This week we will look at several types of Magick for Beginners. Magick spelled with a K is meant to indicate the occult. As practitioners on an independent path we are not afraid of this connotation, as evil, bad or scary. We look at the occult as hidden, ancient, or lost. These are traditional practices from ancient civilizations that are again being brought to light in the modern era of available information. We embrace these old ways. While many of the techniques we discuss today may seem simple, they can be very powerful agents of change in your life. We invite you to explore different types of magick with us today as you step more fully into your power as a magician.

You are not asking god for a favor, creating your reality

Candle Magic For Beginners

Candle magick for beginners is really how to manifest your intention by invoking the power of fire. This is one of the easiest and oldest forms of magic. Candles and fire play a part in ritual (spirit) magic but are often used as a magical practice in their own right. Different magical traditions and systems can vary in how they work with candles but in effect the practices are very similar. All magic for the purposes of changing something in your material reality, start at the same place, with your intention. The thing with magic is you’re not asking the universe, God or whoever for a favor. You’re entering your own power and commanding the universe to change reality. Hence, the language you use, the words you employ, centers your psychology and body on the action of magic itself. Before you start any other part of the spell, get clear of your intention. Write it in positive language, what it is you’re actually choosing as opposed to what it is you don’t want. I often start my intentions with the words “It is my will…” Check out our blog to learn how to use The Language of Manifesting to create your spells and intentions. The language of manifesting hyroglyphics

Candle magic colors

The color of candle you choose can play a big role in your spell. Some practitioners work with a whole range of colors, each color representing different significances. For example red for passion, fire, aggression, excitement, black for receptivity, or gold for abundance. Much of the time I work with one or two of three colors, black, red and violet. Violet doesn’t really change anything (in the context of this discussion) but introduces an energy of spirit. Whichever way you work, ensure that the candle you use is a solid color. You don't want a white color center painted or waxed over with your desired color. You will want to find a quiet space that you can consecrate for your magic rituals. Choose the color of candle that matches your intention. Some practitioners anoint their candles with essential oils and burn incense and herbs related to their intentions. If you decide to work this way, see each action as using your magic to consecrate magical tools, empowering your spell. Our book Candle Magic - The Power of Fire Scrying will guide you through how to set up and perform your Candle Magic Ritual. This guide book will walk you through each of the 4 areas we get asked about most; Love, Money, Health, and Spiritual Growth. We will explore both spells to create change in your life, and the use of candle magic for divination. This book from our Moon Magic Series marries the beautiful magic of the moon with the raw elemental power of fire scrying. Jump in for relaxing meditations, powerful spells and clear instructions to manifest the life you choose. Candle magic the power of fire scrying course book

Magic Mirror On The Wall

Mirror magick as a form of folk magic is as old as the mountains. We find it in fairy tales and old cultural stories (Sleeping Beauty for example). It can play a significant role in baneful magic and protection magic. What we want to focus on here briefly is how mirror magic can be used to exaggerate the strength of your magic. Both in this world and on the astral plane where these energies come together before manifesting into physicality. You don't need a big ornate mirror to do mirror magic. A cheap one without a frame from the local thrift store may very well suffice. One of those mirrors used to exaggerate the size of what it is they reflect would be good to work with too. Any Mirror your Consecrate will work for Mirror Magic, Mirror Magick

Consecrating your Mirror for Mirror Magic

Mirrors can be used as gateways to other worlds, particularly the astral planes. The thing with gateways is they can operate both ways which may not be ideal. I’d suggest that before you start using any mirror for magic to clean and consecrate it. Mirrors, like pretty much everything else can hold energy imprints which are either reflected or magnified into your life or onto the astral worlds. Obviously it’s not ideal if negative impressions and/or thoughts and emotions are projected with, or magnified by, your mirror when spell casting. These energy residues may well interfere with your desired outcomes. There are many ways to clean and consecrate a mirror. Liquid alcohol is a powerful agent for example. Yet the physical act of cleaning the mirror with soap, water and your magical intentions should work just fine. For example, whilst washing the mirror you can imagine either light or darkness filling your body from the heavens or the underworld. Let it fill your energy bodies with each inhalation and passing down your arm to your fingers that are cleaning the mirror. Say: “By the power of light/darkness this mirror is cleaned and consecrated, my will be done.” Mirror magic is also great to combine with other types of magic. For more on how to combine your Mirror magick with Sigils, Money Magic and more check out our blog here. The real question is not what is going to happen, but ow can i impress my will on reality?

