What is the Best Magic to do at the Waning Gibbous Moon meaning
	Let's look at the spiritual meaning and the magic of the waning gibbous moon. In this series, we will dig deep into Moon Magic and unpack each of the 7 magical phases of the moon. What is the best magic to do at the waning gibbous moon? Traditionally banishing spells have been seen as the best magic to do at the waning gibbous moon. This is a fundamental part of the empowered mage’s tool box. Use this moon phase to banish situations, energies and spirits to neutralize everything around you so you can create anew.
Banishing is a major part of the equation that moon magic represents at the Waning Gibbous Moon. It is the beginning of the releasing half of the month, the two week journey to the Dark Moon, the place of stillness. From here we plant the new seeds again as the New Moon launches the other half of the cycle.
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The Attitude of Gratitude And Claiming Your Power

From the point of view of moon spells, one of the best magical practices you can develop for the Waning Gibbous Moon is gratitude. Why? Because it places you, as a magician, at the center of creation. The recent Full Moon is the monthly highest expression of your magic and manifestation. Owning everything you’re experiencing at this point in time places you at the center of your magic. It puts you in the mindset to change what no longer serves you. This is the power of the Waning Gibbous Moon magically epitomized. We are at the beginning of the cycle of removing and changing the significance of obstacles. It’s not until we reach the New Moon (still two weeks away) that we’ll plant new magical seeds. This is the cycle of cleaning the space. Working with all 7 Magical Phases of the Moon is a process of honoring the natural cycle. Two weeks of growth and realization of your magic, followed by two weeks of releasing and clearing the space. Working with Chaos Magic, which sees everything as illusion and therefore permissible, we see every form of magic as a choice of belief. Belief is one of the tools we use to create our reality. Therefore, we choose magical ways of working and step into the power of belief and gratitude for the way that particular magical system works. Gratitude is our way of claiming power.

The truth is (if there is such a thing) you choose both your magic and your obstacles!

As Wallace Wattles, one of the incredible success writers of the early twentieth century put it: The intersection of Gratitude and Power In our blog: The Intersection of Gratitude and Power, April expressed the kind of gratitude that the Waning Gibbous Moon magic represents: The practice of gratitude is one of my favorite spiritual practices. I practice it in two ways, one is a cornerstone for me to step back into my power when things don’t go smoothly. The other is to get myself into a vibration from where I can manifest my desires. Placing ourselves into the vibration of gratitude can become even more powerful when we begin to view obstacles as allies as opposed to difficulties. Often obstacles exist only in the mind, they are our projected fears that we’re imprinting onto the future. However, what if we take the following literally?

There’s no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.

You seek problems because you need their gifts.

Richard Bach - Illusions

Gratitude practice - every obstacle holds a gift - Waning Gibbous Moon Magic

The Best Magic to do at the Waning Gibbous Moon

Here’s where two of the best aspects of the magic of the Waning Gibbous Moon can combine with incredible effect; banishing and gratitude. We know that obstacles, in effect, are illusions we foster in the mind. Usually this is due to unconscious splintered parts of self generating energy from past experiences. For example, every time I fall in love with someone I get hurt. These old messages running brings them forth into our lives through the laws of manifestation.

Express Gratitude

The expression of gratitude in this context is an act of banishing on a number of levels. By stating gratitude for an obstacle, it manifests the obstacle into the conscious mind where we can manipulate it into our magical power.

State your Gratitude aloud

By stating it aloud in the form of gratitude we loosen the grip the obstacle has over us while changing its vibration. This puts us in the vibration of power, for as Wallace Wattle expressed, gratitude is our connection to power. So stage one is to state gratitude for the obstacle. For example:

Thank you for the fear of getting hurt when I’m in love. I am grateful for you trying to protect me. Thank you for warning me that what I’m imagining and remembering could actually manifest in my life. For as we all know energy flows where attention goes.

