Welcome to our journey of connection to your Spirit Guides and the spirit world. We invite you to join us as we open opportunities to connect with your soul family and learn to hear your spirit guides. Experience how guided meditation can break through obstacles to open your channel to mediumship and the spirits of your ancestors. Deepen your connection to moon magic as we use its powerful rhythms to build your practice.

Spirit guides Meditation, mediumship and moon magic book and course

Get Your Copy of the Ebook or Full Course Now What if you were to break from religion, science, atheism and the other parts of the herd mind? Are you ready to carve out your own spiritual and magical path? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to develop your own spiritual team for that journey? Spirit Guides and Mediumship are great starting points for novice and adept alike.  In our book and course Spirit Guides, Mediumship and Moon Magic we work with our powerful form of guided meditation which we’ve called Transmutational Meditation. We use it to open doors for you to begin to explore your latent spiritual and magical power.  Imagine you had at your disposal a human guide intimately familiar with the spirit worlds. He could give you the tools to map out the first parts of your conscious spiritual journey. You do, and he can start you on the path to healing and power. Already you can sense the benefit of that, can’t you? Spirit Guides are part of your soul family

Who are my Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are part of the soul family that I travel with through many lifetimes. We work together to grow and develop spiritually. How I understand spirit guides is that they are a part of the soul family that I travel through time with. In some lives individual spirit guides will be incarnate with me and will be soul mates (sometimes romantic often just profound connections). In other lives they’ll work with me from the spirit worlds forever reminding me of my spiritual evolution and magical path. I also perform the same service for them, either in lives they live where I am not physically alive, or in parallel realities. It is symbiotic, and as time is not linear the whole of the relationship is available in the now. When working with your guides as part of your soul family, you can safely assume that they already know pretty much everything about you. They know how far along your conscious spiritual and magical path you are in this life. They know if in other lives you’ve experienced greater knowledge and power, and can help you access it. Another way to say this is that your spirit guides already know what spiritual growth would benefit you.

Spirit Guides and Chaos Magic

The spirit guide/sentient human relationship is complimentary, it’s a journey of mutual power and spiritual growth. From my perspective as a Chaos Magician, I consider spirit guides as a useful and powerful tool to deepen my spiritual, magical path. Let me explain, chaos magic sees everything as illusion and due to the Hermetic principle of polarity, it sees everything as real simultaneously. Working this way, I can avoid the endless debates that continuously echo around the collective herd mind of humanity. I have no interest in fighting over whether spirit guides are real or not. The only important thing for me is does this model of reality benefit my journey. (For more on what chaos magic is and how to work with it check out our blog on Chaos Magic for Beginners)

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Spirit guides are part of my journey of knowledge, the godlike power of omniscience if you like. They give me the ability to look into what magic would be helpful to change something in my reality. When working with magical ritual there’s a necessity to release the energy and let go of thinking about it for a time. After two or three, I am able to work with my guides to assess the effects of my magic. Then I can see if I need to add more magic to get my desired outcome. My guides soul journey with me across the plains and the worlds of Spirit. They help me access knowledge that would otherwise be lost to my logical mind, they are the access to my higher mind. As the first Hermetic principle states, All is Mind, this spiritual function is indispensable. 

Spirit Guides and Nothingness

In week one of our course and book Spirit Guides, Mediumship and Moon Magic, we teach you how to connect with your spirit guides and build a relationship with them. We show you ways of using your mind to give them form and substance. As part of my development a number of years ago, I sat in a full trance mediumship circle in Avalon for four years. The vessel of my teacher was a priestess who worked by channeling an ancient spirit called Chung Fu. Full Trance channeling involved the human part of the equation leaving her body entirely and the spirit being (Chung Fu) taking over completely. He could then communicate in his unique form. Chung Fu explained that in reality spirit guides only come into being at the point that they’re evoked or invoked. That is, spirit guides live as part of the great whole, the All. They only exist at the point your consciousness begins to call them. As a chaos magician, I understand this as a way of working with the idea that everything is illusion. Yet because you can work with spirit guides, everything is real at the same time. Connecting with spirit guides then is an act of creation, you begin by imposing form on the nothingness (the no - [one] -thing - ness), the All, the chaos, the great mind or consciousness. For this reason guides are both individual and a unique expression of the everything at the same time. Hence, spirit guides are the Great Mind, a key to omniscience.

Spirit Guides are the First Step to Building Your Clairvoyance

In order to connect to your spirit guides you’ll need to develop some conscious clairvoyant skills. We will lead you through several meditations to unblock your connection and teach you to hear your spirit guides. Your guides are uniquely qualified to support you on your path to growth and omniscience. They operate as a powerful tool for opening up your spiritual and dreaming mind. I’ve had a long journey as a professional clairvoyant now, over 60k professional readings. I find that my guides are excellent at helping me lock into the energy of others. This is particularly useful when reading for clients or students, as it accesses the knowledge that I require in the moment. You may have seen Steve connect to his guides and the guides of others on our Ask Spirit Sunday live calls. You can book a reading with Steve, we have them available from 5 minutes to a full hour here. I find the help of spirit guides indispensable, both in terms of my magical practice and my personal development. I love having their support as we journey in the spirit worlds together. We map the more subtle plains and paths of spirit, moving deeper and deeper into the collective consciousness. This has taught me so much and has given me layers of experience. We seek to create the same experience for you. Through guided Transmutational Meditation Steve will lead you down the path of connecting to your spirit guides. He will be the skilled voice that brings you safely there and back. Week One introduces you to your spirit guides and builds connections. You will learn invocation/evocation and ways to access the knowledge, skills and power of your soul family.

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What is a Spiritual Gatekeeper?

Your Gatekeeper is responsible for the organization of your spiritual and magical practice in the spirit worlds. S/he determines (at least at first) which energies or spirits can enter your auric fields and connects with other guides to build your path. At different points on your journey with spirit, one guide or another will take on a more important role before stepping back again. The most important of your guides however, is always going to be your Gatekeeper. For most people the Gatekeeper will remain consistent throughout this life. At times however a different spirit guide may step forward and assume the role of Gatekeeper. This is a special connection with spirit and can be invaluable. We introduce you to your Gatekeeper in week 2 of the book and course. This will enable you to start a more powerful part of your personal journey with Spirit. When working with clients, my Gatekeeper Danaray organizes which of my client’s guides can speak with me. If there are more than one, in what order those guides will communicate.

Spiritual Gate Keeper - Your most important spirit guide

Do I need a Gatekeeper?

This relationship is profound, it’s a soul level connection that’ll empower your path and understanding. I experience much gratitude for my Gatekeeper. She’s led me to an energetic place of spiritual strength where I don’t need her to do clairvoyant work anymore. This is a fundamental part of her work and an experience anyone can access. Your Gatekeeper will empower you to such a level that you won’t need her/him to be in your spiritual power. Nevertheless, your Gatekeeper is often both the guide and the path as you’re setting out on your journey. One of the things I love most about my Gatekeeper is her role helping, educating and supporting those people that I am directly connected to. Often she brings people into my life who are seeking the kind of work that I do. I regularly receive reports from others that my Gatekeeper visited them and helped with one spiritual project or another. Today we work in a partnership, empowering our magic and helping others. The work with your Gatekeeper can become a life long partnership and friendship, a co-operation that will fulfil your life in ways yet unimaginable. Come join us in your exploration of deeper levels of spiritual connection and the building of your spiritual power. An important start is your conscious journey with your Gatekeeper. Week two of our course connects you with your Gatekeeper as your protector, teacher, and organizer of your spiritual experiences. They are the great warrior spirit that will show you how to claim your knowledge and power.

Wait there's more! - Connecting You Deeper

Week three is dedicated to how to work effectively and clairvoyantly with your spirit guides. We explore a range of techniques that you can work with which will build the solidity of your immediate experiences with your guides. They will sharpen your ability to connect on demand. This is the next step in opening your own clairvoyance. It will make it much easier to gain information for others you’re starting to read for. We will lay out for you a daily practice for working with these techniques, meditations, evocations and invocations. You’ll eventually reach an absolute knowing that even when you think about your guides, in that moment, they are present. In reality there’s no separation between you and spirit. These daily practices are akin to exercising spiritual and mental muscles. As you practice you will become so familiar with them you can work directly with spirit at any given second. 

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Mediumship and Recognizable Ancestors

In the final week of our course we introduce you to mediumship. We explore ways of connecting with the recognizable souls of your beloved dead. We will also teach you how to do this for others. We’ve found that many students who have a natural affinity towards mediumship have experienced layers of anxiety and even intrusive thoughts. This is because these people have an untrained natural ability to sense Earth bound spirits. Often, before training, these students had no way of discriminating which thoughts and feelings belonged to them and which to spirits. As they build a practice to develop their mediumistic skills, they find that these thoughts and emotions begin to reduce. Finally they leave altogether. Mediumship can play a very powerful role when helping others who are grieving to emotionally heal their losses. You can access the answers they are seeking by allowing yourself to become a bridge. You can establish communication between the loved ones of your clients who have passed, and the person asking for help. Working with recognizable ancestors can also be a vital link when healing ancestral wounds. The ancestor can often take you back in time along your blood lines. Here you use magic ritual or other healing work to correct an inherited emotional, physical and/or spiritual obstacle you may be experiencing. This work indeed is powerful.

So how does our work differ from others in the field?

Learning spiritual connection work with magicians opens you up to a range of options that are beyond the experience of many others. We work with the magic of different phases of the moon and teach you how to develop magical rituals. We will lead you to connect with different angelic-like spirit beings who exhibit great spiritual power. Your mind and consciousness will expand in a way you haven’t yet experienced and your connections and clairvoyant skills will flower. Transmutational Meditation combines the experiences of being guided by someone who knows this work intimately, storytelling, moon magic or sorcery, magical symbols and ancient spirit beings. Working this way imprints knowledge and spiritual power on your unconscious mind which results in an acceleration of your spiritual growth. The relaxing meditations combined with the active daily practices create a grounded way of working. This will open your belief in your ability, still anxieties, and supercharge your growth.

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Who are my Spirit Guides? Spirit Guides are part of the soul family that I travel with through many lifetimes. We work together to grow and develop spiritually. What is a Spiritual Gatekeeper? Your Gatekeeper your most important spirit guide, responsible for the organization of your spiritual and magical practice in the spirit worlds. S/he determines (at least at first) which energies or spirits can enter your auric fields and connects with other guides to build your path.