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Welcome to Our Second book in this Series on Star Magic and the Magic of Ancient Egypt

Come with us on a voyage to the Dream temples of Ancient Egypt as we continue our new series, the Magic of the Stars.

In this course we will explore different philosophies on the Inner Child.  We'll look at the modern psychological model, the Huna Magic of Hawaii's 3 spirits of the body, and the Ancient Egyptian 7 parts of the soul.  We consider this course the Spirit section of this series as we will be connecting to the spirit within.

Our system works with Tramsmutational Meditation, mask work, integration of splintered parts and empowerment of the lower spirits within to assent toward their god-self potential.   Developing or healing your inner child allows you a mastery of self like you have never known and therefore an access to power more direct than you have ever wielded.   We have been looking forward to sharing this lifechanging work with you since the beginning of the series and so glad to finally reveal its home in the Temple of the Stars.


Our books and courses are not designed to lull you into a sweet quiet, that outcome is the specialty of other paths.  Our goals are to roll you over into power and growth.  We seek to light of the fires of evolution in your heart and celebrate as you explode onto your independent magical and spiritual journey.  We will explore the histories and mysteries of the ancients on their quest for Spiritual Power.

Explore the book alone and/or Join us on our class, the Spiritual CrossFit Gym for a revolutionary journey to discover your inner children and how to unlock the power they hold for your life.

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