We are all wish we had more money, one of our favorite ways to bring money into your life manifest money with Candle Magic. As we step more deeply into our spiritual and magical paths we are able to access powerful tools to create the realities we choose. There are many ways to approach manifestation, but the addition of Candle Magic can increase the power and speed of your manifestation.

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What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic, or how to manifest your intention invoking the power of fire, is one of the easiest and oldest forms of magic. Candles and fire play a part in ritual (Spirit) magic but are often used as a magical practice in their own right. Different magical traditions and systems can vary in how they work with candles but in effect the practices are very similar.

All magic for the purposes of changing something in your material reality, starts at the same place, with your intention. The thing with magic is you’re not asking the universe, God, or whoever, for a favor. You’re entering your own power and commanding the universe to change your reality. Hence, the language you use, the words you employ, centers your psychology on the action of magic itself.

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So why use Candle Magic for Money?

seven Colorful candles for manifesting money with candle magic

Which Candle Colors are Best for Money Magic?

If you’ve read standard or traditional texts on candle magic you’ll probably identify two colors either green or gold to work with for money. Both of these will work but there are also other ways of thinking about color.


Gold is the color of the metal that we collectively associate with money, its color then represents money and financial wealth. Indeed the metal itself is still valuable and therefore a gold candle is certainly an option. Gold however only partially represents money, money in some ways is not a real thing. Money used to be a representation of how much gold a country had in the bank. But we moved away from that standard many decades ago. Now gold is only a partial representation of money. So Gold is a strong option for money candle magic but certainly not the only one.


Silver represents small change but yet still has a connection to money. It may be the color of choice if you’re seeking to manifest small amounts.


The US dollar underpins the world’s currencies. The greenback then represents money as cash, it certainly justifies the use of green candles for money magic. There’s some argument that not every country’s currency is green and therefore magic should be more culturally appropriate (yes I know…) But the connection between the color and money in the collective consciousness is undeniable.


Red, while not a color that represents money directly, certainly has some interesting qualities that would work magically in the unconscious mind. Red is the color of violence (violence necessary to destroy your poverty for example.) It’s the color of passion, a passion necessary to bring success (and therefore money) to life. Money is the lifeblood of abundance and worth in modern collective thinking and red is the color of the lifeblood. Red is the color of power unleashed on the inert to bring it to life, to change your financial situation.


Black is a fabulous color to use for candle magic. It absorbs your passion and magical energy and pulls the goals of your magic toward you. Black can be very powerful in this way in money candle magic.

What stops us from manifesting money?

Some of the biggest impediments to any kind of manifesting are limiting beliefs, the reasons why you cannot have the things you desire. They can be moral – “Money is evil.” Or a family story, “Nobody in my family ever had any money and I never have any either.” Or cultural “Rich people are stuck up snobs”. These beliefs limit our ability to draw money into our lives. If we believe them, having money would make us into the kind of people we do not want to be. So letting go of these limiting beliefs is vital if we are to successfully manifest money with candle magic.

How can I learn to Manifest Money with Candle Magic?

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In our new book Candle Magic – The Power of Fire Scrying we will learn how to perform candle magic rituals. We will employ Transmutational Meditation to clear limiting beliefs that hold you back. We will learn spells aimed at Money, Healing your Body, Love and Sex, and Spiritual growth. The first chapter of the course will teach you a complete ritual to manifest money with candle magic.

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We look forward to leading you on a journey of Magical Discover and Personal Empowerment.