Growing out of our work with the "Magic of the Sun Moon and Stars" our mastermind group, The Inner Sanctum, takes our study into more depth. Our first series of 3 books focused around the Magic of the Moon. As we depart the Moon Temple and the pagan ritual magic that lives within it, we enter a new format for our Transmutational Meditation courses. The Inner Sanctum - Star Magic Series, consists of 3 books that will center around Star Magic and the magic of Ancient Egypt. We will connect both with the awesome supernova power of stars and the most subtle parts of the soul. Each series has one book focused on Magic, Self and Spirit. (We like working with 3's, lol, powerful magical number.)

The Inner Sanctum Courses and Ideas in Spiritual Power - Star Magic Series
So what is the Inner Sanctum you speak of?

Within many spiritual and religious traditions throughout time, there have been those who have gathered together to dive deeper into the spiritual opportunities available to them. Their goal is to develop their knowledge and skills to empower their lives and life paths.

We have taken up the mantel of this tradition. We’ve created our own Inner Sanctum as a beautiful online presence. It is a safe and gentle home to grow and develop the knowledge, language, and highest potential of your being.

Within the Inner Sanctum, we show you ways to accelerate your spiritual and magical growth. We will teach you to master your reality and create your paths to your greatest and highest potential.

Imagine all thoughts of your limitation are swept away and you feel free to explore the highest expression of yourself... That is what the courses inside the Inner Sanctum aspire to for you. Our intention is to support, inspire, and empower you to reach the levels your soul already knows it can go. Your path is unique and perfect for you, we’ll never attempt to convert you to anything, we believe already you’re on the right track. We seek to share knowledge and tools to use on your road to the realization of the radiance of your soul.

Star Magic - Magic of Ancient Egypt - Milky way in the desert

Why Star Magic and the Magic of Ancient Egypt?

We love this setting for The Inner Sanctum - Star Magic Series. The dreaming temples of Ancient Egypt were sights of pilgrimage for spiritual development and healing. The history and magic of Ancient Egypt are deeply connected to star magic and the constellations. Join us on this adventure into the deep past of humanity and to its highest aspirations, the stars.

The dreaming temples give us a beautiful connection point to our favorite teaching method, Transmutational Meditation. The backdrop of Ancient Egypt allows us to tap into some of the oldest and most powerful myths of humanity. We use the power of story in the collective unconscious to "remember" or awaken the spiritual power within each of us.

Many of the deities (neters) of Ancient Egyptian spirituality are represented by the stars. For example the central figure the sun god Ra. He was the most powerful as he was the closest star.

In ways all the magic of Ancient Egypt was star magic. They work with many of the same constellations as the modern Zodiac. Sometimes with the same meanings and some focus on different stars within them. The magic of Ancient Egypt has been a fascinating lens to view star magic through. It has lead to some fabulous combinations of the old, the new and the mysterious.

What's in the Star Magic Series?

The Inner Sanctum - Star Magic Series begins with our first book Dream Temples And Star Magic - Ancient Egyptian Chakra Wheels. We will focus on the 13 Chakra system of the Ancient Egyptians. We will explore the different parts of the soul, the healing power of sound, and the alignments of the Chakra Wheels. This is a healing book focused on the Self of Magic Self and Spirit.

Dream Temples and Star Magic, Ancient Egyptian Chakra Wheels, Healing Sorcery for Personal Evolution Book Cover

Each week we will explore a different aspect of chakra healing. We will teach you how to do a chakra healing for yourself and for clients. As with all of our Transmutational Meditation courses, we will employ meditation, ritual, and story to create a powerful experience of the work. We will show you how to evoke the neters and call in star magic. The end of the course will take you through the Journey of the Pharaohs through the underworld, an amazing experience of personal transformation!

There is so much packed into this book that we cannot wait to share it with you. (Says April almost bouncing in her chair.)

Check out an excerpt from the intro here:

Book 2

The Second Book in the Series is on Healing you Inner Child. In this course we will explore different philosophies on the Inner Child. We will look at the modern psychological model of the inner child. The Huna Magic of Hawaii's 3 spirits of the body as a fascinating new way to look at the responsibility of the conscious mind. The Ancient Egyptian 7 parts of the soul give us another way to conceptualize the soul outside the Judeo-Christian approach. We consider this course the Spirit section of this series as we explore connecting to the spirit within.

This book combines Transmutational Meditation, mask work, integration of splintered parts and empowerment of the lower spirits within to assent toward their god-self potential. Developing or healing your inner child allows you a mastery of self like you have never known. Removing the blocks around your inner child creates access to power more direct than you have ever wielded. We have been looking forward to sharing this life changing work with you since the beginning of the series. We are glad to finally reveal its home in the Temple of the Stars.

Book 3

Discover more about Magical Rituals here

The third book, Sigils and Servators, is still under development (Steve channels quite a bit of the information as he is writing). In this course on direct Magic, we will discuss one of the cornerstones of Chaos Magic, Sigils. The book will explore their history, design and meanings. We will learn methods of creating our own sigils and when to find the value in using ancient symbols used throughout time.
We will uncover the nature of Thoughtforms. Servitors are through forms that you can create to serve your magical purposes. Combining Chaos magic with the magic of Ancient Egypt and star magic is a powerful combination we cannot wait to explore.
We will bring you more info as this course develops.

Explore the books alone and/or Join us in our class. The Inner Sanctum Group Coaching Mastermind is a powerful experience of Star Magic, Transmutational Meditation and the magic of Ancient Egypt.

Inner Sanctum Courses and Ideas in Spiritual Power Cover

We can't wait to share the journey with you.

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