The Magic of the Waxing Gibbous MoonThe magic of the waxing gibbous moon is traditionally focused on the building of magic and spiritual power. It has a sense of knowing and anticipation about it and certainly is a time, 3 or 4 nights in a month where there’s at least sufficient moon energy present to do minor magical workings.

In the cycles of the moon the phase waxing gibbous moon begins at a point when the moon’s visibility and therefore power (seeing is believing) has been growing from nothing to almost full power for about ten nights. If you’ve worked with banishing or transmuting energies, thoughts or ideas that would hinder or obstruct the realization of imposing your will onto reality throughout the nights since the new moon, now is the perfect time to put your attention on those things that you choose to manifest in your reality. Bring forth those energies of healing and fertility, lust, desire, love, and power (those things that are wild within you that you’ve been cultivating over previous nights) into your conscious mind as you build magic for your rituals under the brilliance of the full moon.

How have others worked magically with the moon over time?

The moon has held a source of fascination for humanity since prehistoric times, it doesn’t take a magical practitioner to sense the power of the moon upon the tides, upon our bodies, consciousness, and happiness, all of us know it.

It’s the system of symbolism in relation to the moon that is of use to the magical practitioner and has been for thousands of years. Over each month the moon moves from her full power of possibilities for all at the full moon, to the opportunities to banish all the limitations and fears from your life and entertain the primal dark parts of yourself at the hidden moon, to the growing and celebrating of new potentials, personal, spiritual and magical growth and the goals of life at the new moon (and all else between.) Humanity has worked with and celebrated the moon this way since the dawn of time, in this way not much has changed.


So why working with the waxing gibbous moon?

Working with the phases of the moon magically and spiritually creates a really useful structure to mold your path around. Making your spiritual growth conscious empowers you to direct your experiences so they’re congruent with the things you choose to bring into material reality. The phases of the moon are related to symbology related to the flow of life that humanity has understood for thousands of years and hence, at one level, you already know as they are already present in the collective consciousness.

But what about the waxing gibbous moon specifically.

The waxing gibbous moon occurs on the 3 or 4 days just before the moon is at her height and in all of her power, the nights of the full moon. The waxing gibbous moon is therefore the ideal time to prepare your magic (rituals or otherwise) and build their strength:

  1. Use this time for meditation: Focus on meditations that will support your magic or the goals of your manifestations. Here you’re educating your unconscious mind with information about the things you’re choosing to bring about in your reality.
  2. Gestation of Power: Use this time to sense a build up in your magical power, focus and concentration, use it as preparation for major magic under the light of the full moon.
  3. Gestation of Knowledge: With this extra focus and more directed meditation comes gnosis,  realizations of what your spiritual and magical path entail, a growing knowledge of how to accelerate and ground your magical and spiritual abilities.
  4. Breath alchemy and the transmutation of anxiety into power. This is the perfect time to remove limiting thoughts about what is possible, to take hold of your fears and anxieties and transmute them into your power. Energy is just energy, how you perceive it is choice. We wrote a book called Moon Magic, Kill Anxiety Manifest Your World which details a system of exactly how to do that. Building the levels of magical energy in your body will certainly serve you when it comes to performing your major rites under the magnificence of the moon in all of her glory.
  5. Minor Rites/Rituals and Short Term Goals. You can use this time to perform minor rites to bring about short term goals as already there’ significant moon energy available.

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