Today we will look at 4 types of Magic and Spells for Beginners. At Magic Self and Spirit we use magic as a way to supercharge our manifesting to create the life we choose. This empowers us to get out of lack or victimhood. It puts us into the driver's seat of our lives with gratitude and the power to make change. We chose these areas of magic to focus on base on feedback from our Facebook page Magic Self And Spirit. We run an Ask Spirit video live feed each Sunday Steve answers clairvoyant questions about the life or spiritual path of our followers.
Without doubt the majority of questions our page and live feed receive relate to safety and love - money, health, family, relationships, and sex. These are what the psychologist Abraham Maslow would have described in his theory of the human innate hierarchy of needs.


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Steve is honored to work with so many people around the urgent issues they are dealing with in their lives. But, he has a deeper feeling that our mission here on Magic Self and Spirit is to empower our followers. We want to support them to walk their own unique spiritual and magical paths. The real question we want to be answering then isn't, What is going to happen? But how can I impress my will on my reality?

The real question we want to be answering then isn't, What is going to happen? But how can I impress my will on my reality?

False Distinctions about Magic and Spells for Beginners:

For the purposes of this blog, I’m going to write about some false distinctions. Many of the people who interact with our work are at the beginning (consciously) of their spiritual paths. They are seeking ways to find some control over basic needs. Perhaps the easiest type of magic for those people to work with is what I would call psychological magic. That is magic that doesn’t require the practitioner to call on a spirit, angel, demon, or god. This kind of magic I refer to as psychological magic. The other kind of magic is the sorcery that requires the connection with the Spirit beings mentioned above. For obvious reasons, I’m calling this kind Spirit magic. As indicated above, this is really a false distinction as all magic (directly or otherwise) connects itself with the Spirit world. This psychological approach to magic is what this blog concerns itself with for two reasons:
  1. We wish to encourage people to walk their own unique spiritual and magical paths their way. It makes sense to start where people are emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Many of the approaches are deceptively easy. Deceptively because although they’re easy to perform they’re still incredibly powerful.
There are many other distinctions we could discuss about magic. Such as if it is real or not, the differences between white, gray and black magic, or definitions of magic itself. But I have spoken of them at length in my blog Is Magic Real - The Key To Spiritual Power. Let's look at 4 different types of psychological magic.

Is Magic Real? - A link to our blog discussing the nature of practical magic and sorcery

1. Candle Magic For Beginners

Candle magic for beginners is really how to manifest your intention by invoking the power of fire. This is one of the easiest and oldest forms of magic. Candles and fire play a part in ritual (spirit) magic but are often used as a magical practice in their own right. Different magical traditions and systems can vary in how they work with candles but in effect, the practices are very similar. All magic for the purposes of changing something in your material reality, start at the same place, with your intention. The thing with magic is you’re not asking the universe, God or whoever for a favor. You’re entering your own power and commanding the universe to change your reality. Hence, the language you use, the words you employ, centers your psychology on the action of magic itself. Before you start any other part of the spell, get clear of your intention. Write it in positive language, what it is you’re actually choosing as opposed to what it is you don’t want. I often start my intentions with the words “It is my will…” Check out our blog to learn how to use The Langage of Manifesting to create your spells and intentions.

Candle magic colors

The color of the candle you choose can play a big role in your spell. Some practitioners work with a whole range of colors, each color representing different significances. For example red for passion, fire, aggression, excitement, black for receptivity, or gold for abundance. Much of the time I work with one or two of three colors, black, red, and violet. Violet doesn’t really change anything (in the context of this discussion) but introduces an energy of spirit. Whichever way you work, ensure that the candle you use is a solid color. You don't want a white color center painted or waxed over with your desired color. You will want to find a quiet space that you can consecrate for your magic. Choose the color of cancel that matches your intention. Some practitioners anoint their candles with essential oils and burn incense and herbs related to their intentions. If you decide to work this way, see each action as using your magic to consecrate magical tools, empowering your spell. Our book Candle Magic - The Power of Fire Scrying will guide you through how to set up and perform your Candle Magic Spells. It will walk you through a spell for each of the 4 areas we get asked about most; Love, Money, Health, and Spiritual Growth. Candle magic the power of fire scrying course book

A Sample Candle Magic Ritual:

