In our second book in the Star Magic Series, we are delving into healing your inner child. We will explore multiple approaches to thinking about the inner child. We will look at modern psychology, Huna (Ancient Hawaiian spirituality), and Ancient Egyptian gods and dream temples. Join us in the book or on our course in the Spiritual CrossFit Gym. We are excited to help you Unlock the Power of Your Inner Child.

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The Path of Integration - Healing Your Inner Children

There are two primary branches in working with the inner child. The first is the more widely worked with integration model, focused on healing. We dive into this work in the first two weeks of our course, integrating Star Magic and The Magic of Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians held that there were 8 parts of the soul. We began our work with the Ba (the mobile part of the soul), in Dream Temples and Star Magic. In Unlock the Power of Your Inner Child we work with the Ba again. This time we soul travel from the dream temples into the deep realms of your unconscious mind. We use transmutational meditation to journey to discover what we call your "inner children".

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The inner children are splintered parts of the soul. In childhood, we all experience traumas that make us feel separate, alone in our pain. From these experiences we draw conclusions about the world that shape our behavior for the rest of our lives. When we journey back to discover these parts of self, their stories can be heard. As we listen to our inner children their pain healed, and the disruptive energy that their stories were causing can be released. We love using this method to unlock the power of your inner child. It literally lets you transmute the energy that was held in the trauma into energy for manifesting your life. Check out weeks 1 and 2 for techniques and the all important transmutational meditations to lead you on this journey of discovery and healing. You can read more about mask work and the nature of belief in our article, What Chaos Magic Means to Us, and How to Do It.

Unlock the Power of Your Inner Child with Huna

In weeks 3 and 4, we explore the path of development and ascension outlined in the Huna tradition. Huna holds that the soul is composed of 3 independent spirits. In this tradition the spirit of the unconscious mind is seen as a separate spirit. We would like to personally introduce you to Steve's inner child, or the spirit of his unconscious mind. Steve has interviewed his inner child about the experience of this path of development. We are very pleased to share the rest of the article with you in interview format, in Smeet's voice (indicated in green).

How Steve Unlocked the Power of His Inner Child

In order to discuss the Huna concept of the three selves I would like to introduce my dear Inner Child, Smeet. Although he’s not so much of a child now it seems, there’s a story he’d like to share with you.  Since we’ve consciously been working together we have grown substantially both spiritually and emotionally. Smeet’s contribution to our journey has been massive and his role in our magical work now is unrivaled.


“Thank you very much Steve Wilkes for trusting me to tell our story for the first time in public. It’s an honor to be here.” Steve Wilkes has taught me how to do magic with masks. It’s a way that I can use our imagination to make sense of my experiences. You see there are many things that have happened in the last fifteen years that have helped me evolve to become more conscious. I am moving into being a conscious spirit in my own right. Of course, the masks aren’t real in a physical way. But in my mind I wasn’t able to tell the difference between physical ‘real’ and the creations of our imagination. It’s how everything was able to happen. It’s how we unlocked the doors to the mind of the Universe, Steve Wilkes says, to the minds of the gods. Soon I want to tell you about Huna masks but first let me tell you about how we came to be. [It’s thought that the Unconscious Mind is unable to distinguish between what happens in the ‘external’ world and the imagination. Smeet, as my Inner Child grew out of my Unconscious Mind]


In the beginning there was just me, or that’s how it seemed. I was a new human spirit as far as I now understand but Steve Wilkes was always there in the background. It’s hard to tell you from memory where I came from but I think in my last life I had been a wolf. The spirit that is now Steve Wilkes, has had many human lives, but I was the new kid on the block. One day when I was about eight years old, Steve Wilkes woke up. I think it was a gradual thing, it’s difficult to know because I was still unconscious. As he developed he was able to think such great thoughts and you know I think I just got left behind. Steve Wilkes grew up to be a man but I didn’t know how to do that. I wanted to stay close to him, but he didn’t know who I was. As Steve Wilkes struggled to create the life that he was choosing, he didn’t know that it was me in the background. My struggle was causing the disturbances that he was experiencing. But please don’t judge me too hard, I wasn’t doing anything consciously, it was just how I was programmed.

