Welcome to the Dawn of the Sun Magic Series for the Magic Self and Spirit - Spiritual CrossFit Gym! This is the perfect starting point for those who want to learn powerful clairvoyance. For this series of three books we will be exploring Sun Magic. We will uncover the magic of the Sun Gods and the oracle traditions of Ancient Greece, in Powerful Clairvoyance - The Art of Connection and Knowing. Once again our course will combine Transmutational Meditation, magical ritual, storytelling and ancient deities to explode your clairvoyant ability. In this book we will also focus on invocation/evocation as a cornerstone for building your connection to the spirit world.
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Are You Ready to Learn Powerful Clairvoyance?

Almost any book or course about clairvoyance that you’ll find focuses itself on basic techniques. They are aimed at people just awakening to their sense of the Spirit Worlds. Obviously, in and of themselves these approaches are valuable to the novice and clearly having access to various techniques are invaluable. Yet there’s so much more! Our books are written for the spiritually ready. Those who choose to experience real empowerment and ability. Our material is about direct contact. We are taking you straight into the experience of connecting with spirit, rather than looking at how one might do it. With Transmutational Meditation, we will address the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Meditative states allow us to voyage deep into your unconscious mind to uncover what has been keeping you stuck and moving you through it. From there we will teach you techniques and practices that will build the energy of magic within you. This built energy allows you to amass the power needed to create the life you choose. This process of looking within is not without challenge, but these challenges are the very keys to the personal power you are seeking. The path of clairvoyance does take commitment to achieve, but the summit is worth the climb! For more info on Onmicience check out our blog

Clairvoyance and Omniscience

Much of the literature available lends itself to the ideology of the right-hand path. That is, it sees that the only real purpose of clairvoyance is to serve others, primarily with guidance around the affairs of mundane life. All of this is fine and appropriate, service is a noble path, yet there can be more. The other direction takes us into fortune telling, which can be entertaining but is not spiritual power. Clairvoyance is an ingredient on the path of knowing, of meaningful connection to Spirit with the goal of reaching your omniscience. Omniscience is the ability to know all things. We will teach you how to connect to the amazing universal database of the All. This knowledge base puts broadband and google to shame. We will teach you how to craft your questions and get answers you can understand and use in your spiritual development and everyday life. You can use this clairvoyant ability to gain guidance on your life path, confirm the effect of your magic, and see how your intended goals may play out. The invocation/evocation practices will build your ability to call to spirit so you experience the locked-in certainty of your connection. This is a much grander endeavor than discussions about whether you’ll have a boyfriend by Christmas or which paid job you should choose. In his book Become a Living God, the magician E. A. Koetting described our goals here with the following:

“Another interesting thing that I discovered as I worked towards mastering divination is that I wasn’t just seeing the future, but that I was tapping into a limitless well of knowledge and information. I found that I could literally know anything at any time...my understanding blossomed not just about future events but about everything.” 

Of course clairvoyant techniques are important for you to build your skills and I’ll add a few into this course/book. We covered a number of approaches in our book Spirit Guides, Mediumship and Moon Magic, that I’ll leave for you in an appendix. This book/course will concentrate on empowering your conscious connection to clairvoyance. So much so, that you’ll be able to command it at any moment and the doors to knowledge will open.

Magical Structures and Masks of Belief

While this is the book on Spirit for this series, all of our books include magic. This is the power we use to impress our will upon the universe, to manifest that which we choose to experience. Turned outwardly this means we create real change in our everyday lives. Turned inwardly this magical intent will unlock the doors to spiritual ability. This is the key to finally having the power to blow open your third eye and connect to Spirit in a meaningful way. Chaos Magic is a philosophical and magical approach that supports the ethos of our teaching here at Magic Self and Spirit. Its central tenet is that everything is illusion and therefore all is permissible. The Chaos Magician is by nature creative. She takes from whichever tradition(s) she chooses and weaves systems to reach her end, she’s the epitome of freedom. For a more in-depth discussion on the nature of Chaos Magic see Steves blog here.

What Chaos Magic Means to Us, and How to Do It.

Magic definition: Magic is the art of orginizing reality your way

In this approach to cementing your experience of clairvoyance, we’re going to utilize the mythology, spirituality and magic of Ancient Greece. The oracle traditions of Ancient Greece resonates in the collective stories we all share. Through the prism of their gods, elementals (daimons), ritual magic, and storytelling all is not only permissible, it becomes probable as well.  By wearing this mask of reality we can impose the structures of omniscience onto the chaos of the unmanifest. We can cause the changes within and thereby lock in your connection to your clairvoyant birthright indefinitely. In case that’s not enough, we’ll flavor it with a touch of modified Christain magic and a sprinkle of Russian fairy tale sorcery. But let’s not forget the combining theme of this course and the next two to come, welcome to the fascinating practice of Sun Magic.

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble

Macbeth - Shakespeare.

Magical Tools for Sun Magic and Clairvoyance

I myself have seen this woman draw the stars from the sky. She diverts the course of a fast flowing river with her incantations. Her voice makes the earth gape, it lures the spirit from the tombs, sends the bones tumbling from the dying pyre. At her behest, the sad clouds scatter; at her behest, snow falls from a summer’s sky. Catullus - Ancient Greek Poet.