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair or on a stool in front of your chosen candle.
  2. Lightly close your eyes and relax your body with your mind releasing all anxiety or unproductive energy as you exhale.
  3. Light the candle and gaze into the flame, relax your gaze and allow yourself to become entranced by the candle flame.
  4. After a few minutes, keep your eyes transfixed on the flame. At the same time start to imagine a still image of your intention being completely and successfully achieved.
  5. Stay with these two actions until imagining your success is no longer forced. Relax and focus until your mind is doing it without needing you to force the visualization.
  6. As you speak out your intention, drop the pitch of your voice and allow the sound to vibrate throughout your body.
  7. Speak your intention aloud into the candle flame. It is my will… Then maybe finish your statement with a statement like by my will so mote it be or some equivalent command.
  8. Feel the energy in the room or location around you building energy and changing reality.
  9. Release the gazing and the vision, some practitioners allow the candle to burn itself out, others blow out the flame.
  10. Go and do something mundane, cook, watch tv, whatever, get your mind out of the spell and its intention

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2. Magic Sigils and Their Meanings

The More Chaotic I Am, The More Complete I Am

-Austin Osman Spare.

Sigil Magic and Sigil Magic Symbols are older than the hills, quite literally. It is thought some of the squiggles on cave walls were forms of magic. That our cave dwelling ancestors employed magic to find food, to control the weather, and ensure the survival of the tribes. Since the time of the medieval grimoires, magicians have recorded sigils that represented the souls of angels and demons. They used them to evoke and invoke these beings for magical purposes. There are many examples of languages that lend themselves to sigil work. The Druids with their Ogham tree language, Hebrew and Sanskrit, the witches Theban alphabet, the Egyptians with hieroglyphics, all functioned (function) as sigil magic.

What is sigil magic?

[Modern] Sigil Magic, derived from the work of Austin Osman Spare a core sorcery technique associated with Chaos [Magic]. In a way, the technique represents the basics of the Chaos approach, in that it is simple, results-orientated, and is effective regardless of one’s beliefs or metaphysical speculations in general.

Condensed Chaos - an introduction to chaos magic - Phil Hine.

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How to do sigil magic:

Picking up on the work and writings of Austin Osman Spare, his version, as the quote above alludes to, is simple to work with.

Again let’s start with a statement of intention, something like:

It is my will to attract a new romantic relationship into my life.

You can, if you choose, work someone’s name into your sigil

Austin Osman Spare then advises that you remove all of the letters from the intention that have been used more than once, hence, you end up with:

It s my wl o arc ne hp f

- the magician then organizes the letters into a unique shape to create a sigil.

As you can see, though, there are still probably too many letters in this statement to keep the sigil simple. Depending on which sigil magic technique you end up using, you may wish to visualize the sigil with your eyes closed. For this reason simplicity will help greatly. Grant Morrison, a Chaos Magician and comic creator, suggests taking out all of the vowels from the statement of intention as well. This simplifies it further, therefore the intention becomes:


- still rather a lot of letters, but better obviously. There are a number of options here of course, we’re making an artistic representation of your intention into a sigil. The ‘l’ can become the trunk of the letter ‘T’. The ‘w’ and the ‘m’ can double up into one letter, one of them being represented upside down. Perhaps the ‘f’ can grow out of the ‘l’ or the trunk of the ‘T’. The truth is this is your sigil, it can look any way you like.

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How I do basic sigil magic:

  1. I write my intention starting with the words: It is my will…
  2. I remove all of the vowels and any letter that has been used more than once.
  3. Then I create my sigil shape. (Don’t worry too much about how artistic it is. Although I may do it three or four times until I get the sigil that feels right.) Put a single or a double circle around the sigil, the circle symbolizes self or even god-self, the universe, the all. Now I place the sigil face down on the desk/altar I’m sitting at.
    Visit our pintrest page for more Sigil Magic Images
  4. I meditate on my intention whilst releasing any stress or anxiety with my breath at the same time.

    Charging your Sigil

  5. I turn the sigil face up. I gaze into or through it pulling my power through my body and sending it through my eyes into the sigil. This is the first part of charging the sigil.
  6. The second part of charging the sigil is symbolized by holding my gaze,transfixed on the sigil, continuing to look through it. At this stage I am relaxed, not willing anything. It is more as a mindset as if I’m waiting for something to happen, expecting something to happen.
  7. I know the sigil is charged when I experience it visually and kinaestheticly vibrating. Sometimes I notice parts of the drawn sigil vanishing and returning into view again. Sometimes I experience the whole sigil as if it’s floating above the paper it’s drawn on.
  8. I maintain my relaxed gaze while simultaneously visualizing the outcome of my goal as a still picture in my mind.
    (I’ve got the girl, money is in my wallet.)
  9. While continuing to gaze on the vibrating sigil, I speak my intention in a deep voice that vibrates in my body. I  speak it clearly as a command.
    • For example:

