Omniscience as clairvoyance, controversial I know, yet for a website like ours (Magic Self and Spirit) whose very purpose is to encourage and support you to walk your own independent, personal, magical and spiritual path, it’s something we just can’t ignore.

So, what do we mean by omniscience, what is the definition of omniscient?

Well, literally it’s all-knowing, it’s a power often defined as godlike. Religions, specifically, often attribute their deity (deities) with omniscience, omnipotence (all-powerful) and omnipresence (being in all places at all times).

Yet when we break away from the poverty of spiritual practice and slavery of spiritual thought, so prevalent in both religion and science, when we walk our powerful independent paths, we can begin to understand the gods as archetypal energies with abilities and qualities we can realize within our own spiritual growth. We can begin to realize our own omniscience through the development of our clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient abilities.


E. A. Koetting, in his book Become a Living God, described the realization of his personal experience of this as:

“ Another interesting thing that I discovered as I worked towards mastering divination is that I wasn’t just seeing the future, but that I was tapping into a limitless well of knowledge and information. I found that I could literally know anything at understanding blossomed not just about future events but about everything.“

Discussing in detail why the two major competitors in the western world, science and religion, cannot be relied on to define what is reality, or indeed what is spirituality, is outside of the scope of this blog, but for a detailed discussion on the nature of reality, spirituality and how this relates to both religion and science, see our blog

Is Magic Real: The Keys To Spiritual Power


So Why Omniscience?

There are many spiritual and magical paths which treat omniscience not as a goal of spiritual development but as a way to release the essence of who you are, to become one with God, the universe or the divine being.

These paths are often the mystical wings of religions: Sufis; Christian gnostics, Kabbalistic mystics etc. The surrender to some divine being also characterizes white magic, some neo-pagan paths, much of the New Age and clairvoyant practices like Christian spiritualism etc.

Due to the scope of this blog, let’s concentrate on much of the clairvoyant mediumistic teachings and the contradictory place they hold in western metaphysics.

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There’s irony on the paths of many mediums and clairvoyants who see their work as the work of ‘good’ or of God. Christian spiritualists, for example, hold church meetings, sing hymns, say prayers and then contact recently deceased ancestors. The work is seen as spiritual in the sense of helping others, yet the very articles of faith they cling to decry and condemn them as evil doers:

“Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.” - Leviticus 19:31

Yet we know that Christianity and the other monotheistic religions are built on the idea of ‘blind faith.’ Their power stems from the denial of parts of self (like clairvoyance and any spiritual information not of ‘holy’ books) and the willingness to embrace ignorance. Clairvoyants and mediums who follow these teachings are at once seeking their own independent knowledge and rooting themselves in traditions that glorify human spiritual illiteracy and self denial.

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Truth, according to monotheistic mythology, can only come from God, Allah, Yahweh and the only access we have to it is from heavily edited and politicized ‘sacred’ texts designed to keep the mass of humanity in ignorance.

To restate, faith is the key:

“Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” - Matthew 17:20

The ‘carrot’ we are offered for living in ignorant bliss is we are at one with a god of love and peace, we are seen as his ‘flock’ and promised an eternity in a heaven of mind numbing ecstasy in exchange for total unknowing obedience.

Yet, blind faith and ignorance are not of our nature, humanity has consciousness and we grow when we expand in all directions, realize our potential and spurn so called limitations.

Monotheism, in this context, seeks to confine us and control us spiritually, sexually, intellectually. It is anti-human and denies our innate divinity and our ability to realize all that’s possible, or tautologically, know our omniscience.

Monotheism is about power, power to control how reality is perceived, power to control the lives and experiences of others. Sure it presents itself as love and peace but seeks to convince us that our destiny is to remain childlike, or to use the Christian metaphor, like sheep with their shepherd.

As Michael W Ford puts it in his book Fallen Angels, The Watchers and Witches Sabbat:

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“No matter if Judeo-Christian rhetoric claims peace and understanding, they do so with one foot upon a grave mound of separate traditions who don’t acknowledge and submit to the restriction and ignorance of monotheism.”

To know is our destiny, clairvoyance is a path that leads us beyond the material world in the here and now to the unfolding of the all.

The priesthood of the Old Testament could commune with Yahweh directly it seems. They could gain direction and information about where to lead their people, that is they could receive literal coordinates of where to go.

These priests always had access that no one else was allowed to have, there were even parts of the temple that all but the priests were forbidden to enter and because they could read, the priests had great access to knowledge and power.

