Our journey through the magick of the stars begins in the Magic of Aries, the first sign in the zodiac calendar. Star Magic works with the symbols (sigils if you like) of how star constellations appear when viewed from Earth. The constellations of the zodiac function magically, first and foremost due to how we imagine or visualize them. Each constellation is a collection of stars that appear to form a certain image or picture. Over the centuries they have come to represent certain energies and meanings, even identities.

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With the knowledge of astrology and magick, we can erase the barriers that normally restrict us and walk between the worlds. We can expand our perception to understand our place in the cosmos. We can transcend time and look into the past and the future. Most importantly, we can create the lives we want for ourselves…
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Is the Magic of the Zodiac Real?

Does it matter? They magically work due to those energies and meanings having been part of collective human thought for so long. Our unconscious minds have access to these collective stories, and hence we can use them for our magic. Magically the unconscious mind is central to our workings. It is the part of us that has the ability to open the gateways to the Collective Unconscious and thus to the powers of magic. The Unconscious Mind works differently to the Conscious Mind. It functions via symbols and stories and seems to have some connection to the ‘Herd Mind’ of humanity. It’s particularly susceptible to strong collective beliefs and the memories of the human race. The spirit of the Unconscious Mind can be understood as the Inner Child. It has great magical and spiritual potential in its own right. For more information on this see our book Unlock The Power Of Your Inner Child. In this second book of the Star Magic Series, we work with the Inner Child and Star Magic together.

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Star Magic can work in three primary ways:

  1. With the correspondences of the constellation that the Sun is passing through at that moment
  2. Using the opposite constellation (the stars you see in the night sky at that moment)
  3. Or working with both of them together.
The energy of a constellation is most potent during its season, but that need not limit our practice. The energies of any constellation are always present in the Universe. So there’s no reason that you can’t work with the magic of any constellation whenever you choose. However, while it’s true that all star energies are available at any point in time, working with the natural Universe has its rhythms. For example, when the Sun is passing through Aries, Libra is in the night sky. Working inside of the natural rhythm is a more harmonious approach and requires less effort on the part of the Mage.

The Meaning of the Constellation of Aries

In astrology the magic of Aries is seen as the energy of power and might. This spring season holds the power to create prosperity or a bounty of whatever you choose. Aries brings a plethora of opportunity, it is the energy of enthusiasm much like the adolescent dawn Sun, it symbolizes the magic of potency. The sorcery of Aries awakens consciousness in a new way, it is the fertile seed of possibility and potential. In ancient Egyptian magic, Aries was Amun the hidden god, the bringer of the day. Its primary star, Hamal, relates to the awakening of spirit and the ability to foster independence through conscious action. The magic of Aries empowers spells and rituals related to new beginnings. It enthuses your magic with awareness, energy and spirit. The magic of Aries helps to create independence of thought and circumstance and thus moves you towards the center of your own reality.

The first book in our Star Magic series digs deep into the mythologies of Ancient Egypt and their relationship to Star Magic.

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The Meaning of the Constellation of Libra

Libra is represented by a set of scales and personifies balance and justice. This is demonstrated in nature at the fall equinox as the light and dark of the day are perfectly equal. In the magic of Ancient Egypt the scales of Libra represented the goddess Ma’at. She weighed the heart of someone who’d died and determined whether the soul deserved to continue on its path or be destroyed.

Combining The Magic of Aries and Libra

Imagine the twelve constellations of the zodiac arranged in the circle of the year. Each constellation would face one on the opposite side of the circle. The constellation that the sun travels through is six months away from its magically opposite constellation. When the sun is traveling through a constellation, we are unable to see that arrangement of stars in the skies. The sun is too bright and out shines them. At night the part of the planet that you’re on turns away from the sun. Now we can see the stars, but the stars of the opposite constellation, in this case Libra. It will take six months for the sun to arrive in Libra. Aries and Libra are such a pair of opposites, happening six months apart. In the day at this time of year the Earth faces Aries, at night Libra. Libra energies then works as the polar opposite to the energies to Aries. The drive, fertility and power of the magic of Aries can be tempered with the balance and justice of Libra. The Mage has an opportunity to focus the wild and exuberant magic of Aries by evoking Libra at the same time. This pair features in the mythology of the Ancient Egyptians. The power of Amun the opener of the day was balanced by the magic of the scales of Libra, held by the goddess Ma’at. In Ancient Greek magic these opposites, represented by Aries and Libra in this instance, were enshrined by five of the seven magical Hermetic principles.

How Star Magic Works: Hermetics, Astrology and Magic

He who grasps the truth of the mental nature of the Universe, is well advanced on the path to mastery. Unknown Master. Often criticism of astrology is expressed as a doubt that planets and star constellations could affect or effect human life. Leaving aside the obvious influence heavenly bodies have on the Earth and its inhabitants, let’s approach this from the point of view of magic. We will look at Star magic as Chaos Magic (our favorite style of magical practice). We will also explore the Hermetic Principles. They are some of the earliest writings on magic and give us the foundations for stepping into the power to create our reality.

