If I could show you the ecstasy and power of guided meditation, can you imagine the freedom you could bring into your life?

What would it be worth to you to know how to travel through the Spirit worlds, place your goals at the center of creation and experience them manifesting in your physical life in the most perfect way?

Guided Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Travel, whichever name you choose, is a skill that can accelerate your spiritual magical journey beyond anything you believe is possible.

Feel yourself in a gentle trance as I lead you through gateways to greatness and power, as we walk together into places and possibilities, rituals and clairvoyance beyond your ken. Breathe in the ecstasy of your potential as you find the path of knowledge that frees you from limitation.

Reach out with your dark hand and destroy all obstacles to your greatness and then lean into pure creation with your hand of light, creating reality in your image.

Oh the bliss!

1. Guided Meditation empowers you to travel in Other Worlds to gather energy, information and power

With guided meditation you can relax into the path that is being created for you by a skilled guide.  You can follow along to places you would not have thought to go trusting the journey.

2. Guided Meditation can empower your meditation practice

Guided meditation is a fabulous place to start.  It allows you to relax completely as you listen and explore the spirit world. It gives your mind a point of focus to come back to should it wander.

3. Guided Meditation enables you to build alliances with other spirit beings to massively strengthen your path

In the same way as when you meet someone in your everyday life and have gotten their contact, you can reach out when you wish. Working with Spirit is much the same. When you encounter individual spirits  you have the opportunity to understand the energy of that entity and call out to it, build alliances with it and use this connection to empower your spiritual path.

4. Guided Meditation supports the development of your magical practice

A teacher leads you through experiences that clear blocks within you, introduce you to new energies, or create new pathways for you to explore on your own.  Experiencing ritual or incantation magic first in a guided meditation setting creates a blueprint for the development of your own magical power.

5. Guided Meditation can empower the manifestation process

(Law of Attraction work)
It gives your body and unconscious mind the direct sense of already having those things you desire in your life.

One of the keys to successful manifestation is to lean into the emotion of what it will feel like to have the thing you desire.  To explore what it will mean to you, what your life will be like with it, how you will feel after its attainment. In a guided meditation you can reach further into these states than you may be able to do on your own, certainly at first.

6. Guided Meditations show you how to develop the ‘god-like’ power of omnipresence,

You can literally be in all places at all times

Guided meditation gives you the ability to explore all of the subtle spiritual realms of the universe, the ability to gather spiritual and magical knowledge from locations known by your more experienced guides and teachers.

The ability to tap into the collective unconscious (the realm of emotions and shared stories) or the realm of the supra conscious (the realm of collective higher thoughts, truths, and daydreams) allows you to disperse your energy to “travel” to other places, times and cultures.
Through the imagination it allows you to know what it is to be there and gather power from what you find.

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7. Guided Meditation enables me to give you direct experience of Spiritual and Magical practice,
Rather than just telling you about it

Guided meditation is the map
We have all experienced a compelling story where we almost felt like we were there. Guided meditation takes us to an even deeper level of this feeling where we are really having the experience with the speaker.  We can internalize the experiences, overcome the obstacles, meet the spirits, and know the feelings in a supported way guided by our teacher who knows the path there and back.


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