One of the key steps in creating the life you choose is understanding the Language of Manifesting. The words we use every day are incredibly important tools in creating our reality. Spoken words are made of sounds, of vibrations that we literally cast before ourselves and then walk into. Learning to guard our language allows us to take control of the spells we cast upon ourselves all the time. When we speak aloud, we render our thoughts, ephemeral things both of this world and the spirit world, into material reality. With every sentence, we are translating non-substance into substance and this alchemy has great power.

The language of manifesting hyroglyphics

It is up to us to decide how we will use this power. It is up to us to master the Language of Manifesting to draw the experience we choose into our lives. Transmutational Meditation can be a powerful tool to move out of the language patterns of lack, into the language of power. Meditative states give us access to our unconscious minds. They give us an opportunity to rewrite the messages we have running in heads that control much of what we manifest outwardly.

The Power of Words

The power of the word is referenced in every ancient text. In the Bible it states God spoke “let there be light” and light was brought into being. In the Quran, Allah need only say the word “be” and it becomes. The story of the Tower of Babel states the languages of the world were confused to prevent the people from using language to create. The Hindu traditions work with the word Ohm as the source of manifestation. In more recent eras “my word is my bond” was a common phrase. In the Middle Ages to break one's word, to become an oath-breaker, was often punishable by death. Oaths in the Pagan traditions were often bound not to your lifetime but to your soul, following you through time. This is the power of our word. The importance of what we give our word to goes back literally to the beginning of human understanding. In the book The Four Agreements on the Toltec (Ancient Aztec spirituality), the first agreement is, be impeccable with your word. In modern magical mythology, wizards speak magic words to render their Will upon reality. (From Hermione Granger to Merlin in the Sword and the Stone.) "Bibity Bobity Boo" will never leave my childhood memory, Cinderella’s fairy godmother’s words.

Belief and Manifesting, the real energy in manifesting.

How Language Works in our Unconscious

Your subconscious mind comprehends the world through narrative, through story. Stories are not only words but emotionalized words, words + feelings, and now the magic begins to happen. This combination allows us to create a shift within ourselves, within our vibration. This allows us to change what we attract to us, and eventually change the realities we experience in our lives. Most of us struggle with limiting beliefs that play in our minds. I can't do it, I don't have enough, it never works for me. These messages, this internal monologue generates a backwardly moving energy that prevents us from reaching our goals. This push/pull is described in our article, Belief and Manifesting. When we connect to the deep levels of our own unconscious we gain access to the collective unconscious, the unmanifest, “the universe." I will use the word universe throughout this piece to signify to what we are speaking in our language of manifesting. But at one level you and the universe are the same. One of the easiest ways to access this part of the unconscious is through deep meditation. We have written the course Moon Magic and Transmutational Mediation to teach you to access your unconscious mind through guided meditations. From here we can begin to update the stories you are telling yourself and create powerful changes. In week 3 we will install an energy recycler in your auric field. It captures the lost energy of negative thoughts and transmutes it into the energy that empowers your manifesting.

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The Power of Written Words

Another expression of how we project our Will using the language of manifesting, is in written words. The act of writing words down on paper makes them even more concrete, bringing them even more onto the plane of the physical. When we write we engage the body, our hands have felt the words, we hear the scratching of the pen on the page. We can see with our eyes what we intend to create and by writing it down we have already begun to bring it forth. Writing was central to the magic of Ancient Egypt. The language of hieroglyphics covers the inside the tombs of the Pharaoh. They are magical scripts to instruct the soul of the Pharaoh on his journey through the underworld. In our book Dream Temples and Star Magic take you through Transmutational Meditation on the Pharaohs' journey of transformation through the Duat. We work with the chakra system of Ancient Egypt to tune your chakras and empower your ability to manifest the life you choose.

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How To Use The Language of Manifesting

Now that we have established the power of words, let's define the language of manifesting. How can we use our words to powerfully create the realities we choose? And why isn’t it working already? Well often we are not using the most powerful phrases we could be. We end up sending mixed messages to the universe and accidentally using phrases that keep us stuck. Let’s break down some common mistakes and then build how to get it right. Any new age book will tell you that your intention statements must be positively phrased, in the first person, and present tense. This is because your unconscious mind does not understand time, it only has now. It also does not get negatives, if you say “don’t get sick” all it hears is “get sick.” That's not going to work. Intention statements must be in the first person because to your subconscious you are the most important person in the universe. Therefore, you are the easiest person to manifest for. However, these statements alone don’t seem to get us there. We must be missing something...

The Missing Piece

Steve began this discussion in our book Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation. The universe is incredibly literal, what you ask for you get. Again referencing the magical language in Cinderella, "a dream is a wish your heart makes... whatever you wish for you keep." So, if you design an intention statement with these words you will get these experiences:

Want = the experience of wanting Need = the experience of needing Hope = the experience of hoping Try = the experience of trying Wish = the experience of wishing

These words bring up powerful emotions, but they describe where we are not where we choose to go. We worked with this topic in the blog "The Intersection of Gratitude and Power." When we set an intention, it is like we plant a goal flag in the distance. We define where we want to go and the universe conspires with us to get us there. The words we use show us where we are on the map of getting there.

