Many of us have been called to connect with Spirit, or born with natural mediumship abilities. Some discover a fascination with connecting to our departed loved ones later in life.

Here at Magic Self and Spirit, we believe that the ability to connect to spirit is a gift that all of us can develop. Our book Spirit Guides, Mediumship and Moon Magic is focused on developing your connection to spirit. We lead you in a Transmutational Meditation to introduce you to the experience of connecting directly with your ancestors. More info here: Can Guided Meditation Help You Connect to the Spirit World?

Work with Mediumship and the spirits of the dead

We believe there are many benefits to learning to work with mediumship, here are our top 8.


Eight Reasons To Work With Mediumship:

1. Healing grief brought about by death

Family members or close friends who have died can be a source of stress, anxiety, and depression for many people. Having a direct connection with the deceased provides a channel for healing and acceptance. Learning to work with mediumship can free you, or a person you’re working with, from grief. It allows you to move forward from loss and build your life in the way that you choose.

2. Awareness of the Unseen World

Connecting with the souls of the dead increases your experience and therefore awareness of the spirit worlds. Here’s an opportunity to expand your perceptions and therefore for the possibilities in your life.

3. Emotions that don’t belong to you

If you have a natural mediumistic bent and/or are empathetic it’s quite possible that you experience anxieties that you don’t understand. Working mediumistically can bring you the awareness of deceased spirits that are drawn to you. Often they carry emotions of anxiety or confusion that you were experiencing directly, confusing them with your own experience. Developing your mediumship gives you a way of distinguishing which emotions are yours and which are theirs so you can resolve those feelings.

4. Teaching natural mediums

Even if your path doesn’t directly embrace mediumship, as you grow spiritually others with spiritual abilities will often be drawn to you. They may ask you to aid them in their spiritual and magical growth. Some of them are likely to be natural mediums, having developed your skills will allow you to engage with them more easily.

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5. Enhances your magic

Being able to connect with Spirit or spirits directly gives you direct access to both knowledge and power when you build your rituals.

6. Paranormal Work

Connection to spirit is the basis for many other expressions of spiritual power. Your path could evolve into include space clearing, exorcism and/or spiritual and/or magical warfare. If you work in these areas, being able to connect with the spirits of the dead gives you a great source of knowledge. This connection can protect you and help you.

7. Gaining practical information

There’s a practicality related to mediumistic work. We can ask for information about family, family lines, why we have a particular trait, emotion, personality, and past events. The spirits of your recognizable ancestors can be very useful in this way.

 8. Healing bloodlines and DNA

Working with ancestors can give you access to the root cause of an emotional, physical, or spiritual difficulty that you’ve inherited. Traveling back along the bloodlines and altering the first cause can often eliminate the problem and even alter the information stored in your DNA. April and I worked extensively this way for each other a little while back.

Magic Self and Spirit Spiritual CrossFit Temple of the Moon Series

Would like to learn to deepen your connection to Spirit and develop your ability to communicate with the deceased?

We would be happy to help. We have designed a course to gently walk you through the process of opening up your abilities through Transmutational Meditation. Our book Spirit Guides, Mediumship and Moon Magic is available now. We also have the recordings of the meditations ready to guide you through the experience.

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