removed I am able to unlock sigils and servitors magic for myself.

To misquote Peter. J. Carroll one of the fathers of Chaos Magic:

“Everything’s illusion, so everything’s permissible.”

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Unlock Sigils and Servitors – Part 2

Moving then into the second phase of our journey to unlock Sigils and Servitors begins our discussion on servitors and other magical thoughtforms. It is important to unlock sigils and servitors together, as sigils are key in the creation of magical thoughtforms. Our book and course will focus for the first two weeks on Sigils, and then move into the creation of servitors.

Magical Thoughtforms: Servitors, Tulpas And Egregores

Let the fun begin!

“What you, and you alone know is always the most potent”

– Odin after he hung upside down from the Yggdrasill, the world tree and found the secrets of the runes.

If you break down anything ultimately it’s vibration, the movement of energy which never really stays still. It doesn’t matter if it’s your table and chairs, your car or your mind. Everything is held in place by vibration, stillness and static are illusion.

In my blog The Mental Universe: Three Masks Of Self I opened with the hermetic idea that:

“The Universe is made of mind and therefore everything is mind”

Which, when understood, underpins the idea of magical thoughtforms.

If everything is mind (including your mind lol) then thought can be manipulated to create what it is you choose. Because energy (mind in this context) is never really still, from it you can create life as life is always vibrating.

Everything is energy. Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it, and your action increases the momentum

-Academy Of Magickal Arte

Types of Thoughtforms defined

Chaos Magic Servitor Definition:

Servitor is a thoughtform created by a magical practitioner. It is a being or a thing birthed with a specific intention to bring into reality a certain magical goal.

A servitor can look human, animal (a mixture between the two) machine or shape that has been programmed to fulfill a magical ambition. Servitors are created to serve one purpose, by definition they are not sentient (as in they don’t have independent thoughts or feelings.)

Tulpa Definition:

Tulpa is similar to a servitor but with one main difference, they’re programmed to be sentient and perhaps evolve that way. Tulpas are thoughforms created to serve a longer purpose, or multiple purposes. They require a little more energy to create and need to be fed by the magician for a time as they evolve.

Egregore Definition:

An Egregore is a thoughtform created by a number of people together. Usually it represents the goals of an organization, for example, witches covens, businesses, mystery schools etc.

Magical use of thought forms has been part of the magician’s arsenal for centuries. Those of us involved in magical warfare (exorcism, space clearing, curse removal or other more advanced workings) for example often find them invaluable.

Since the emergence of Chaos Magic in the 1970s, servitors have been at the forefront of much magical practice. Indeed, from the point of view of Chaos Magic (everything is illusion) all gods, angels, demons and spirits etc are magical thoughtforms. They are considered egregores. They can be very powerful due to the amount of energy placed on them by millions/billions of people for thousands of years.

Creating Magical Thoughtforms

There are numerous approaches to magical thoughtform creation yet for the sake of clarity I’ll only talk about a few of them here.

A number of months ago I decided to create a Tulpa to compliment some evocation magic I was working with. I chose a Tulpa as opposed to a servitor as I wanted the magic to grow and evolve.

I had come across a video on YouTube by https://www.youtube.com/user/ThunderWizarddotcom that involved evoking Odin the Norse god to bring him (Thunder Wizard) money. So I adapted his evocation in order to be able to pair it with Tulpa magic.

First Principle of Thought Form Creation

My intention was to create a flow of more money in my life. I had numerous options, I could create an accountant or financier, a bank clerk, a leprechaun, or a bank robber. I decided on an Earth Dragon who protected treasure in his mountainside cave.

Second Principle

Naming something gives it identity, empowers it and can give you power over it. I was working with Odin who brought the runes into human consciousness. So, I opted to name the dragon Fehu after the rune of abundance.

Third Principle

In this case I programmed Fehu to have the ability to find money and wealth. I gave him the ability to collect the cash, the ability to save and grow money. Most importantly the ability to deliver the money directly to me (access to my bank account, my Paypal account, my wallet, pockets etc). He had the ability to leave money places where I would unexpectedly find it, and the ability to create it out of thin air. These powers grew from the ability to generate abundant energy into being, the ability to work with alchemy. Lastly he had the ability to convince others to give me money and finally the ability to steal it.

Fourth Principle

I worked with meditation and created a sigil to represent my dragon Fehu. It included the US dollar symbol, the runic Fehu stave and a dragon’s head.

