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Moon Magic Is Here!

We are excited to share this information with you. It is a combination of personal and professional experience with channeled knowledge and a whole bunch of workshopping.

As we travel together each week to the temple of the moon we will clear mind chatter, enhance your focus and transmute fear, worry, emotional pain, physical pain, and anxiety into power.

In this book we lean deeply into the magic of the moon, exploring the energy of 4 different phases of the moon.  Unlocking their secrets and teaching you to apply these celestial timings to your own practice.

We call our style of guided meditation, Transmutational Meditation. It is designed to take you on the journey of empowerment, teaching you the skills to travel the road independently, as you use these tools to develop your own unique magical and spiritual path.

This book walks you through a 4 week course to build your meditation practice.

This foundational skill will enable you to build the energy you need for other spiritual practices and empower you to manifest the life you desire.

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Want more support on your journey?

Sure: Check out the recording of our course

Missed the course when it was live?  We have you covered.  Purchase the recorded videos of the meditations here.

Transumtational Meditation is a guided meditation format that uses magic, incantation and symbols to empower it.  Having a recording of Steve's voice leading you on your journey to the temple of the moon as you practice Moon Magic Meditations, deeply enriches your experience, allowing you to relax into the process accessing the deepest parts of your mind where change happens.
Use the video again and again to deepen your practice and visit the temple of the moon any time.

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