This is the clairvoyance (and potentially omniscience) that we’re suggesting is available to all, and there’s more. Due to the huge amount of information available about ancient spiritual initiatory traditions of religion and magic, your clairvoyance will permit you to commune with an inexhaustible supply of ancient gods and goddesses, angels, demons, elemental beings and more that can enrich your spirit and path, within your personal temple of mind, body and spirit. Clairvoyance can be the key to powerful growth, initiation and potential omniscience.

Reaching for omniscience is a deliberate decision to refuse to accept the limitations that religion, the priests of science, society or indeed self limitations impose, and awaken our highest potential.

By definition omniscience also requires an independence of thought, spiritual practice and belief. It requires that we move beyond the comfort of ‘group-think’ and into landscape of self discovery, self knowledge, self belief and discipline.

Clairvoyance Definition

The literal definition of clairvoyance is clear seeing, a perceptual ability to see the hidden, the spiritual, not bound by time and space, the ability to see Spirit.

Often this kind of definition is supported by the definitions of clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling).

The problem with this definition is that it’s very broad and to a certain extent unhelpful, as it doesn’t really encapsulate the experience of clairvoyance, it leaves it as a loose umbrella term.

When I describe my clairvoyance, I am referring to a specific experience. For me, clairvoyance is direct connection with spirit guides and other spirit beings I work with. This is in contrast to mediumship which is about a connection, a conversation with deceased ancestors, or psychicism the perception of subtle and non-local energies, emotions or other information.

Magic Self and Spirit and Clairvoyance 

As stated towards the beginning of this blog, we set up our website to encourage and support you when walking your independent, personal, powerful, spiritual and magical path and to us, clairvoyance is a key.

So What Are Clairvoyant Abilities?

  1. Independence of knowledge
    • Spirituality can either be about surrender or power, these are the crossroads of choice. Surrender is the path of the herd, surrender to other people’s ideas of right/wrong, good/bad, real/unreal.
    • Surrender is the safety of ‘group-think’ whether it be ‘common sense,’ what science says, or bowing down to God in one form of religion or spirituality that requires the validation of others.
    • Choosing the path of power allows you to develop your clairvoyance as a tool to discovering your independent knowledge and empowering your awakening of your unique spiritual and magical journey.
  2. An expansion of self
    • The gateway to spirit is through your imagination, it is the road to the unseen, the gateway to your unconscious and supraconscious mind. It’s also the journey to personal power and spiritual growth the point is you have access to all of it through you because at one level it is you.
    • From my perspective as a chaos magician, spirit is both real and independent, presenting as individual beings with unique qualities and personalities, and a part of me, an expression of the higher or unconscious mind.
    • Working as a clairvoyant expands the self, the experience of spirit, the All by triggering parts of the mind that most others leave dormant.a
  3.  A practical application of reality
    • Chaos magic views everything as illusion and therefore everything as permissible. So if everything is illusion, nothing is real or no thing is real know one thing is reality or, conversely, everything is.
    • When you suspend the idea that beliefs are anything more than tools of experience, you can begin to tap into clairvoyance and or spirit because the collective idea of spirit and communication with it has existed for thousands of years in the collective human consciousness.
    • Whether spirit literally exist independently is irrelevant, you have access to the experience of spirit, divinity and by extension, omniscience.a_
  4. Supercharging your own spiritual initiation
    • Developing your clairvoyance permits you to work on your spiritual and magical initiation. Because you have access to the supraconsciousness, omniscience and the collective unconsciousness, the ability to communicate with spirit, angels, demons and divinity (to name but a few) you have access to initiatory magical and spiritual information. Therefore, because you can put yourself through initiation from many traditions, you have access to huge spiritual magical growth and it matters not whether spirit is literally real.
    • If you would like guidance on how to develop your own clairvoyance and guidance on which initiations will help you, we offer a coaching course here on Magic Self and Spirit called Build Your Clairvoyance .  Check out the introductory video here

5.  Empowering your magical invocation


6.  Assessing your magic 


7.  Service to others

8.  Empowering others

Supercharge Your Spirit

The spiritual zeitgeist of this age, particularly in the western world, can be seen as the battle of ideas between science and religion (notably Christianity).

On the fringes of each side there are radicals focused on destroying the other. Richard Dawkins, author, biologist and atheist campaigner focuses much of his energy trying to unpack religion for example. On the other fringe are people like the tea party within the Republican Party in the US, some of whom are climate deniers and creationists.

However, the spiritual philosophical field, the spectrum of what is considered by the populace as reality and/or spiritual reality, oscillates between science and religion and herein lies its limitations. When you explore your own path, both spiritual and magical, you very quickly encounter pressure from one discipline or the other, that is your spiritual perceptions are either denied as fantasy or illusion, or they’re condemned as evil.