This, of course, may be a very real fear. It may indeed come from your past experience and have a deep hold in your unconscious mind. To begin to loosen the emotion, exaggerate it in a comical way, make it seem ridiculous. The idea that “the past has to equal the future” is both nonsense and leaves us in a place of helplessness and victimhood. Teasing out the incongruent, yet emotionally compelling fear from your unconscious mind by making it funny, loosens the perceived obstacle even further.

Let's look deeper into Waning Gibbous Moon Gratitude Magic

Level 1

Thank you for the fear of getting hurt when I’m in love. I am grateful for you trying to protect me. Thank you for warning me that what I’m imagining and remembering could actually manifest in my life. For as we all know energy flows where attention goes.

Level 2

Thank you for reminding me that because I am afraid of getting hurt I’ll never be able to have a loving relationship, breed and have a family. My bloodline will be lost to humanity forever and therefore my uniqueness will be removed from the gene pool. Humans will lose the opportunity of diversity and become clowns with far too much makeup. They will have no intelligence and therefore no control over their lives and destinies. Yep it was important that I saw that coming, thank you.

Level 3

Now we’ve begun to make the fear ridiculous, the emotion will lose its grip on our minds. We can step into the playfulness of really effective Waning Gibbous Moon magic. Now that the inner stories and obstacles have become crazy, we can transmute that energy. From here we have a number of magical options: Working with the phases of the moon each month empowers you to electrify every part of your life and your spiritual/magical journey. The beauty of the moon in magical senses is its cyclical nature. Each month you can move deeper and deeper into your power by working magic of the external world when manifesting your desires. Turn inwards and use your energies as alchemy to gather more and more spiritual power.

How have people worked with the moon magically throughout history?

The moon has been a source of magic for many cultures, yet nowhere more prominently than in pagan communities. Ancient druid priesthoods and witches' covens would gather for a full moon, and at times, new moon ceremonies. They would work magic and celebrate Esbats, moon ceremonies, as groups. Other moon phases though would often be the focus of individual practitioner workings like the waning gibbous moon. This phase has been used to develop and empower psychic power, banish unwanted energies, spirits and obstacles or engage the dreaming instinctual mind. These are the traditional best magic to do at the waning gibbous moon. Working with the moon throughout history has been a practice of working with both the dark and the light parts of self. This brings balance to our experience and power to our lives.

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But what specific magic and spiritual meaning is related to the waning gibbous moon?

1.  Building your psychic energy

As you start your journey inwards with the energies of the waning gibbous moon, you begin to experience your reality from within yourself. Your psychic energies are ignited. This is a great time to focus your attention on developing and opening the inner path of knowledge.


2.  Access the wisdom of your soul with mirror magic

Sit in your temple, lights extinguished, a candle each side of your mirror. Gaze into the depths of your potential, your soul. Develop wisdom about your life and your spiritual, magical path. This is a powerful practice that supports you to access potent knowledge buried inside of you, located in the collective unconsciousness of humanity.

3.  Activate the powers of your instincts and intuitions

The conscious journey with the power of the waning gibbous moon triggers intuitive and instinctive abilities. Meditating at this time will serve your spiritual and magical mastery to no end.

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4.  Engaging your dreaming mind

As we turn toward the darker phases of the moon, we are invited to turn inward. Our dreaming minds are at their most available. We have created a full series of magic with the Ancient Egyptian dream temples. Here we access the dreaming mind to empower the inner child, balance your chakras, and awaken chaos magic.

5.  Removing parasitic relationships

Follow the path into your inner worlds with the waning gibbous moon. Naturally begin to shred those relationships that no longer serve your growth and self realization. This is a great opportunity to use those experiences to transmute energies into your spiritual/magical power by utilizing breath alchemy. For those toxic relationships that require a little greater push, banishing spells are at their strongest in this phase.

6.  Activate the powers of self analysis and introspection

All successful magic and manifestations start from the place of knowing what you really choose. This is a vital ingredient of your potentiality in every part of your life.

Good luck to you in your own magical workings around the 7 Magical Phases of the Moon!

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