We’ve arrived in time for Waning Crescent Moon Magic. It is the penultimate phase of the magical moon, perhaps under used by some magical practitioners. Yet her correspondences are a valuable part of the lunar cycle for the solo magical practitioner and witch alike.

What is the most Powerful Waning Crescent Moon Magic

What is the most powerful waning crescent moon magic?

The waning crescent moon is time to look inward and dissolve the obstacles to your personal, magical and spiritual growth. This is shadow work, diving into the darkness of your unconscious mind to find those beliefs that are holding you back and transmute them. We are only a few nights away from the delicious stirrings that reveal themselves, from deep within our unconscious minds on the dark moon. On the darkest nights of the month we experience opportunities to release all that no longer serves us. We dance with the spirits of the dark night, rejoicing in the power of our primal selves. For more information on the dark moon and others check out our blog the 7 Magical Phases of the Moon. Waning crescent moon magical and spiritual meaning defined. Uncover Hidden Knowlege

Moon Meditations with Oracle Cards

Recently there’s a fascinating meditation tool that I’ve found. It comes in the shape of oracle cards known as ‘Moonology’. Meditating on them helps me to understand the magic of the phases of the moon. The traditional way to use an Oracle deck is to dig deeply into the guidebooks and inscriptions on the cards. However, what I tend to do is notice what is written on the cards and then more or less ignore it. I love the Moonology cards for their artwork. They are broader and more detailed than just the seven phases of the moon. They address which particular star constellation the moon is present in at different times. For example, Full Moon in Cancer (usually in January when the Sun is in Capricorn).

Moonology Oracle Card - Full Moon Click here to get your own deck

As a meditation tool, how I’ve worked with them, is to take two or three of the cards a day. I choose one of them relating to the phase of the moon I am in at that moment, and 2 at random. I meditate on each card in turn. First, I sit down and get myself into a meditative state, and close my eyes. Then I visualize the details of the card, returning my mind again and again to its image. I open myself to receive whatever information that arrives in my mind as gnosis (information being granted to me by spirit). Sometimes the information arrives in the meditation, or more often, over the next few days. I use this information to put together my moon magic for this phase of the moon. The card for the Waning Crescent Moon has the question:

‘What do you need to release?

Moonology Oracle Cards - Waning Crescent Moon Magic We find a meditation practice to be a foundational skill for all magical and spiritual workings. It is especially helpful in any kind of shadow work, and the best way to access the voices of your unconscious mind. (For more on our own meditation techniques check out our blog on Transmutational Meditation)

Working With Obstacles And Transmuting Them Into Power

Between Full Moon and New Moon phases, there is gradually less light. This darkness invites us to look within. This is a time to release obstacles to your goals and your life in general. Probably the greatest hindrances are represented by your beliefs, values and morals. They can block the realization of your magic, your spiritual path and manifestation of your desires in your life. Many of these beliefs are held in your unconscious mind. To a certain extent they remain hidden from your awareness. Most values and morals were installed in your childhood. Many you wouldn’t even agree with anymore if you were to think about them consciously. The time of the Waning Crescent Moon provides the perfect opportunity to identify some of these obstacles and magically dissolve or transform them. I will share with you some techniques from our book Unlock the Power of Your Inner Child. They harmonize with Waning Crescent Moon magic beautifully.

Unlock the power of your inner child book cover Get your copy of the book or course here

In our book we identify different approaches to inner child. One of them works with what we call our Inner Children, broken off pieces of the psyche usually traumatized in childhood. They become stuck in the traumatic event and buried in the unconscious mind. These splintered parts of self continue to vibrate the energy of hurt and trauma. They cause obstacles and other negative challenges to manifest in your life that bring their pain to light. Unfortunately this usually hinders the realization of your conscious goals and/or magic. To activate Waning Crescent Moon Magic we dive into shadow work, accessing the deepest parts of self. To heal our inner children one of the approaches we love is mask work.

Waning Crescent Moon Magic Ritual for Money

What could a Magical Ritual change in your life?
Ritual Magic is the practice of traiding energy or time for luck

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Fuel Your Fantasies Into Goals For Daily Life

We all have fantasies that we think we’re unable to realize in our lives. We hold goals that others around us and our own histories may suggest are impossible. The Waning Crescent Moon Magic corresponds well when it comes to breaking free of these limitations on what is possible. As Richard Bach wrote in his book Running from Safety,
From time to time it’s fun to test our certainties, pretend that they’re lies.
It seems to me that there are really two kinds of fantasy that we entertain. The first is the kind that we’d like to be able to manifest but believe are impossible. The second ones we’d choose to leave as fantasies. I’m referring to the first kind here. Fueling fantasies during this magical moon phase time begins to break our beliefs and attachments to our perceived limitations. Identify something that you would really choose to manifest in your life if you believed it were possible.