  10. I experience the room I’m in, and/or the whole universe moving. The energy is vibrating bringing change to my reality in obedience to my command.
  11. I fold the sigil and put it away somewhere where I won’t look at. (Sometimes I keep it on me in my wallet...still not looking at it...depending on the nature of the intention.)
  12. When the magic comes to pass, sometimes I’ve noticed it in a number of hours, sometimes longer. I take the sigil, burn it, and scatter the ashes to the wind.
  13. Sometimes just after the spell has been performed I use Austin Osman Spare’s mantra. I chant or say a few times: Does not matter, need not be. Or something similar to avoid my mind attaching to an outcome.
  14. I leave the ritual space and go and do something mundane or worldly keeping my thoughts away from the magic.


Other people work with various other techniques to charge their sigils. Meditation, elemental mudras facing each cardinal direction, masturbation or even sex when working in twos (or more) can be effective. Chant, mantra or even physical exhaustion can also be used. Check out the video below for more ideas:

As a magician that walks my unique spiritual and magical path, I seek to avoid dogma. Sure, I research the writings and ideas of others to boil them down to the root of the magic. But I discard the moral pronouncements. I illuminate the theoretical limitations placed on so much magical research and practice by so many other practitioners. To misquote Peter. J. Carroll one of the fathers of Chaos Magic:
Everything’s illusion, so everything’s permissible.

3. Planetary Sigils

Planetary sigils, work with both sigil magic and the symbolic magic of the planets to bring about your desired intention. Again write your intention: It is my will… exclude any letters appearing more than once and exclude any vowels as before. With the letters that are left transfer them on to a Pythagorean Square to find the relevant numbers.

Planetary Sigils Graph, Pythagorean, converting letters to numbers for sigil magic

So to use the letters from the above intention once the repeated letters and vowels have been removed:

Tsmywlrcnhpf = 214753935876

There are other variations to the Pythagorean Square. German magician Agrippa 1486 - 1535 used a different table for example. The point however, is that you are the magician, the creator of your reality, your universe. You give meaning to the tools you use that suit your magic. Leave the numerical version of your intention aside for a few moments and let’s address the planetary magic part of this work. Each planet has symbolic meanings we all have access to within the collective consciousness and numerological associations presented as squares. We explore this system in detail in our upcoming blog on sigil magic. But for now let’s just discuss how to work with the symbolism and planetary square of the planet Venus. It’s associated with love and romance like our intention.

Plenetary Square of Venus - Creating Sigils for sigil magic

Copy this square on to a piece of paper, take our numerical version of our love intention:


Draw a small circle around the number two (on the sixth line) where we start. Draw a straight line up diagonally to the number 1. Then draw another from there to the number 4 at the top of the seventh row. Continue through the numbers in our intention this way until you reach the six at the end of the intention. Draw a small vertical line to finish the sigil. Copy the sigil (without the numbers) onto a blank piece of paper and draw one or two circles around it as described above.

Example of a Magical Sigil created on the Planetrary Square of Venus

Planetary Days And Planetary Hours

Each planet is assigned a day and hours within each day. The most powerful time to do your planetary sigils magic is on the day and, in the hour of the planet you’re working with. If you need to do your magic quickly, the next best option is in the hour of the planet you’re working with on a different day. For example, in our example, we’re working with Venus. So the most powerful time to work your magic would be on a Friday, in one of the hours of Venus. Here’s an example of planetary hours for Sunday 10th November 2019 in New York City, USA.

*Please note that planetary hours are not earth hours of 60 minutes.

** Variations of this system are hundreds of years old when not all of the planets had been identified.

*** You can find an hourly planetary calculator here

As for the rest of the ritual/spell I suggest following the instructions described above in the sigil magic section. As always, make this magic your own, research more of the topic and adapt it to work for you.

4. Magic Mirror On The Wall

Mirror magic as a form of folk magic is as old as the mountains. We find it in fairy tales and old cultural stories (Sleeping Beauty for example). It can play a significant role in baneful magic and protection magic. What we want to focus on here briefly is how mirror magic can be used to exaggerate the strength of your magic. Both in this world and on the astral plane where these energies come together before manifesting into physicality. You don't need a big ornate mirror to do mirror magic. A cheap one without a frame from the local thrift store may very well suffice. One of those mirrors used to exaggerate the size of what it is they reflect would be good to work with too.

