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Welcome to our first blog of this series as we dive into the Ancient Egyptian chakra system. The first book in our Ancient Egyptian Magic series is Dream Temples And Star Magic. We will explore the connections the ancients had to the power of the constellations and healing of the dream temples. Lets look at the Chakra Healing system of Ancient Egypt, and its 13 chakra wheels.

The chakra healing system of Ancient Egypt and the pyramids of Giza

A History of Chakra Wheels

The idea of Chakra wheel energy systems is indeed ancient. Most famous are the Hindu and Buddhist systems, celebrated through the practice of yoga and other such healing modalities. Chakras are seen as energy centers, funnels in your energetic bodies which balance and empower all parts of you, mind, body, and spirit. From an energetic point of view, the healthy functioning of your chakras is vital for your health and well-being.

Chakra systems, and chakra healing have been around in Hindu, Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhist and Ancient Egyptian spirituality for millennia. However, it wasn’t until 1918 that Arthur Avalon introduced them to the Western World. He published a book of translations of Indian text which he called The Serpent Power. Madame Blavatsky’s work within the Theosophical movement of the early twentieth century in New York expanded the chakras into mainstream occult thought.

Alesiter Crowley the famous/infamous magician (depending on your magical leanings) interestingly worked with the seven (Hindu/Buddhist) major chakra wheels in his Book of Thoth. Rather than work with the thirteen chakra wheels of Ancient Egypt to which Thoth is an ancient deity (neter.)

Some of the Tibetan Buddhist practices identify five, rather than seven, major chakras in the energetic bodies. These are essentially very similar to the seven chakra wheel system, with just a merging of some of the energies. Sonya Roy, points to 13 chakras used in magic of Ancient Egyptian. She is a metaphysical lecturer and practitioner, and author of The 13th Chakra System of Ancient Egypt. This 13 chakra format is the system we’ll incorporate into our work with chakra healing and the magic of Ancient Egypt. Some of the Egyptian chakras are similar to the Hindu/Buddhist system others reach beyond it.

Dream Temples And Star Magic – The Magic of Ancient Egypt

The relationship of Star Magic, the power of the constellations, and chakra healing have been key elements in the magic of Ancient Egypt. We have found them to fit beautifully into our Transmutational Meditation method we’ll share with you. We love this method as it brings you into the feeling of doing the work along with us. This form of meditation marries beautifully with the practices of the Ancient Egyptian Dreaming temples.

Join us for our course on The Chakra Healing System of Ancient Egypt. It is based on our latest book Dream Temples And Star Magic – Ancient Egyptian Chakra Wheels. We will focus on healing sorcery for personal evolution. We will employ meditation, story and the ritual magic of Ancient Egypt to teach you how to heal and empower your chakras.

The Chakra Healing System of Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian Chakra System Contains Thirteen Chakra Wheels:

1. The Root or Base Chakra:

Is located at the base of the spine. It’s primarily a receptive or feminine energy. It represents the sexual organs, security, grounding, survival, preservation, and money. Its color is red and its sound vibration is C on the western musical scale.

2. The Sacral Chakra:

Is found in the womb area, it’s characterized by the ebb and flow of water and thus is primarily receptive and feminine as well. The sacral chakra wheel is seen as orange. It epitomizes the emotions and emotional body, the energies of feelings and desires. It is the search for pleasure and its sound vibration is D on the western musical scale.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra:

Is found in the upper parts of your abdomen, again it’s receptive in nature and its element is fire. This chakra wheel is seen as the yellow of the sun and rules the pancreas, liver, and stomach. Its musical note is E. This is the center of personal power and personal identity. The expression of your self-confidence and power to change your external world resides here.

4. The Heart Chakra:

Sits between the breasts or the center of the chest. It’s the chakra wheel of unconditional love. Its element is Air, and it’s obviously related to the heart and also the thymus gland. This chakra wheel is masculine in nature, outgoing and creative, it sounds the note F and vibrates to the color green.

5. The High Heart Chakra:

Is located halfway between the heart and the throat, it’s receptive and feminine in nature and rules the lungs and the nervous system. Its element is defined as quantum (it changes from energy waves to matter when looked upon). Its musical note is F sharp, and it’s seen as pink. This chakra is about love and compassion, being of service, and your spiritual aspirations, it’s the epitome of altruism and empathy.

6. The Hands Chakra:

Located either across the whole area of the hands or focused on the palms. It transmits, moves, and transfers energy, it’s about balance and empowerment. This chakra plays a large role in self-healing, and it is connected to nature and the natural world. The right hand is masculine, the left feminine. It is represented by the element of fire and rules the immune system. This chakra wheel is seen as deep purple and its musical sound is also F sharp.

7. The Throat Chakra:

Aptly named, it is located at the center of the throat. It’s about emotional independence and its communication, truthfulness, and spoken magic. It projects creativity through sound, song, and vibrational incantation. The throat chakra wheel is receptive and feminine and elementally it is seen as ether. This chakra rules a number of areas of the body including the bronchial tubes, the vocal cords, mouth, tongue, and teeth. It also influences the thyroid and parathyroid glands. The throat chakra regulates both metabolism and body temperature. Its color is light blue and its musical sound is G.

8. The Chakra of Manifestation:

Located behind the nose and on the chin, its function is to empower your thoughts and/or to fulfill the purpose of your soul. It’s connected with awareness, imagination, and intelligence, and is masculine and outgoing in its nature. This chakra wheel’s elemental affiliation is with the ether. It’s the color of the silvery moon. It rules the pituitary gland and the pineal when they are in balance. The Manifestation Chakra is the ruler of the brain and its musical note is B.

9. The Third Eye Chakra:

Is located in the middle of your forehead and its element is ether, it is masculine and outgoing. It rules the eyes, pituitary, and pineal glands as well. It’s the chakra of the psychic, clairvoyant, and the mediumistic, light, perception, and altered states of consciousness. This chakra wheel’s color is indigo and its musical note is A.

10. The Crown Chakra:

This is the chakra of star magic, parallel universes and realities, your Akashic records, and the worlds of Spirit. It is located on the crown of your head, its elemental affiliation is the ether. It’s violet (white, gold, deep purple, or clear) in color and sounds the musical note B.

The Crown Chakra rules the spinal cord, brain stem, and the hypothalamus. It also plays a role in supporting the pineal and pituitary glands. The crown chakra is a major connection to expanded reality.

11. The Soul Star Chakra:

Is located a few inches above the crown and does not rule any parts of the physical body. This chakra is both masculine and feminine, receptive and outgoing, its element is quantum, its color gold, and its musical note C sharp. Its role is higher destiny and purpose. The Soul Star Chakra represents the part of you that’s archetypal. It has the power to remove all blockages to living the life that you choose.

12. The Foot Chakra:

Located in the soles of the feet or through the center of the feet, it’s both masculine and feminine and its element is Earth. This chakra wheel rules the feet, the sciatic nerve, and the meridians. Its color is magenta and its musical note is B.

13. The Grounding Chakra:

Located below the feet in the Earth and is accessible through the feet. It’s feminine in nature, its musical note is A and its colors are scarlet and/or brown. This is the chakra of grounding, security, and personal protection. This chakra allows us to send gratitude to the earth. It also holds the energy coming toward us from the earth until the Foot chakra is open to receive it. Inspires spiritual maturity, understanding, and development.

Dream Temples and Star Magic Book Cover - Chakra Healing System of Ancient Egypt

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