Chaos Magic

One of the central ideas of chaos magic is that "everything is illusion." What this means is the whole of reality is a projected reflection of a visual, kinesthetic and auditory story that I've created. It is all happening in my mind, as that is the only place I can perceive things. This is the one principle perhaps that all Chaos Magicians could agree on. Nothing’s real, in the sense that nothing is external or independent from me. So if everything is me (or my perception) then everything is permissible, because it's me. We discuss this extensively in our blog here. What Chaos Magic Means to Us and How to do it cover photo From this standpoint I am standing at the center of all creation. I can don any system of thought or magic that I choose. The question is never "Is this true or real?" The only important question is, "Does it work?" Astrology is a mask of magic that’s been utilized for thousands of years. Its energy is already powerfully defined in the human collective consciousness. This deep pool of collective energy means evoking it into my magic isn’t difficult.

Five of the Seven Hermetic Spiritual Laws of Reality

Hermes Trismegistus whose name translates as master of masters was said to have lived in Ancient Greece. He is believed, in some esoteric circles, to be an incarnation of the ancient Egyptian god of poetry, mathematics, astrology and magic Thoth. Whether he was a real person or a magicians’ egregore is not important to me. What’s important was his codification into seven principles or laws, how the Universe functions and thus how we can work with it magically.

How does this relate to astrology?

 1. The Law of Mentalism

Well the first principle is known as the Law of Mentalism. This aligns with the idea that reality is created in my mind, so therefore it’s real and illusion at the same time.

The Universe, the All, everything that there is, is mind.

This mind is creative, and perhaps an illusion itself. All that exists, exists in this great mind, everything that is, was, and will be. At the root, and in every detail of infinity and eternity is the mind, the everything. Everything that is, or potentially is, is a mental construction. It is a created thought form imposed on the chaos of every possibility functioning in the now. Astrology, and its usefulness to magic, therefore, is a reflection of my creative mind. As you assume the position of power that is the magician, you become the great mind. You seek and create your own truth.

This principle of mentalism unites competing ideologies.

2. The Law of Correspondence

The second principle is the Law of Correspondence, what I see in the Universe is who I am:

As above so below, as external, so internal.

This is a law that empowers us to see through the veil beyond those things that are hidden, occult, or unknowable. We can peer through the paradoxes of reality, life, and nature with their light and dark shades. It becomes possible to understand that all the obstacles we experience are there to empower our knowing. As astrology is a reflection in the skies of my magic, so it is true.

3. The Law of Vibration

The law of Correspondence is the knowledge of your magic and your reality. What’s external is a reflection of what’s internal, I project everything into reality. Mastering this law leads us down the spiritual and magical path. It illuminates and defines the nature of our magic...everything I experience is me, astrological magic reflects this. The Hermetic Principle of Vibration is the third law. It reflects the movement of the Sun through the constellations. As my experience changes, so does what I observe.

Everything is constantly in motion, the All is vibration, nothing ever stays still.

Manifestation, at every level, is a result of vibration. What we create with our intention draws toward us the perfect movement to present itself on the physical, mental, or spiritual planes. This is e - motion, energy in motion. The experience of reality itself is in this moment only, for nothing ever rests. The sun doesn’t rest in a constellation it constantly moves through it, as new energies in the natural Universe become available. As magicians working with astrology we tap into this vibration and use it to realize our magic. See how we have used Star Magic and the Seven Hermetic Principles in our third book in the Star Magic Series.

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4. The Law of Polarity

The fourth law is Polarity, if something exists, its opposite is always present. The power of Aries is balanced by the power of Libra. In order to realize the magic of my mind I constantly acknowledge duality and transcend it.

Everything is polarity and duality, everything expresses itself as a pair of opposites.

Good, bad, right and wrong, like and unlike are the same. The nature of opposites is that they’re identical in how they function and different by degree. Extremes meet in a circle, yin and yang define each other. Everything that’s true is only half true, it’s all a matter of degree. Aries and Libra empower each other, neither path is true and neither is illusion. When caught in the all encompassing and brash energy of the magic of Aries focus on Libra to balance it out.

5. The Law of Rhythm

The Fifth Principle is the Law of Rhythm. It represents the ebb and flow of life, creation, destruction and magic. The magical astrological year flows from one set of energies to another, rhythmically and consistently. The correspondences of each constellation are always balanced by their opposite. We move in a wave from one sign in the zodiac to another. In its season we focus our attention on one sign, one aspect, as it becomes material reality.

The Balance of Libra in the Hermetic Principles

The Law of Polarity defines the poles, the Law of Rhythm the tide that flows between them. This law of rising, and falling, in, and out, applies to every level of reality as the Law of Correspondence demands. The flow between different energetic poles defines astrological magic. This balance of the Hermetic Principles is perfectly represented in the balance of the magic of the Zodiac. And like always, as Chaos Magicians we can break the rules. If you wish to burst into new reality with the wild untempered magic of Aries, you can. Simply work your magic without its pacifier Libra. Just focus your magic and intention on the correspondences of Aries. You don’t have to go with the flow.

Using the Magic of the Zodiac - The Magic of Aries

There are many approaches, and we will just scrape the surface of how you could employ star magic. Some of which we address in our trio of books and courses aligned to the magic of the constellations: We take on each of these magical journeys in our Star Magic Series.

Where will you begin?

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