Magical Services Consultation




With his deep spirit relationships and experience in magical systems, Steve can perform magic for you to prompt the energies of creation to reorganize themselves to support you in realizing your goal.

Schedule a 20 min video conversation with Steve to determine the nature of the magical work you would like performed and to receive a quote for what the work would take. (This fee is applied to the cost of the Magical Service when you proceed with the work.)

Magical Services work has three major parts.

  1. The consultation, where we discuss what you would like to change and how best to achieve it.
  2. The performance of the magic itself, which Steve would execute on your behalf.
  3. Your spiritual homework. As all magic for your benefit must be worked through your energy, you will receive tasks, meditations, or mantras to use in the days following your magical service to help align the energy with your intention.


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