Belief and Manifesting - The real energy of manifesting comes from thinking the thoughts you most believe

When manifesting it is necessary then to address our beliefs.

Belief is the arena where religions, mythologies, and magic have become masters for thousands of years.  Where their real power comes from is telling powerful stories, creating psychodramas that enable your beliefs to change.  The more ingrained the belief, the more powerful the new story or event must be to shift that belief.

It is like saying that a truck can move thousands of pounds of dirt. It can, but not without gasoline, not without fuel.  Believing is the fuel that makes manifesting possible.

It is easy to prove that a truck without gas is useless, and it is easy to see that a desire without belief is unattainable.  It is only by believing first, putting gas in the truck, that it becomes capable of work.

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Thankfully there are ways to develop belief

We have ways to strengthen your faith in an idea and ways to disconnect yourself from false limiting behaviour of the past.

For example, when you were 6 years old you believed that bedtime was at 8pm because your mom said so.  She also forced you to practice it, which made it true and built your belief that this is the way things “should be” or the way things “are done”.  Now as an adult you are no longer bound by this belief.  Your bedtime is whenever you say and practice, whenever you teach your body to find sleep it will do so.  (If you have trouble sleeping this is a belief we can build with you)

You Cannot Manifest without meditation

Meditation and Manifesting

Through Transmutational Meditation we craft powerful stories for your subconscious mind to take hold of.  We create pathways for these kinds of changes in believing.

We create beliefs in what is possible, what you can achieve, what you can create, and what you have power over.  As these beliefs are adopted they become true.  They were “true” before you believed them, but you could not access this truth, you could not prove it to yourself through action, until they possessed the power of belief.

Through inner child work we find the parts of self that are holding on to the old beliefs and update them.  We teach the lesson, change the story, and then show the changes by the way we live as our adult selves. We demonstrate the practice of the new belief in action.  Done well this creates sufficient power to dissolve the old limiting belief so that you, as your adult self, can pour your energy into the new belief without undermining it with doubt.


Just as the members of a rowing team all need to be pulling the same direction for the boat to move forward, we need to align our thoughts, beliefs, and practices in the direction that we choose to go.

Push-pull is the experience of wanting something and working toward it but never being able to grasp it.  This is often due to limiting beliefs, these are beliefs that tell you why you cannot have or do something. They push what you desire away just a little more effectively than your efforts pull it toward you.  Once you are free from the limiting beliefs, you will find that your desires are finally within your grasp.

To manifest powerfully we must:

Have the truck

Put gas in the truck

Start the engine

The way that would look in our lives, we must:

  1. Know what we choose to manifest
  2. Dissolve the limiting beliefs, the push-pulls
  3. Strengthen our beliefs through active practice, taking the actions physically and mentally that will bring our desires into physical reality.


With these tenants in place, we can begin to see the speed of our manifesting accelerate exponentially.  Our first book Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation focuses on creating the powerful experiences that allow you to shift your beliefs.  We take aim at anxiety, fear, and worry as key elements that block your flow.  Through this book we share tools that can help you focus on your unique magical and spiritual path and create the life you choose.

Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation book