Candle Magic provides us with a gateway into the world of Spirit and creation, a gateway of fire. Our book and course Candle Magic - The Power of Fire Scrying is an introduction to the ecstasy of magic.

This is the second book in our Moon Magic Series. It invites you to realize that you are truly a conscious creator of reality, or at least you can be.

Get Your Copy Now Manifesting your desires by invoking the power of fire is a very powerful magical tool and at the same time simple to work with. This makes candle magic attractive to beginners and experienced magicians alike. It does require some ability to focus and an understanding of how to utilize the tools of beliefs, (skills covered in our other courses). However, it is an easy to start with skill set waiting for you to reach out and activate its power.

How Our Books Differ - Accessing True Power to Change Your Reality

For us, magic, including candle magic, isn’t a practice designed to lull you into a sweet quiet or fuzzy feeling. Our goal is to roll you into power and spiritual growth, to the lighting of the fires of evolution in your heart. From there we’ll celebrate as you explode onto your independent magical and spiritual journeys. To us, spirituality and magic must be practical. Meaning it has to work to create change in your life. We understand that for others the path of magic can be all about connection with divinity. However, we choose our own independent paths and create our own spirituality. Central to our thinking is the concept that we’re not only here to experience a reality that has been laid out for us. No, we’re here to claim the power of the Mage, to create a Universe in our own image.

Experience freedom to practice your way on the independent magical path

Many books on Candle Magic, from Wiccan or other witchcraft sources, while certainly being congruent and useful, are peppered with moralism. We live in an age where information and data is power and money. Mega firms peddle in social control and have business models designed to alter the behavior of others and what others believe and experience. Historically we’re used to this kind of control from government departments and churches. How you think and what you say was punishable by death only a century or so ago. Unfortunately, many writers on magic buy into the moralism of telling you how to think and making you wrong if you differ. They present their formulas as the way you "should" do magic, as opposed to the creative practicality of their system. Weed it out, we advise take what works and discard the rest. Candle Magic has nothing to do with good and bad, right and wrong. It’s part of the god-like power of Omnipotence. You have the power to decide for yourself what your magical path will be.

A Brief History of Candle Magic

Candle Magic, or how to manifest your intention invoking the power of fire, is one of the easiest and oldest forms of magic. Candles and fire play a part in ritual (Spirit) magic, adorning altars, or illuminating ritual spaces. But candle magic can be used as a magical practice in their own right. They can be used for scrying, or divination (seeing the future) or used as a way to carry your magical intention to the universe. Different traditions and systems can vary in how they work with candles. The practice of candle magick goes back as far as humanity can remember. Candle Magic spells have appeared in all areas of life. From protection spells or "prayers" whispered over candles in children's bedrooms, to the funerary rights of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. Candles have been used as gateways to draw spirit in, or lighthouse to guide unwanted spirits out of a room or dwelling. (Our books on the magic of Ancient Egypt are worth checking out too!)

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All magic for the purposes of changing something in your material reality, start at the same place, with your intention. The thing with real magic is that you’re not asking the Universe, God, or whoever to grant your wish. You’re entering your own power and commanding change in your reality. Hence, the language you use, the words you employ, centers your psychology on the action of magic itself. For more guidance on how to create your intentions check out our blog. The Language of Manifesting.

The language of manifesting hyroglyphics Read the full blog here

So Why Choose Candle Magick to Manifest Your Intentions? 

Much of magic works with associations, symbolic representations that relate to the collective consciousness (the world of the collective stories of humanity). Candle Magic works with the element of fire which has deep associations in the collective consciousness generally, and in magic specifically. Fire is the element of Spirit and represents the force itself. It has associations with passion, sex, power, strength, war, the id (desire, lust, anger and other volatile emotions). Fire is a very dynamic element and a powerful symbol to work with.

What Can You Do with Candle Magic

Candle magic is a simple accessible tool to enhance any kind of manifestation practice. Our book focuses on 4 different candle magic spells. The focus on Love and Sex, Healing of the body, Spiritual Growth, and Money. (You can get a sneak peek at one of our money spells here.) How to manifest money with candle magic This form of magick can also be used for fire scrying or smoke scrying. The practice of scrying is to use a medium, water, fire, smoke, etc to gaze into the future.