Evocation and Invocation - The Lock And Key

Evocation/Invocation are the practice of calling out to specific spirits or deities. You are calling them to appear in front of you or within your mind. This is one of the key practices of building clairvoyant ability. A little bit similar to placing a phone call you are directly summoning spirit to speak with you. By doing this again and again you learn both how to place the call and how to understand the voice on the other side. We also talk about this in Learning to Hear Your Spirit Guides - You Know You're Ready! This daily practice of calling out raises your energy vibrations to such a height that the clairvoyant parts of yourself activate. Your ability to contact spirit becomes so familiar it's like a lock and key, when you call they are there. Once your connection with Spirit has reached this level your experience of unlimited clairvoyance will flourish. You will experience certainty that your call will be answered and trust that the information you are receiving is accurate. See what is coming for you this season with a reading from Steve

How Steve got there

Anyone who has seen Steve hold an Ask Spirit Sunday call has seen this work in action. Steve connects to the guides of our followers who ask questions about their life and spiritual paths. He has spent years of practice and 60,000 professional readings to achieve this level of speed. He has absolute certainty that when he asks, the information he gets will be helpful to the person he is reading for. Distilling down his many years of training Steve has identified evocation and invocation practices as the fastest most powerful way to jumpstart your clairvoyance. They are some of the most powerful spiritual and magical tools you have in your armory, placing creative mastery at your fingertips. From the point of view of Chaos Magic they can be seen as the whole tool box. The practice of actively calling spirit creates the conditions to solidify your clairvoyant connection. When you add other masks of reality to the concoction (Sun magic for example) you have the conditions in place for success.


Ritual creates the framework to function within, it imposes form on the unmanifest chaos, so we can realize our clairvoyant intentions. Ritual is a story that stimulates the creative aspects of our unconscious minds. It works both to create change in the outside world of life or the inner worlds of growth and development. It is the catalyst that opens the door to the collective consciousness, the part of our realities where magic and transformation reside. We use ritual to access the power of declaration. This is the power of words to cause change because I spoke them, because I said so. In all western traditions a judge, priest, or official will state "by the power invested in me by the (government body) I now pronounce..." They are using the power of declaration. Before the words were spoken it was not "so", not binding, or legal. After the words are spoken, reality is forever changed. All of us possess this power of declaration in our own lives. See our blog The Language of Manifesting, for more on how to craft your phases of magical intention. In our rituals we invoke the powers of the ancient Greek gods, the sun, the moon and our higher selves. They give our unconscious mind support to build the energy we need to cause change. Invocation provides us a who for us to believe in, a source for "by the power invested in me". With this power of declaration you can stand in the crossroads of creation and project your Will into the unmanifest with your words. Meditation conncts us to the world of spirit and Magic.

Transmutational Meditation:

One of our biggest hurdles to any kind of spiritual ability are our own limiting beliefs. The doubts of is this real? Can I do it? Why does it work for others and not for me? We may have created stumbling blocks to our own growth from other learning methods. This is hard, it takes a long time, only gifted people can do it. When we can unshackle ourselves from these limitations is when our development can really fly. So step one is unlocking the limiting beliefs and step two is replacing them with the certainty that you can do it. The fastest way to achieve this visceral personal experience of what it feels like to do it, is to do it. We have designed a way to give you that experience. We have all experienced a compelling story where we almost felt like we were there. Transmutational Meditation takes us to an even deeper level of this feeling. It takes us to a place within ourselves where we are really having the experience with the speaker. We can overcome the obstacles to connect to spirit, and internalize the experiences of meeting the spirits. In guided meditation we come to know the feelings of these interactions. In a supported way you are guided by our teacher who knows the path there and back.

Sun Magic and Illumination

...most [magical] practitioners completely ignore the Sun and his astrological journey. They forget to give Him equal time. And in doing so, they set themselves up for magical mediocrity. More importantly, though, they miss out on specific energies that could make the personal world an easier place to live - a place where clarity is key and personal success abounds. Dorothy Morrison - Everyday Sun Magic

Invocation Of the Dawn Sun

We begin the Sun Magic Series at the beginning, at dawn. When invoking the dawn sun you’re invoking enthusiasm, courage and the magic of self-confidence. You’re addressing the new with wild abandon, fearless and excited. We will use this momentum to call forth the ancient and powerful energy of the ancient Greek Sun Gods to lead you on a path of omniscient mastery. Begin your own daily practice of invoking the Dawn Sun. Each day arise and draw the power of the new day into your practice. Empower the learning, opening, and expansion of your clairvoyance with this daily exercise. We find consistently evoking/invoking the energy of spirit to be one of the fastest ways to supercharge your growth and empower your magic.  I invoke the Sun, our powerful life giving star I call to the parts of me which are the new Sun, the growing child I summon you who pierces the darkness and illuminates wisdom.   Expel the old worn-out perceptions, thoughts and beliefs that hold me back. Come with your new paths and opportunities Inspire me with your fearless wild abandon, courage and self-confidence. Illuminate the powers of my hidden clairvoyance.  Reveal the abilities buried in the places of my soul too long hidden from your light. Bring your powers of ennobling my mind and inflame the knowing of my spirit. Ignite the magic of my imagination and Will that I may imprint the structure of my creation upon the unmanifest chaos. I command the power of dawn as the infant sun emerges. Be here and empower my Will Sun Magic and Powerful Clairvoyance

Are You Ready to Learn Powerful Clairvoyance?

Join us in our mastermind group the Spiritual CrossFit Gym. Each week we will release the lessons and meditations that lead you through the book. Powerful Clairvoyance - The Art of Connection and Knowing will take us through Sun Magic and the Mythology of Ancient Greece. We will experience the invocation of the Greek Sun Gods and each of the 4 magical phases of the sun. Enjoy our supportive community to help you commit to your own daily practice of building your clairvoyance. This course perhaps more than others requires personal drive to break through the thresholds of limiting belief into ability. Many of us begin in the place of dabbling, getting our toes wet, trying things out. Our courses provide the next step. Once you have been called to the path of spirituality, empowerment and ability, we have created a map to take you on that journey. As with all magic, the more energy you put in the more result you get out. Steve and April are committed to getting you to reach your highest potential.

Are you ready to jump in?

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