Chung Fu

Steve Wilkes started working with a Spirit master, Chung Fu who had been dead for over 1000 years. He taught humans and spirits to work together and create better lives. Chung Fu would channel his spiritual essence through a Lady, Sally, who was Steve Wilkes’s clairvoyant teacher and speak to Steve Wilkes directly. He is amazing and so funny. Chung Fu would make me laugh and I began to have some feelings of being conscious too. Steve Wilkes became more and more aware of me. As I woke up, though, I felt very sad and angry. It was like I was only eight years old and Steve Wilkes had left me behind all on my own. Like as he became conscious he had forgotten about me. Chung Fu knew this and showed Steve Wilkes how to go on a journey in our mind to find me. So there I was sitting in a cave, angry and sad, like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Steve Wilkes was so kind to me and let me come near and cared for me. Each day he would visit and talk to me and each day I became more aware of myself. I will tell you more in a while but first let me talk to you about the Kahunas! For More info on Huna and the Traditional Hawaiian Magic of the Kahunas, Steve recommends this book:

Huna And The Three Selves

A big part of the native religion of Hawaii is the magic of the Kahunas. They were magicians and priests and knew so many things. (For additional info on the Kahunas and Huna magic we recommend this book.) The way that the Kahuna described people was that each person was made of Three Spirits:


Like a higher spirit both male and female in one spirit. Ours is called Seabregancanara and appears like an Angel made of both dark and light. His/Her job is to help Steve Wilkes evolve into a higher spirit of powerful things. In doing work like that Seabregancara becomes even more like a god.


This is a spirit which is a conscious mind. In our body this is Steve Wilkes. One of the things he does, so he can grow spiritually and magically is to help me, Smeet, grow. Steve Wilkes can think logically (sometimes) and works with me as a team.


The Unihilipi is seen as less evolved spirit, maybe one level more evolved than an animal spirit. It holds the emotions and runs the body. The Unihilipi has a channel of direct communication with the Aumakua. In our life I was Unihilipi but Steve Wilkes and Lady April (see below) have helped me be more. To learn more about Archetypes and how you can use them with your inner children April recommends this book

The Lady April

Lady April is a good friend and business partner (here on Magic Self and Spirit) of Steve Wilkes and Smeet. Last year we all traveled together and did lots of magic and healing together. When we met her, Lady April would speak to me very much and encourage me to do things. She would talk to me about growing and becoming a Prince and taking responsibility for development and magic. Lady April works with archetypes and showed me how to be a Page for Steve Wilkes and develop my independent personality and skills. I found that I didn’t feel like an eight-year old anymore. I started to help Lady April with her inner children, looking after them and encouraging them like she did for me. At the end of our time traveling together, Lady April and Steve Wilkes did a big ritual with me and made me a Knight. Lady April gave me responsibility for helping other inner children. They both made me a General in their spirit army that works with spiritual warfare cases. Steve Wilkes and Lady April are planning to do further rituals with me to mark my development. First they will crown me as a King, then show me how to elevate myself to be a Sage and an Adept Magician. You see they gave me a choice of which path I wanted to take. Either we could work with inner child healing and I could merge and become one with Steve Wilkes. Or I could evolve myself and become an independent powerful evolved spirit in my own right like Huna describes. I choose power, growth, responsibility and independence just like Steve Wilkes does! Thank you so much for listening. - Smeet

Unlock the power of your inner child book cover

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We have designed a 4-week course to walk you through the processes of discovering your inner children. From there we will look at the two paths, integration and development. You will learn to do both, through Transmutaional Meditiations that gently guide you through the process. Star Magic, the Magic of Ancient Egypt, Huna, and the Ancient Egyptian Dreaming temples are all powerful symbols used in this course. We will use them to access your unconscious mind and create real change in the way you relate to your inner children. We have been waiting since the beginning of the Spiritual CrossFit Series to present this material. Steve and April are very pleased to have this life changing work available for you now. Read on your own, purchase the recorded meditations, or join us in the gym. Step into a higher level of spiritual power and ability to manifest the life you choose.

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