You can use any mirror for Mirror Magic

Consecrating your Mirror for Mirror Magic

Mirrors can be used as gateways to other worlds, particularly the astral planes. The thing with gateways is they can operate both ways which may not be ideal. I’d suggest that before you start using any mirror for magic to clean and consecrate it. Mirrors, like pretty much everything else can hold energy imprints which are either reflected or magnified into your life or onto the astral worlds. Obviously it’s not ideal if negative impressions and/or thoughts and emotions are projected with, or magnified by, your mirror when spell casting. These energy residues may well interfere with your desired outcomes. There are many ways to clean and consecrate a mirror. Liquid alcohol is a powerful agent for example. Yet the physical act of cleaning the mirror with soap, water and your magical intentions should work just fine. For example, whilst washing the mirror you can imagine either light or darkness filling your body from the heavens or the underworld. Let it fill your energy bodies with each inhalation and passing down your arm to your fingers that are cleaning the mirror.

Say: “By the power of light/darkness this mirror is cleaned and consecrated, my will be done.”

Sigil Protection And Mirror Magic

In order to ensure that you have control over who or what passes through your magic mirror gateway, a protection sigil may well serve you.

Write an intention, something like:

It is my will that none may cross this gateway unless invited

Then follow one of the sigil making processes suggested above, removing letters that have been repeated and vowels etc.

What I would do is when I’m empowering my sigil, as I sense it vibrating. I would visualize it burning both into my retinas and into the mirror itself, burying itself deep into the gateway in the otherworld.

Money Magic:

An Example in Combining types of Magic

The different forms of magic can be combined for amplified effect.  The examples here are given for magic intended to generate money, but can be use for any intention you set.

Mirror Magic can be combined with Candle Magic and Sigil Magic

Mirror Magic and Candle Magic

Let’s say we decided to do some mirror magic for money, we could use it in combination with candle magic in the following ways:

  1. We could burn a violet candle on top of the mirror to open the energy to spirit, both this world and on the astral plane. At the same time working with a black, gold or silver candle in similar ways described above, to draw money.
  2. We could dispense with the violet candle and instead work with one of the above colored candles. Or we might choose the combination of blue and silver candles burning directly on top of the mirror.
  3. We could place the mirror behind whichever candles we’re working with thus amplifying our intention. We gaze into the flame and simultaneously reflect the money spell onto the astral plane.

Mirror Magic and Sigil magic

There are two obvious options we could utilize here:

  1. Paint the sigil directly upon the mirror and hide the mirror away when we’ve finished the ritual. Alternately, if small enough, we could keep the mirror in our purses or wallets.
  2. While performing the spell, place the mirror on an angle so it reflects the sigil. This will share it, and the spell casting, on the astral plane at the same time.

*We could use mirrors in the same way when performing rune magic and bind rune magic (see our next magic and spells for beginners blog.)

There are many other ways we could use mirror magic. For example, if we were in a place where it was impractical to physically perform magic we could use a mirror as a distance casting tool. Gazing into a consecrated mirror, we can visualize the whole process of spell casting. We can run the whole journey of creating the ritual in our minds and simultaneously on the astral plane.


Conclusion of Magic and Spells for Beginners - Part 1

Our mission here on Magic Self and Spirit is to empower you to walk your unique and powerful spiritual and magical path. We don’t seek to tell you how that path should look, but we desire to find ways to empower you. Already you’ve found your way here to our site and hence you’ve begun to manifest answers to some of your questions. As you progress on your spiritual journey you begin to realize that your greatest obstacle to self empowerment is actually you and some of your beliefs. We encourage you to start telling yourself different stories about your potential and what’s possible for your life. You’re so much more incredible than you consciously believe! Magic is a path that builds on itself. The more you utilize it the more is revealed. The further you travel the path of the hidden, the more you’ll understand that you don’t need to rely on anyone else to experience your magnificence. Paint the portrait of the reality you choose to experience. Let go of all those ideas you’ve inherited about what’s possible, right or wrong, spiritual, ‘pleasing God’ or other imposed belief. Trust in your unique ability to manifest splendor on every road that you walk.

For as Austin Osman Spare reminded us:

"Does not matter, need not be,
don’t fret about the outcome,
it’ll work out perfectly..."


Get out of your own way!

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