Chaos Magic

Chaos magic holds that all versions of reality are illusions held within the self. That there is no way for me to understand the universe other than through my perception of it. Therefore, all of the universe on some level is me, or my projection of me onto it. This allows an amazing amount of freedom to work and practice. In our Star Magic series we dig into the Ancient Egyptian concept of the Nun. It is the unmanifest, the dark void of chaos. Within it lies infinite potential, the womb of primal yin energy. The Nun is the material that reality is created from. Through the power of observation we have the ability to cause the nun to take shape. Chaos magic teaches us how to impose our will upon this unformed substance. With our observation and intention we become the Yang energy, that which motivates the universe into shape. "As a magician in my power, I cause it to take form in the image I demand!" For the full discussion on the Nun and how it relates to the Magic of Ancient Egypt check out our book. Dream Temples and Star Magic.

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Sigils, Servitors and Chaos Magic

In our bog The Mental Universe: Three Masks Of Self we opened with the hermetic idea that: “The Universe is made of mind and therefore everything is mind” Which, when understood underpins the idea of magical thought forms. If everything is mind (including your mind lol) then thought can be manipulated to create what it is you choose. Because energy (mind in this context) is never really still, from it you can create life as life is always vibrating. This is the foundation of the philosophy of Chaos Magic. The use of Magical Sigils and the creation of thought forms are the bread and butter of any Chaos Magician. They are powerful techniques for creating any outcome you choose to manifest.

I am here to tell you stories, of the magic of ancient egypt and the hermetic principles Learn more about the magic of Ancient Egypt and the Hermetic Principles here.

Magical Thought Forms:

Since the emergence of Chaos Magic in the 1970s, servitors have been at the forefront of much magical practice. Indeed, from the point of view of Chaos Magic (everything is illusion) all gods, angels, demons and spirits etc are magical thought forms. They are often egregores and hence very powerful. Their power comes from the amount of energy and focus placed on them by millions/billions of people for thousands of years. Magical use of thought forms has been part of the magician’s arsenal for centuries. Those of us involved in magical warfare (exorcism, space clearing, curse removal or other more advanced workings) for example often find them invaluable. To learn more about this kind of magical service check out our Magical Services page. There are 3 main categories of Magical Thought forms. Each of them are created by the magician for a specific purpose.

Servitor Definition:

Servitor is a thought form created by a magical practitioner as a being or a thing birthed with a specific intention. It has one purpose, to bring into reality a certain magical goal. A servitor can be human, animal (a mixture between the two) machine or shape that has been programmed to fulfill a magical ambition. Servitors are created to serve, by definition they are not sentient (as in they don’t have independent thoughts or feelings.)

Tulpa Definition:

Tulpa is similar to a servitor but with one main difference, they’re programmed to be sentient and perhaps evolve that way.

Egregore Definition:

An Egregore is a thought form created by a number of people together. It usually represents the goals of an organization (witches covens, businesses, mystery schools etc).

Sigil Magic

We have visited Sigil magic in several of our blogs. This form of magic invites the practitioner to create an image that will have significance to his unconscious mind but not always consciously. Sigils act as triggers to awaken the collective unconscious associations within us to spirit, deities, or the power to create the change we seek. Many of the approaches are deceptively easy. Deceptively because although they’re easy to perform they’re still incredibly powerful. Sigil Magic and Sigil Magic Symbols are older than the hills, quite literally. It is thought some of the squiggles on cave walls were forms of magic. That our cave dwelling ancestors employed magic to find food, to control the weather, and ensure the survival of the tribes. Since the time of the medieval grimoires, magicians have recorded sigils that represented the souls of angels and demons. They used them to evoke and invoke these beings for magical purposes. There are many examples of languages that lend themselves to sigil work. The Norse Runes, Hebrew and Sanskrit, the witches Theban alphabet, the Egyptians with hieroglyphics, all functioned (function) as sigil magic. In our book Unlock Sigils and Servitors Chaos magic and Sorcery for Beginners, we dig deep into the creation and use of magical sigils. Over the 4-week course we uncover how to use sigil magic and how to create magical thoughtforms to empower your magical growth. As one of our books on direct magic this is a practical book to teach you how to do Magick for Beginners. The course also includes a transmutational meditation each week. This guided meditation will draw your unconscious mind deeper into the work and the belief that you can perform the magic yourself.

