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Welcome to the Dream Temples and Star Magic of Ancient Egypt

Come with us on a voyage to Ancient Egypt as we enter a new Series, the Magic of the Stars.

The dreaming temples of Ancient Egypt were sights of pilgrimage for spiritual development and healing.  The history of ancient Egypt is steeped in magic and deeply connected to the star constellations.

For our first book in this series, we will focus on the 13 Chakra system of the Ancient Egyptians.   We will explore the different parts of the soul, the healing power of sound, and the alignments of the Chakra Wheels.  This is a healing book focused on the Self of Magic Self and Spirit.

Our books and courses are not designed to lull you into a sweet quiet, that outcome is the specialty of other paths.  Our goals are to roll you over into power and growth.  We seek to light of the fires of evolution in your heart and celebrate as you explode onto your independent magical and spiritual journey.  We will explore the histories and mysteries of the ancients on their quest for Spiritual Power.

As we depart the Moon Temple and the pagan ritual magic that lives within it, we will enter a new format for our Transmutational Meditation.  We will connect both with the awesome supernova power of stars and the most subtle parts of the soul.

Explore the book alone and/or Join us on our class, the Inner Sanctum Group Coaching Mastermind for a powerful experience of Chakras, Egypt and the Stars.

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