Creating a Waning Crescent Moon Magic Spell to Empower your Goals

Set up your altar as above with either a white or silver candle, burn some incense (lavender may be a good option). Place and light a candle (white or silver) in each of the four directions. Sit down behind your altar facing East. Imagine you’re sitting under the waning crescent moon just before day break. Evoke the magic of the waning crescent moon into your ritual circle. Speak aloud these words: I call to the goddess of the moon. I evoke you silvery goddess, sister of earth and daughter of the night sky. Mistress of cycles of light and dark with dominion over the tides of water and blood. Matron of the night, come with the power to transmute obstacles and fuel the energies of my fantasies. Grant me self-discipline to execute the magic of cultivating my inspirations. Guide the journey to hidden places within my unconscious mind at this time of the waning crescent moon. Chant an incantation to call magic from everywhere.  Itz Rachu Mantantu Vespacha Kaltamu, Itz Ranta Mant Karla, Mant Atzu Belt Tazu, Vaskalla Itz Ratzu Kantantu Velchatza Feel your sacred circle is buzzing with energy. Close your eyes and visualize or imagine yourself living the fantasy as if you were living it now. Either speak this story aloud or grab a pen and paper and write the story as if it were happening now. Exaggerate the story into the ridiculous, you could become so rich and powerful. For example, you grow so powerful that you become master of the galaxy. Open your eyes and write down the outcome of the original fantasy as a goal starting with the words: It is my will … Close the ritual


** The exaggeration happens in order to make it funny. This has the effect of loosening the power of the beliefs that are hindering the goal coming into material reality.

Workings To Inspire Discipline

Our mission at Magic Self and Spirit is to empower you to build a spiritual and magical practice. We see your unique path as sacred and powerful. One of the tenants of a path like this is for you to construct a daily practice. We recommend including meditation, invocation/evocation and whatever magical workings you are choosing at that time. The art of mastery is consistency: You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however. Richard Bach: Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.
Perhaps the greatest challenges to building self-discipline today lie in two opposing beliefs or emotions.

Lack of self-esteem

A belief that you don’t have what it takes to practice magic and direct spiritual connection. Often this relates to a perception that you’ve failed so many times in your life that you don’t believe you can be successful. Because of this you don’t even start, and the assault on your self-esteem continues. We work with this directly in our book Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation: Kill Anxiety, Manifest Your World. We construct and work with an internal recycler that transmutes anxiety into spiritual power, this technique could certainly help here.

Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation - Kill Anxiety Book Cover Check out the book and course here


Entitlement is a belief that you deserve everything to be done for you. This leads to feeling stuck, it holds that other people should invest the time and energy in you without you investing in yourself. This prevalent modern belief misunderstands the nature of energy and manifestation, and can be a big reason why your manifesting is not working. Self discipline is central to realizing success.

Waning Crescent Moon Magic to inspire Self Discipline

Write a goal to develop your spiritual and magical practice in a daily disciplined way, starting with the words: It is my will… Write it with the powerful language of manifesting. Start with words like: I choose, I am, I have. Set up your ritual space in the ways described above. Call out to the power of the waning crescent moon to fill you with its energy. Imagine a beam of silver moonlight coming from the skies and filling you. Sit in meditation and chant the seed sound: Ahhhhh for 20 or 30 minutes. Visualize yourself as a powerful psychic mage disciplined in your practice.

What is the most powerful waning crescent moon magic?

We have recommended 3 rituals for Waning Crescent Moon Magic. These are just some of the approaches you can take magically when working with the cyclic moon phases to build up your practice. Spiritual wisdom and magical ritual take time and consistency before they yield their secrets. However, you have the power to develop so much in your life, a practice of moon magic cultivates inspiration and eventually power.

Good luck to you in your own magical workings around the 7 Magical Phases of the Moon!

We were happy to share with you the most powerful Waning Crescent Moon Magic Every person alive has the ability to take hold of their life, work their magic and experience life at phenomenal levels as yet unrealized. We live in the most exciting times of explosion of knowledge and we all have the ability to master reality itself. Our courses and services offer speed, direction and clarity as you step onto your unique magical and spiritual path.

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