Candle Magic the Power of Fire Scrying Course Book
						Candle Magic the Power of Fire Scrying Course Book
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Candle Magic - The Power of Fire Scrying

We are excited to lead you on another journey of discovery.  Candle Magic The Power of Fire Scrying is our third book and course in this series.  We’ve prepared the groundwork in the first two books, now we will lead you into the ecstasy of magic, the realization that you truly are (or can be) a conscious creator.

Candle Magic in its own right is a powerful magical tool yet it’s simple to begin to work with. It certainly requires some ability to focus and an understanding of how to work with beliefs, actions, and intention but it’s a skill set waiting for you to reach out and utilize.

Our books and courses are not designed to lull you into a sweet quiet, that outcome is the specialty of other paths, our goals are to roll you over into power and growth, to the lighting of the fires of evolution in your heart and celebration as you explode onto your independent magical and spiritual journeys.

In this book, we will again employ our style of guided meditation, Transmutational Meditation and the power of the phases of the moon.  Using story, trance, and ritual we will eliminate blocks in your energy and allow you to experience the feeling of performing a full candle magic ritual.

Over the 4 weeks, we will learn spells for:

  • Abundance And Money, 
  • Healing All The Energies In Your Body, 
  • Love and Sex, 
  • Empower your Spiritual Growth
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