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Rune Magic And Bind Rune Spells for Beginners

In this blog we can only scratch the surface of the magic of the ancient Norse Runes. Our next course in the Spiritual CrossFit Gym, will dig into the amazing mythology and magic of the Norse gods. In modernity most people with even a passing recognition of the runic system understand them as a divination tool much like tarot or astrology. Like tarot and astrology, runes can also be used for the kind of magic that can change your reality. The kind of practical magic that enforces your will. When Norse rune symbols are used in combinations, they form a type of magick called Bind Runes. One of the ways we are using rune symbols here on Magic Self and Spirit is adding runes to our logo. This turns it into a sigil that we can charge to bring extra energy and power to our business. Three of the runes we’ve chosen are: Nordic Rune Combo for Business - Rune Magick Obviously, these three runes would be powerful to use in money magic too. You could make them into a talisman. To do so mark them onto some material object, a necklace for example, and empower them. Then wear the talisman to allow their energies to attract money into your life. For additional ideas on manifesting money check out our blog, Manifest Money with Candle Magic.

How to manifest money with candle magic

Bind Runes and Galdr

Runes can be used alone or fused together. Usually two or three runes are used at a time, to create a unique stave (the visual representation of a rune). This combines their individual powers together. Let’s use the example runes we were working with above for money magic, Fehu, Yera and Wunjo. They could be fused together to look something like this: Norse Bind Rune Rune Magic Feyewun This is a rough example of a bind rune that when empowered or consecrated could draw much financial success towards the magical practitioner. Galdr is the Norse name for song or chant used to consecrate and empower runes. Individually each rune can be brought to life by chanting its name. But in the case of a bind rune, we take a part of each rune name and amalgamating them together. We then use this new name to chant bringing your magic to life. For example, Fehu, Yera and Wunjo could become: Feyewun. Chanting the name over and over again to empower the bind rune would be an effective way of drawing the magic towards you. Don't miss the opportunity to join us and learn more about Norse Runes and Ritual Magic, coming soon to the Spiritual Crossfit Gym. This will be the second of our 4-week courses in the Sun Magic Series. In this book on Ritual Magic, Steve will lead us in weekly lessons on how to perform the magic for ourselves. Then he will guide us through a transmutational meditation to remove blocks to our magical growth. Each week will also include exercises to do to build our own practice, and a group coaching session to get feedback on your progress. Join us here:

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Are you ready to Experience Magick for Beginners?

We have enjoyed sharing with you an overview of 4 different styles of Magick. These are easy enough for beginners to pick up but offer enough depth for the seasoned practitioner to use daily. Here at MSS we look to meet you where you are and help you get to where you would choose to be. We offer classes, books, readings and magical services. Our goal is to help you break out of your current life situations and become the powerful creator you know you are. We look forward to continuing to work with you. What is Magick with a K

Magick spelled with a K is meant to indicate the occult. As practitioners on an independent path we are not afraid of this connotation, as evil, bad or scary. We look at the occult as hidden, ancient, or lost.

What is Candle Magick?

Candle magick is really how to manifest your intention by invoking the power of fire. This is one of the easiest and oldest forms of magic. It uses a candle flame to carry your intention into the unmanifest universe.

What are Bind Runes

Bind runes are created when 2 or more Runic Symbols are combined to form a new Rune.  Combine the names of the runes used to create a new name for the Bind Rune you have created.

What is Galdr?

Galdr is the Norse name for song or chant used to consecrate and empower runes. Individually each rune can be brought to life by chanting its name. But in the case of a bind rune, we take a part of each rune name and amalgamating them together. We then use this new name to chant bringing your magic to life.