Performing Candle Magic - How to Get Started

For Candle Magic to be performed in the physical world, obviously you’ll need a location which you can consider to be a sacred space. Sacred space is any location you set aside and consecrate for your magical practice. You’ll probably work on an altar or at least on a table or desk. Choose somewhere where you’re not likely to be disturbed. In our course and in its accompanying book, we go into detail about ways of working with, and preparing for, your candle ritual. Check it out here: Candle Magic - The Power of Fire Scrying. We work with this sorcery in a way that breaks it down into easy steps. At its core the practice it's simplicity itself, you’re just using the candle and its flame to project your Will into the universe. Candle Magic The Power of Fire Scrying

What is the best color for your candle magic spell?

To deepen the associations in the subconscious we add color. In traditional, Wiccan or otherwise, magic each candle color represents certain attributes. The colors become tools much like the beliefs you’re working with. Often we work with white candles, which represent a combination of all colors. We also like black candles which have a drawing effect, bringing whatever you desire toward you. You may choose to use multiple candles for one ritual. By combining the energies of different colors, the magician has the opportunity to create more precisely the intentions desired. Placing two candles close together and gazing through the haze of light between them. Used this way the magician can combine their power to manifest his goals. Get the full course for the Best Candle Magic Colors for each of our spells. In our book you will learn 4 complete Candle Magic spells, and the meditations to help you build the energy to perform them effectively. You will learn a candle magic spell for Love, Money, Spiritual Growth, and Health. Get your copy here. Candle colors for Candle Magic, colored candles

Sample Candle Magic Ritual

Ultimately all magic comes from within, so much so that in some circumstances, I don’t use physical candles or flame at all. I perform all of the magic in my mind in the following way: I close my eyes and bring stillness to my thoughts. On my breath I travel down stone steps in my inner world. I arrive at a sacred temple which I have consecrated with the power of magic. I see my magical circle on the floor. At the center is my altar with a thick black candle, its wick aflame already embodying the powers of my sorcery. To the right on my altar, as I stand behind it facing north, is my athame. It is a ritual knife, unsheathed and ready for penetration, my lingam of creation representing the masculine energy of my magic. To the left on my altar stands my chalice made of pure silver, my magical yoni drawing into itself the seed of creation. The magic of new life. Next to the chalice a violet candle burns a flame that has awakened my temple space from spiritual inertia. I stare into the flame of the black candle losing myself in its power. As I gaze, I see the goal of my new reality coming to life in my mind’s eye. I state my goal, (aloud in my mind yet silent to the outside world). It is my will... Blow out the flame watching the smoke from its wick carry my magic into power. I say: It is done, it is done, thrice it is done. 

Magic Self and Spirit Candle Magic Course

As Chaos Magicians we like to weave magic to create different effects and experiences. Candle Magic - The Power of Fire Scrying is part of our Moon Magic Series. We combine the phases of the moon, pagan magic, spirit magic and color magic to create a fascinating context. The four areas we work with are money, love and sex, health and spiritual growth. The four-week course will teach you to cast rituals and spells to empower and manifest your desires and create the reality you choose. We introduce the novice to the consecration of her tools and space which removes energetic obstructions and aids magical preparation. Consecrated spaces create a shift in her mind. Ordinary candles become meaningful conduits of power, an altar cloth or magician’s cloak represents the emotion of the ritual space. These symbols deeply empower the sorcery. We use meditation as a pre-ritual. Whether to calm your mind or develop your focus, meditation plays a powerful role in your candle magic. Our course uses a variation of guided meditation we developed called Transmutational Meditation. It allows us to lead you into the worlds of Spirit on well-trodden paths and employ symbols, story-telling, sorcery, and sacred sound and song. While planting the techniques we’re teaching directly into your unconscious mind. Each week will lead you on a new meditation to prepare you to perform the candle magic ritual. Get the book for a cost-effective DIY trip through the basics of candle magic. Or better yet join us in the mastermind group for weekly coaching sessions, and an opportunity to share your journey with other supportive students.

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