The intersection of Gratitude and Power

How it Sounds in Our Speaking

Listen to the phrases you use when you are tired, angry, or ill. These are moments when your unconscious mind has greater access to your speaking voice. In these moments listen to the words that just fly out of your mouth. They are a clue to where your unconscious mind is on the path to manifesting where you want to be. I hate, I have a problem, I never – show helplessness. These words show us that we must move on from here. If we continue to use these statements, they will prevent us from being able to move forward at all. I want, I need – are statements of Lack. They show where you are now. Using “I want” in your manifesting will keep you here, stuck in the state of wanting. I desire – is where I intend to go. This phrase is like putting on your shoes to go but not yet moving. Using this word in your manifestations will begin to build the energy but will not likely get you to your desired outcome. I choose – announces the location of the flag. When you use this word in your manifesting, you are telling the universe where you want to go. This allows you to start walking toward your goals, and eventually you will arrive. I am, I have, I feel, I am thankful for- these words take you into the experience of what it feels like to be at the flag. Using these words in your manifesting adds the emotional color to your intention and is like putting gas in the car to manifest powerfully.


I never have any money. When you make declarations, your unconscious mind believes you. If you try to manifest from there it will probably stay true, and you never will have money. I need more money. Thinking, speaking, meditating on this phrase will continue to bring the experience of having some but needing more. I desire $1000 – Getting close. – This phrase tells us where you are thinking about going. It starts money forming but will not likely cause it to arrive in your hand. I choose to have $1000 in my bank account. – This is a firm statement, that tells the universe exactly what you want. From this position of power you can now take actions to move toward this goal. I feel safe and happy knowing I have all the money I need for my week when I have $1000 in my bank account.– This statement allows you to plug into the happy warm feelings of what it means to you to have money. It really gives you the full picture you are out to attain. It allows the Language of Manifesting to chart a course straight to where you want to go. For more on manifesting money and how the language you use directly affects how much money comes to you check out our blog. How is your relationship with the Spirit of Money? How is your relationship with the spirit of money, money magic

The Power of Your Thoughts

Listen to your self-talk, which statements do you hear yourself saying inside your head? These will tell you how quickly you are moving toward your goal. The practice becomes coaching yourself up through the levels of power in the words listed above. Choosing stronger words will add speed to your manifestation. Your thoughts, the words that go unspoken, are less potent than spoken or written words, but they tend to be repeated more times. For example, you create the perfect phrase using the language of manifesting. You speak it aloud to the universe. Then you spend the rest of the day 'in wanting'. You are undoing all the good work you have done. Learning to get a hold of your thoughts is one of the key focuses of our book Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation. In this book we learn to overcome anxiety, worry and fear. These are cornerstones to getting out of lack and into a position to manifest from. (Totally check it out, it's good stuff!)


Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation book cover

Learning to use the Language of Manifesting in your daily life

Meditation, gratitude practices, magic rituals, journals, all of these are great ways to ingrain the language of manifesting into your mind. Then how do we manage the rest of the time? How do we use the language of manifesting in our daily lives? Reading Jen Sincero’s book You are a Baddass she suggests starting small. Choose to manifest little things and then build up your power by believing you can succeed. I couldn't agree more! She recommends starting with a parking space. But the first time I drove into a full parking lot my thought was not “I am gonna nail this!” It was “oh god it's full in here! How am I gonna find a spot?” The doubt was immediate, and this is the kryptonite for manifesting what you want. It pulls you the opposite direction. So in this instance to get a hold of my thoughts I designed myself a silly little chant. “Parking spot, Parking spot, I find a parking spot” Funny as it sounds I literally sing it aloud to myself in my car. It takes the focus off the problem, and points my brain toward a solution. Song is also a powerful evoker of emotion, making the song silly makes me happy while I am doing it. I was pulling out all the stops here to get a hold of my subconscious mind and push myself to use the language of manifesting.

Dont worry, focus on what you choose to create

It's silly but it works!

Another example is in a car again. If I am a passenger and I don’t like your driving, or I am worried about the road conditions. It can be very easy to start a downward spiral. "You are going too fast. That road looks wet. We are going to have an accident. We are all going to die!" None of that helps at all! So inside my head (where the driver can't hear me) I begin my chant: “Safe, safe, safe and happy we all arrive home” Using all of my power to will that vehicle home in one piece. For more on the power of chanting and which sounds to choose to tune your vibration to the outcomes you desire, read chapter 2 of Dream Temples and Star Magic.

The Language of Manifesting and Transmutational Meditation

The ability to control your thoughts, to direct them toward what you want rather than what you don’t want is a skill. It is one that can be learned and strengthened. No human was born being able to play the piano, carve a sculpture, or write a novel. These are all skills that we learn, practice, and practice some more. The same is true of gaining control of your mind. That is why we have developed The Magic Self and Spirit - Spiritual CrossFit Gym. We have built a community to support you in Building your practice, empowering your magic, and creating the life you choose. Mastering the Language of Manifesting is just one of the skills we will practice. Our program offers weekly classes in Transmutational Meditation, and weekly group coaching sessions with Steve to keep you on track. We take on a new topic each month, to deeply shift your reality and get you the results you are looking for. Join us, to master The Language of Manifesting and Transmutational Meditation.


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