The power of the zeitgeist is something to behold even people who have no real experience spiritually or no direct knowledge of science apart from what they’ve been told by other people will often attack, or condemn, or criticize you when you state that your spiritual experience is different.

There have been many occasions, for example, when I’ve said to people that my work is a professional clairvoyant, that the reactions have been immediately that I am a fraud and a liar, someone who takes advantage of vulnerable people, someone who has no real morals and ethics etc. What surprises me the most is how aggressive some of these people can be, how vitriolic and rigid in their thinking.

Is there any great surprise then that many who follow independent or alternative spiritual paths still try and make their beliefs and actions as spiritually and philosophically acceptable to what Nietzche calls the herd, those people who seek conformity and deny the individuality of their own spiritual experiences?

Layers of fashionable thinking

Consensual reality then becomes complicated for the individual who walks her own spiritual, magical path. Consensual reality, by its very definition, demands conformity about what is real and what isn’t and also what is OK and what isn’t.

Yet what is defined as OK, what is moral or ethical, is still largely influenced by the nature of Christianity in the western world. Even the individual who may see himself as atheist, humanist, scientist, often has an overall sense of what he believes is right and wrong that still fits very much within the Christian paradigm.

If your spirituality or experience of reality fits safely inside this paradigm (within reason) and broadly you share accepted definitions of what is right and wrong, you’ll probably feel a safety in numbers, feel stronger in a larger context.

However, there may be a sense of superficiality, for part of what the herd call good and evil are from within the history of religion. Polytheistic gods are condemned as demons and therefore whole areas of spiritual experience denied or ignored.

Yet the supercharging of your spirit, the opening up of your highest spiritual potential lies not in your conformity but in your individuality.

Omniscience is knowledge drawn from all spiritual practices, ancient and modern, and requires a journey into your darkness, into the realms of the underworld, indeed onto the streets of Hades itself.

Sparking and supercharging your spirit comes from the ability to seek beyond, the bravery to go see and experience for yourself, not only the powerful knowledge of past traditions but also new magic drawn from your own clairvoyance and the different spirit it meets.


The Role of Clairvoyance:

Clairvoyance is a key, the ability to communicate with the angels of the higher mind, the Watchers and the Nephilim or the gods and goddesses of the Norse pantheon, for example, can begin to trigger your experience of omniscience.

There’s a deeper opportunity however, when you have opened the door to your clairvoyance and you follow various initiatory paths, the depth of spiritual insight you can begin realize begins to free you from the herd mind and releases you into new levels of knowledge and spiritual freedom.

By seeing the gods/spirit as both real and independent and as archetypal energies you can experience all sides of spiritual and archetypal energy available.

Seeing the gods/spirit as real is a prerequisite to communicating with them clairvoyantly and thus experiencing omniscience. Yet understanding them as symbol also opens the door to your supraconscious mind and gives you access to deeper levels of knowledge.

Omniscience/Clairvoyance: Diving Deeper

Yet these next layers are really only available to you when you walk your unique and independent magical and spiritual path.

  1. Liberating yourself from the limitations of the herd mind, giving yourself the opportunity to experience spirit from everywhere free from fear or moral dictates opens both your clairvoyance and your experience of omniscience in greater and more profound ways.
  2. A refusal to subjugate yourself or bow before another human, spirit or god gives you further access to your own truth and thus omniscience.
  3. Avoidance of Prayer:  Prayer can imply that you see other beings (gods etc) as greater than yourself, there’s also an implied blackmail to prayer (in exchange for the prayer you’ll receive something). The thing about praying is the action suggests that you’re asking for something you can’t do or understand for yourself and hence omniscience becomes unreachable.
  4. I am the one and only true god is the only place you can truly experience omniscience from, clairvoyance becomes the art and science of communicating with the higher and deeper parts of self.

When omniscience becomes the goal of clairvoyance, when you’re walking your unique, independent, magical and spiritual path, clairvoyance becomes a major key to your spiritual growth. For this very purpose we, Magic, Self and Spirit, have written an online clairvoyance course which includes a weekly video teaching with me, Stephen Wilkes. We call the course Build Your Clairvoyance - Courses of Spiritual Power.

The course teaches you the meditations and invocations to open, build and sustain your clairvoyant, mediumistic and psychic skills. Where this four week course is unique is that it’s taught from the perspective of chaos magic and gives you the skills to empower and assess your magic as described above.