Here at Magic Self and Spirit we have been exploring the idea of Money as a thought form. An Egregore is an entity created from the energy of group believing. The more people believe in an egregore, pray to it, or think about it, the more the entity grows in power and influence. Thinking this way we can begin to explore, How is your relationship with the Spirit of Money? How does that relationship affect your ability to succeed at money magic and manifesting money in your life?

If we treat the money as the Spirit of Money it becomes like any other entity we can invoke. This gives us a whole new way to look at money magic and manifesting money.

When we look at Money as an entity, we can explore our relationship to money. We can think of it in the way that we would look at a relationship with any other person in our lives. What do we believe about Money? How do we treat Money? Are we responsible with Money? And based on these beliefs would the Spirit of Money come visit you?

How is your relationship with the spirit of money, money magic

What gets in the way of our Relationship with the Spirit of Money?

The first thing that gets in our way of a good relationship with the Spirit of Money are our limiting beliefs around money. Many of these beliefs came from our parents, community or society to create a specific outcome. They were to make us “be good”, make us “like them” or to “fit in”. Other limiting beliefs align with a myriad of misguided poverty beliefs in modern religions.

One such limiting belief is the belief that all people with money are bad. They are stuck up, greedy, unkind to humanity. While we believe this we will not let Money come to us because we believe it will make us like them.

Negative self talk is another manifestation of these limiting beliefs. The little voice may say; money never comes to me, I never have any money, I will never have what I need. This is a victim mentality and creates a whining energy that you cannot manifest from. It’s like making an invitation to a business meeting while whimpering like an unhappy child. Commanding Spirit to respond to you can only be done from a place of power, standing firmly on your feet and calling it in. Be the Mom not the 4-year-old. (Refer to our Language of Manifesting blog)

Often while caught in the limiting belief that we are not worthy of money we are not responsible with money. This causes all the gifts Money gives us to be squandered, and the giving dries up. If we are not making it important to hold on to money, it will come and go as if it is not important. It’ll be there sometimes and not others.

Self Doubt and Manifesting Money

Do we believe we have the power to command money, to earn money, to make Money come to us?

If you think you can or you think you cant, you're right.

Do we think we are worthy of money? Are we holding a belief in class background that says people like us will never succeed? This shuts the doors to Money, will not let it enter.

If we say I want money, you manifest the experience of wanting. If we say I command that money come to me, but these negative beliefs are in place, it prevents Money from working with us. Or prevents it from staying once it arrives.

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How to manifest money with candle magic

How do we heal our relationship with the Spirit of Money?

First we need to resolve our negative beliefs. Which of these or others do we hold? All beliefs are tools designed to create a specific outcome. When we change our beliefs we change what is possible for us to create in our lives. See our blog Belief and Manifesting.

Belief and Manifesting - power comes from the throughts you most believe
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All of us have experienced letting go of outdated beliefs. Think about the rules we followed as a child. We had strict bed times. We had to ask before going outside. Perhaps you had to pick up your brother’s toys, etc. These rules do not apply to you as an adult. The belief that you need to be in bed by 7pm or else, has long been discarded. If you are ready to heal your relationship with money, the outdated limiting beliefs around money need to be put aside too.

Let’s look at an example of a belief ripe to be updated. If we grew up in an area that was poor, we may hold negative opinions about the rich part of town. If you want to have money you have to release the belief that you are in the other camp. You must realize that all people have the right to make a living, and that conscious people can do great things with money. Allow yourself to release “us” and “them” and enter into I can walk my own path. I can be a person with money and live my beliefs and values.

Getting into Action

If we believe we cannot make money, or that poverty is necessary to walk the spiritual path, Dr. Demartini’s words are very helpful.

The law of Compensation states that the amount of money you make is directly proportional to the number of people you help. Find out who you want to help and offer services that are worth at least what you are charging for them if not more.

Money is earned as an exchange for services rendered. The more happily you can provide the service, the more happy people are to pay for it.

As we begin to take steps to heal our beliefs around money, we are stepping into our power. This makes it easier to get out of the victim mindset and into action.

Another great starting place to manifesting money are gratitude prayers. Lack, disempowerment, and disappointment are vibrations that you cannot manifest from. But gratitude is a gateway into the vibrations of love, groundedness and power from which you can. (see blog the Intersection of Gratitude and Power)

You cannot exercise much power without gratitude. Wallace d Wattles.

Money Magic Ritual to heal your relationship with the Spirit Money

Take 10 bills, whatever denomination you can put together, and we will perform a small ceremony over them to get you started.

Light a candle. Intend the candle to bring light into your practice and invite spirit into your space. It provides a portal of exit for any energies that no longer serve you as they dissolve into the light.

Take sage and dip it into the candle flame to light. Start smudging with the smoke at the top of your head. Work down the front and back of your body pausing to make a circle at each chakra. Sweep down your arms, down your legs and to the bottom of your feet. Say:

“All thoughts, energies and beliefs that are no longer serving me are cleansed from my auric field, from my body, from my mind.”

Then take your 10 bills and wave the sage over both sides of them saying:

“All intentions, uses, and energies held in this paper is now cleared”

Put the sage down and sit comfortably.

Take out each bill individually and make a gratitude statement about what Money means to you over each bill. Really feel the feeling of what it is like to have or experience the thing you are grateful for. The stronger the feeling the stronger the magic.

“I am thankful and grateful to Money for the (add your own specifics) it provides” x 10

“I invite Money into my life. I am worthy of earning money, I am a good steward of money, I can hold on to money. I am safe with money and money is safe with me.”

“I magnetize these bills and task them with drawing more money to me”

Imagine the amount of money you have in your hands coming to you each week or month.

Organize the bills, all facing the same direction, showing respect and attentiveness to the symbol representing the Spirit of Money. Place them into a wallet or envelope and set them in a special palace, perhaps by your altar. If you wish to add stones for manifesting money to your practice, recommend Magnetite, Citrine, and Rose quartz

Do this ritual every day.

After the first 5 days before you put the money away, consider what limiting beliefs you still have about money. Have you cleared them completely? Meditate on this for a few moments and continue to clear away the layers of resistance that prevent money from flowing to you freely.

“It is my will to clear all blocks to receiving money so that it will flow to me freely”

In this quiet meditation listen for answers, suggestions, inspiration on what actions you can take to speed up your manifestation. Hear the advice the Spirit of Money has for you. Perhaps a new job, or business venture, or side project would be the key to your success. Maybe there are other services you can offer in your current business, or a way to get promoted at your job.

Continue with this cycle until you begin to attract the amount you had intended every week or month. Then increase the denomination of the bills and therefore increase the amount of money you are drawing to yourself.

Where can I learn more Money Magic!?

For more money magic meditations explore our Candle Magic course. We will practice spells for manifesting Love, Money, Health and Spiritual Growth. You can then use these skills to set intentions for anything else you choose to draw into your life.

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