I empowered the sigil ritually by creating a ball of energy in between my palms. I channeled white light (‘let there be light’ – the beginning of creating life) into my ball of energy. The sigil was immersed in the ball of light and energy. The last step was to place the sigil on my altar and gazing at it until it sprung to life, while visualizing my dragon.

Fifth Principle

I came across an idea from the Academy Of Magickal Arte in relation to servitor gestation. They work with a fresh chicken’s egg for a number of days until it hatches, symbolizing the birth of the thoughtform.

I took this idea and adapted it: – Gestation Ritual

The Birth of Fehu

I soul traveled to a mountain cave deep in the astral plane. Every day for a week I sat in its entrance visualizing a huge dragon egg. I spoke to the fetus of Fehu about his abilities and powers, programming the little one with the magical prowess I was creating. I chanted his name over and again visualizing the powerful Tulpa he was to become.

On the seventh day, I stood in the cave behind an altar I’d created and consecrated. On the right of my altar was my athame (magical knife) on the left my chalice and in the center Fehu’s sigil.

I poured red wine into the chalice and held my right palm above it. I invoked the flames and the white light of creation through my body, along my arm and out of my palm into the chalice. It imbued the wine with the power of creation. I drank the wine, replacing the chalice on the left of creation.

I picked up the athame with my right hand, chest height, flat of the blade facing me. The tip pointed towards the heavens, and I supported my right hand with my left. I invoked blue fires of creation and directed them along my arms into the knife until they poured out of the tip.

Pointing the tip of the athame towards the sigil, I visualized the flame empowering it and bringing the sigil to life. Replacing the athame, I gazed at the sigil until its lines started to flash. At the same time I was seeing Fehu come to life with my inner sight.

Again I picked up the athame and pointed it towards Fehu’s dragon egg, and with a deep voice vibrating through my body I stated:

I am —- (my magical name) Odin, El Shaddai, the Lord your God

I command you to come forth into this world.

Blue flames flew from the athame, cracked open the egg and Fehu emerged, first as a baby and then rapidly as an adult dragon. Again I told him of his mission, his powers and what was expected of him. He roared and released fire from his throat as a statement of obedience.

Sixth Principle

You can place your servitor in a sacred stone, a small wooden box, she can live on your altar, amongst your runes. Some magicians have them living in/on parts of their body. Others create homes for their thougthforms in an accessible place in nature, or out on the astral plane in a ready made dwelling. Fehu’s home is in a cave full of treasure on the side of a mountain, in a secret location on the astral plane.

Seventh Principle

Any living being needs sustenance. When I birthed Fehu, I gave him three sources of sustenance:

Eighth Principle

There are many scary stories around about thoughtforms going rogue, turning against their creators or creating havoc for others. I must admit I don’t really buy into fear based limitations. Even so you can program a word, sound, song, symbol or whatever into your thoughtform so it will cease to exist. When the trigger is invoked he will be taken back as energy and consciousness into your body from where it came.

Fehu, has been retired to his cave in the mountains and lives his days in peace as any noble dragon should. I have the option to recall him to work for me again, or to leave him be and create a new generation of tulpa magic. I retired him because I wanted to focus my time on developing further magical knowledge and skills on my path to ascend.

Other Thoughtform Magic

As you can imagine, there’s so many different approaches one can take in relation to the creation and use of thoughtform magic.

You could create messenger servitors (owls perhaps) servitors that teach, tulpas that heal you and others, or thoughtforms for protection… The list is endless and I’d encourage you to research and be uniquely creative.

One of my favorite online teachers for this kind of magic is <em>Kelly Ann Maddox.</em> Her approaches are an extension of who she is, original and often fun. The other reason I like her work is I find it difficult to dislike anyone who opens her videos with the words, “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQFlo5mJTes!”

Taking this work to another level, E A Koetting wrote his contribution in a book about developing magical ability. By working with the dark angel of the abyss, Abaddon, gives the following advice about empowering your thought form:

“When I say simply create it before you, imagine it, lock it into your mind, see it. Imagine that you see it in front of you. Bring that imagination and externalize it. Then, feel its presence building and building and then locking into place, locking into reality until you can then pull your attention away from it and then bring it back and it hasn’t changed.”


Beginning your magical journey is about working with your spirituality for practical aims. Our goal is to help you master your life, creating solutions and reaching your spiritual potential, however you choose to define them. This is the mission of Magic Self and Spirit, to empower you to walk your unique, independent and powerful spiritual and magical path.

Are you ready to step into your journey to Unlock Sigils and Servitors?

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